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Progress in Holography
Editor(s): Jean P. L. Ebbeni

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Volume Number: 0812
Date Published: 6 October 1987

Table of Contents
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Mass-Production Of Diffraction Limited Replicated Objective Lenses For Compact-Disc Players.
Author(s): Andrea Joop
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Production Of Optical Fibres For Telecommunication With The PCVD Process
Author(s): Gerard Kuijt
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Optimization Of Photorefractive Sillenites
Author(s): M A Powell; R V Wright
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Four-Wave Interaction Phenomena In Holographic Scattering
Author(s): R A. Rupp; J Marotz; K. H. Ringhofer; S. Treichel; Shi Feng; E Kratzig
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Photorefractive Effect Due To Holes In Undoped BGO Crystals
Author(s): G. Pauliat; M Allain; J C Launay; G Roosen
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Optical Image Processing In GaAs And BSO
Author(s): N B Aldridge
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Optimisation Of Two And Four Wave Mixing Processes In Photorefractive Materials
Author(s): K Walsh; P D Foote; T J Hall
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An 'Updateable Image Correlator Employing Synthetic Discriminant Functions,
Author(s): M G Nicholson; G G Gibbons; I R Cooper; C R Petts
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Generator Of Optical Fibre Modes Using A Photorefractive Crystal
Author(s): Marc Bondiou; Jean-Louis de Bougrenet de la Tocnaye; Pierre Pellat-Finet
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Development Of High Efficiency Holographic Optical Elements
Author(s): C G Stojanoff; W Windeln
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Holographic Optical Element Fiber Coupler For The Near Infrared
Author(s): F. M. De Schryver
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Characterization Measurements Of Holographic Mirrors
Author(s): J L Bezy; 0. Dupont; P Adam; E Schweicher
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Design Rules For Holographic Optical Scanning Elements
Author(s): H. P. Herzig; R. Dandliker
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Holographic Secondaries In Telescopes
Author(s): Jari Turunen; Markus Kajanto
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Error Reduction In Computer-Generated Half-Tone Transparencies That Are Based On Pulse-Width Modulation
Author(s): Martin J Bastiaans
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Binary Synthetic Phase-Only Filter (BSPOF) With Random Mask
Author(s): G. S. Zhang; X. Y. Su; L. R. Guo
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Free Positioned And Oriented Focal Lines From Computer-Generated Holograms
Author(s): D . Leseberg; Ch. Frere
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Real-Time Holographic 3D Imaging Based On Multiplexng Technqiues And Optoelectronics Holograms
Author(s): Elmar Schulze
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Multiplex Holography For The Display Of Three-Dimensional Information
Author(s): John Drinkwater; Stephen Hart
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Rainbow Contouring By Holographic Multiplexing
Author(s): Giuseppe Molesini; Franco Quercioli
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Holographic Stereograms From Computer Generated Images
Author(s): Craig Newswanger; Chris Outwater; David Coons
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Optical Pulse Compression By An Holographic Method
Author(s): R. Grousson; M. L. Roblin; F. Gires; P. Lavallard
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Simulation Of Thermal Characteristics Of Substrates
Author(s): Nashwa M. Shaalan; Ashraf H. Yahia
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A Holographic Interferometer For The Study Of Transparent Media
Author(s): Eddy Vanhoecke
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