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Scanning Imaging Technology
Editor(s): Ludwig J. Balk; Tony Wilson

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Volume Number: 0809
Date Published: 3 August 1987

Table of Contents
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Mass-Production Of Diffraction Limited Replicated Objective Lenses For Compact-Disc Players.
Author(s): Joop Andrea
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Production Of Optical Fibres For Telecommunication With The PCVD Process
Author(s): Gerard Kuijt
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Operation And Application Of Scanning Optical Microscopy In An SEM (SOMSEM)
Author(s): F. Battistella; A. J. Mackintosh; P. J. Wright
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A New Technique For Measuring Spatially Resolved Minority Carrier Lifetimes Using A Scanning Laser Microscope
Author(s): R. G. Lankin; A. E. Dixon
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Optical Beam Induced Current Imaging In Scanning Optical Microscopy
Author(s): E. M. McCabe; P. D. Pester; T. Wilson
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Industrial Applications Of Confocal Scanning Optical Microscopy
Author(s): Andrew J. Dixon; Nick Doe; Tia-Min Pang
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Scanning Laser Imaging Of Surface Chemistry And Physics
Author(s): D. E. Williams; A. M. Riley; R. Peat
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A Spatial Image Separator For Color Scanning
Author(s): Christian D. Gutleben; Ying L. Yao
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Self-Scanning CCD Image Sensors Operating As Optoelectrical Transversal Filters
Author(s): Bernfried Kleinemeier
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Thermoacoustic Microscopy Using Optical Excitation And Detection
Author(s): B. Cretin; D. Hauden
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Computer-Controlled 3D Laser Scanning Microscope Based On Optical Disk Technology.
Author(s): P. Schweizer; L. Neveux; M. Chiaramello; P. Monteil; D. B . Ostrowsky
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Scanning Optical Microscopy Applied To Fluorometry
Author(s): Gerard Roblin; Leon Bernstein
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Solid-State 1024 Pixel Linear X-Ray Detector
Author(s): B. Munier; G. Roziere; P. Prieur; H. Rougeot
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A Real-Time Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (CLSM)
Author(s): A. Draaijer; P. M. Houpt
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Confocal Differential Phase Contrast In Scanning Optical Microscopy
Author(s): J. P.H. Benschop
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The Role Of Pinhole Size And Position In Confocal Imaging Systems
Author(s): A. R. Carlini; T. Wilson
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Application Of Confocal Beam Scanning Microscopy To The Measurement Of Submicron Structures
Author(s): Roelof W. Wijnaendts-van-Resandt; Ch. Ihrig
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A Real-Time Confocal Scanning Optical Microscope
Author(s): G. Q. Xiao; G. S. Kino
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Singular Bases For Image Processing In Confocal Scanning Microscopy
Author(s): M. Bertero; P. Boccacci; P. Brianzi; C. De Mol; E. R. Pike
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Super-Resolution Where Object And Pupil Differ In Shape.
Author(s): Alistair Sutherland
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Confocal Laser Microscope Scanning Applied To Three-Dimensional Studies Of Biological Specimens.
Author(s): Olof Franksson; Anders Liljeborg; Kjell Carlsson; Per-Ola Forsgren
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Nondestructive Sectioning Of Fixed And Living Specimens Using A Confocal Scanning Laser Fluorescence Microscope: Microtomoscopy
Author(s): Ernst H.K . Stelzer; Roelof W. Wijnaendts-Van-Resandt
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Confocal Scanning Laser Fluorescence And Reflection Microscopy: Measurements Of The 3-D Image Formation And Applications In Biology
Author(s): H. T.M. van der Voort; G. J. Brakenhoff; C.G. A.M. Janssen; J. A.C. Valkenburg; N. Nanninga
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A Scanning Laser Microscope For Muscle Fiber Studies
Author(s): Ian Hunter; Serge Lafontaine; Peter Hunter
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Application Of Scanning Electron Acoustic Microscopy For Medical Research
Author(s): Ludwig J. Balk; Michael Domnik; Ekkehardt Bohm
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Technical Aspects Of High Resolution Scanning Acoustic Microscopy Of Biomedical Samples
Author(s): Martin Hoppe
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Comparison Of The Appearance Of Cultured Cells Observed Using Scanning Acoustomicroscopy With That Obtained By Interference And Fluorescence Microscopy.
Author(s): Jurgen Bereiter-Hahn
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A Discussion Of Wideband Frequency Modulation Techniques For Acoustic Microscopy
Author(s): M G Somekh; F Faridian
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