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Raman and Luminescence Spectroscopy in Technology
Editor(s): Fran Adar; James E. Griffiths

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Volume Number: 0822
Date Published: 19 January 1988

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Raman Spectroscopy Applied To The Characterization Of Semiconductors And Semiconductor Microstructures
Author(s): M. Cardona
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Raman Spectroscopic Study Of Point Defects In Bulk GaAs
Author(s): J. Wagner; M. Ramsteiner; H. Seelewind
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Raman Scattering As A Measure Of Semiconductor Surface Passivation
Author(s): L. A. Farrow; C. J. Sandroff
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Structural Properties Of Heteroepitaxial Semiconductor Islands By Raman Microscopy
Author(s): P M. F auchet; I. H. Campbell; M.Abdul Awal; E. H Lee
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Raman And RBS Studies Of Ion Implanted Semiconductors
Author(s): R. c. Bowman Jr.; D. N. Jamieson
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Selected Photoluminesence Transitions In Unintentionally Doped Inp Grown By Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): Shlomo Ovadia; A. Iliadis
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Invited Paper Raman And Infrared Spectroscopy Of Potassium Nitrate Thin-Film Ferroelectric Memories
Author(s): J. F . Scott; B. Pouligny; R. S. Katiyar
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Switching Dynamics And Structures Of Ferroelectric Liquid Crystals In The Surface Stabilized Geometry
Author(s): J . E. Maclennan; N. A. Clark
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Raman Spectroscopy Of Polycrystalline Diamond Films
Author(s): Linda S. Plano; Fran Adar
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Raman Study Of Bi2O3 Bistable Switches And Resistors For Neural Networks
Author(s): J. E. Griffiths; E. G. Spencer
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Raman Microprobe Measurements Of Residual Strains At The Interfaces
Author(s): Y. M. Cheong; H. L. Marcus; F. Adar
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A New Raman Frequency-Shift Laser With Intracavity Arrangement For High Conversion Efficiency Of The First Order Of Stokes
Author(s): MinYan Yao,; Ji Zhan; Caiyun Lou; Vili Guo
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Invited Paper Fast Ion Conducting Glasses And Intercalation Compounds, Constituents Of Solid State Micro-Batteries, Characterized By Light Scattering, Luminescence And Optical Absorption
Author(s): Minko Balkanski
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Structural Analysis Of Optical Fiber Preforms Using Raman Microprobe
Author(s): S. G. Kosinski; D. M. Krol; Y. T. Ko; J. B. MacChesney
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Raman Spectroscopy Of Glass-Crystauine Transformations
Author(s): E . Haro; M . Balkanski
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Raman Spectroscopy Of The 90K Superconductor YBa2Cu307_8 And Its Related Phases
Author(s): Z. Iqbal; S. W. Steinhauser; A. Bose; N. Cipollini; F. Feidinger; H Eckhardt
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Raman Scattering From Rapid Thermally Annealed Tungsten Silicide Thin Films
Author(s): Howard E. Jackson; Joseph T. Boyd; U. Ramabadran; R. Vuppuladhadium
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Unenhanced Raman Spectroscopy Of Langmuir-Blodgett Monolayers
Author(s): N. E. Schlotter
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Molecular Structure Of Six Te1-X Glasses And Oxygen Alloying Effects
Author(s): P. Boolchand; B. Norban; R. Enzweiler; J. E. Griffiths; J. C. Phillips
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Invited Paper GaAs High-Gain Photodetectors : Attractive Devices For Raman Spectroscopy
Author(s): Monique T. Constant; Didier J. Decoster
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Guidelines For The Selection Of Raman Multichannel Detectors
Author(s): Yair Talmi
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Detection Of Faint Luminescence From Faulty Action In Integrated Circuits
Author(s): Floyd J. James; Paul Miller
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Hadamard Transform Raman Spectroscopy
Author(s): W. G. Fateley; D. C. Tilotta; James E. Griffiths
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Fourier Transform Infrared Photoluminescence
Author(s): Nelson L. Rowell
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Fourier Transform Photoluminescence Analysis Of Semiconductor Materials
Author(s): W. M. Duncan; M. L. Eastwood
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Polymer Thin Film Waveguide Sensors: Characterization Of Scattered Light Intensity At The Waveguide Surface
Author(s): J. T. Ives; W. M. Reichert; J. D. Andrade
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A System For Semiconductor Characterization By Both Photoluminescence And Raman Spectroscopy
Author(s): F. J . Purcell; Raymond Kaminski
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