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Modeling of Optical Thin Films
Editor(s): Michael Ray Jacobson

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Volume Number: 0821
Date Published: 2 February 1988

Table of Contents
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Computer Simulation Of The Nucleation And Growth Of Optical Coatings
Author(s): Brian J. Bartholomeusz; Karl-Heinz Muller; Michael Ray Jacobson
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Invited Paper Models For Microstructure Evolution During Optical Thin Film Growth
Author(s): K. H. Muller
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Invited Paper Simple Ballistic Deposition Models For The Formation Of Thin Films
Author(s): Paul Meakin; Remi Jullien
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Invited Paper Thin Film Morphology: Molecular Dynamics Studies
Author(s): George H. Gilmer; Marcia H. Grabow
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Computer Simulation Of The Cross-Sectional Morphology Of Thin Films
Author(s): Bangyi Yang; Barbara L. Walden; Russell Messier; William B. White
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Development Of Microstructure In Thin Films
Author(s): H. J. Frosts; C. V. Thompson
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Thin Film Microstructures: Simulation And Theory
Author(s): A. Mazor; D. J. Srolovitz; P. S. Hagan; B. G. Bukiet
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Structure-Zone Models Of Thin Films
Author(s): John A. Thornton
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Nucleation And Growth Of Monolayers
Author(s): Joshua Salik
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Computer Simulation Of The Growth Of Two-Element Films
Author(s): R. B. Sargent; H. A. Macleod
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Modeling Of Nodular Defects In Thin Films For Various Deposition Techniques.
Author(s): Douglas J. Smith
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Modeling Refractive Index In Mixed Component Systems
Author(s): Albert Feldman
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Computer Simulation Of Substrate Defect Propagation In Thin Films
Author(s): R. B. Sargent; Dar-Yuan Song; H. A. Macleod
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Surface Smoothing Effects Of Thin Films
Author(s): Ghanim A. Al -Jumaily; John R . McNeil
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Microstructure Modeling: Scattering And Form Birefringence In Dielectric Thin Films
Author(s): J. K. Moyle; W. J. Gunning III; W. H. Southwell
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Comparison Of Effective Medium Procedures For Optical Modeling Of Laminar Structures
Author(s): Robert F. Edgerton; David D. Allred
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Angular Distributions In Thin-Film Deposition Simulations
Author(s): Brian J. Bartholomeusz
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Repeatability Estimate Of Interference Optical Filters Using Thin Films Process Modeling
Author(s): R. Machorro
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Thermal Model Of A Switching Fabry-Perot Etalon
Author(s): Bertrand G. Bovard; H.Angus Macleod
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Rugate Filters By Laser Flash Evaporation Of SiOxNy On Room Temperature Polycarbonate
Author(s): C. S. Bartholomew; H. T. Betz; J. L. Grieser; R. A. Spence; N. P. Murarka
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Thin Metallic Films From Solvated Metal Atoms
Author(s): Galo Cardenas Trivino; Kenneth J. Klabunde; Brock Dale
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Simulation Of The Layer-Growth Dynamics In Silver Films: Dynamics Of Adatom And Vacancy Clusters On Ag(100)
Author(s): Arthur F. Voter
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Multi Layer Semileaky Isolator
Author(s): J. Seidenberg; D. Seidenberg; H. J. Schmitt
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