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Infrared Technology XIII
Editor(s): Irving J. Spiro

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Volume Number: 0819
Date Published: 10 November 1987

Table of Contents
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Invited Paper A Self-Consistent Model Of The Zodiacal Light Radiance
Author(s): Edward N. Frazier; Donald J. Boucher; Gary F. Mueller
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Invited Paper IR Background Suppression
Author(s): Alexander C. Liang
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Invited Paper Scaling Methods For Rapid Estimation Of Background Clutter Leakage
Author(s): Jerry L. Rapier
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Invited Paper Infrared Technology Comes To State-Of-The-Art Solar Array Production
Author(s): J. R. Hodor; H. J. Decker Jr.; J. Barney
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Invited Paper How The Personal Ocpipmer Has Expanded The Power Of Ochiercial Infrared Thermal Imaging Systems
Author(s): Herbert Kaplan
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Pyroelectric Line Scanner For Remote IR Imaging Of Vehicles
Author(s): C. V. Jakowatz Jr.; A. J. Smiel; P. H. Eichel
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Inclusion Of Sensor Noise In Radiometric Models For Generation Of Synthetic Longwave Infrared Images
Author(s): John R. Schott; Carl Salvaggio
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IR Image Simulation
Author(s): C.Arjuna Rao; R. Venkateswarlu; P. V Ramana
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Natural Terrain In The Infrared: Measurements And Modeling
Author(s): N. Ben-Yosef; K. Wilner; M. Abitbol
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Long Path Atmospheric Transmittance Measurements: Technique, Instrumentation And Results
Author(s): A. D. Devir; A. Ben-Shalom; S. G. Lipson; U. P Oppenheim
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Infrared Transparencies (Thermoscenes) For Simulation Of Infrared Scenes As A Tool To Improve Flir Testing
Author(s): S. Ghilai; U. Gera; Dario Cabib; Alex Lapin; Y. Liran
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The Influence Of Line-Of-Sight Vibrations On The Performance Of E-0 Imaging Systems
Author(s): E. Halevi; B. F. Andresen; Y. Liran
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Large Diameter Germanium Single Crystals For IR Optics
Author(s): G. Gafni; M. Azoulay; C. Shiloh; Y. Noter; A. Saya; H. Galron; M. Roth
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Current Leakage Analysis In Narrow Gap Semiconductor Diodes
Author(s): S. Maniv
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Strix - 1/4 W Split Stirling Cooler Reliability Status.
Author(s): N Pundak
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Infrared Warning System Development - From PWS To SPIRTAS
Author(s): Jeremy M. Topaz
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Optical Processor For Scale Invariant Target Detection In FLIR Imaging
Author(s): M Orenstein; A. Mann; M. Zimmermann; Y Krimerman
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IR Group Activities At The Israel Aircraft Industries
Author(s): S. Jacobson; S. Weisrose; M. Lindner; M. Lindner; Z. Lissak; Y. Yoav; J. Wallace; R. Davidson; Y. Komet
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Development Of IR Graded Index Elements
Author(s): A. Bornstein; T. Tsalach; E. Elyasaf; Y. Atiya
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Crystal Growth Of Optical Materials By The Gradient Solidification Method
Author(s): S. Biderman; G. Ben-Amax; Y. Einav; A. Horowitz; U. Laor; M. Weiss; A. Stern
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A Dynamic Simulator For Infrared Trackers
Author(s): U. Agam; L. Ziph; N. Fontyn; E. Gal
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High Spatial Resolution HgCdTe Photoconductors With Optical Masks
Author(s): N. Oda; K. Miyamoto; T. Yamagata
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New Features Of The Ground Level Raindrop Size Distribution In The Lopm Size Range
Author(s): Eli Trakhovsky; Ami Ben-Shalom
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Target Vs. Background Discrimination Using Multispectral Channel Data In 1.5 - 14.5 Micron
Author(s): Santo Cogliandro; Marco Panizza; Paola Castelli
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Sun Sensor Boresight Alignment Testing For The Halogen Occultation Experiment
Author(s): A. S. Moore; V. S. Laney; L. E. Mauldin III
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The Effect Of The Surface Layer Electric Field On The Performance Of Hg0.8 Cd 0.2 Te Photovoltaic Detectors
Author(s): Hu Xie-rong; Chen Li-xin; Liu Zhao-peng; Xia Yue-Yuan
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Invited Paper Calibration And Data Reduction Techniques For The AFGL Astronomical Infrared Array Spectrometer
Author(s): Paul D. LeVan; Gregory Sloan
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Invited Paper Sunlit ICBM Trajectories
Author(s): Arthur S. Jensen; Fred L. Schaff; Leslie L. Thompson
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Expansion Of An Infrared Detection Technique Using Conductive Mesh In Microwave Shielding Applications
Author(s): Ronald M. Sega; John D. Norgard
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Remote IR Temperature Measurement For Microgravity Experiment
Author(s): Ricardo Peralta-Fabi; Javier Mendieta-Jimenez
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Practical Design Considerations In Achieving High Performance From Infrared Hybrid Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): R A Ballingall; I D Blenkinsop; I M. Baker; J Parsons
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Design Philosophy Of Modular Systems Based On High Performance Infra-Red Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): I D Blenkinsop; R A Ballingall; A J Myatt; D A Spragg
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Flexible Electronic Control And Correction System For Use With IR Focal Plane Arrays
Author(s): A J Myatt; D A Spragg; R A Ballingall; I D Blenkinsop
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Computer Model Of Focal Plane Array
Author(s): Tom A. Thvedt; Charles T. Willoughby; Michael M. Salcido; Eustace L. Dereniak
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PtSi Infrared Area Array Utilizing MOS/CTD Readout
Author(s): Leland R. Hudson; Hsin-Fu Tseng; Weng -Lyang Wang
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Navy Infrared Focal Plane Array Development
Author(s): M. R. Kruer; D. A. Scribner; M. P. Satyshur; J. M. Killiany
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4 X 4096-Element SW IR Multispectral Focal Plane Array
Author(s): Masahiko Denda; Masafumi Kimata; Shuhei Iwade; Naoki Yutani; Takashi Kondo; Natsuro Tsubouchi
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IR/MMW Dual-Mode, Common Aperture Optics
Author(s): E . T. Benser; J. A. Cox; H. B. French
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Time- And Position-Varying Infrared Scene Simulation
Author(s): Marija S. Scholl; James W. Scholl
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A Highly Sensitive And Compact SO2 Gas Sensor Using A Pbsnte Laser
Author(s): Masaji Dohi; Akira Sawada; Iwao Sugiyama; Koji Shinohara; Hiroyuki Ishizaki
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Experience With Supercritical Helium Cooling On A Rocket Sensor
Author(s): Donald P. Saletnik; Jens Peter Dybwad
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Temperature Measurement Using Video Cameras
Author(s): K. Q. Lao
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Infrared Measurements With HgCdTe Detector Applied To Non Destructive Control And Thermal Characterization Of Materials
Author(s): Jean-Michel A. Roux
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HGcdTe Photovoltaic Array And Its Performance Correlation With Crystal Quality
Author(s): Fei -Ming Tong; Yang Xiuzhen; Ge Youfang; Huang Guijuan
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Digital Contour Enhancement Of Infrared Image
Author(s): Li Layuan
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