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Inverse Problems in Optics
Editor(s): Edward Roy Pike M.D.

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Volume Number: 0808
Date Published: 10 September 1987

Table of Contents
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Production Of Optical Fibres For Telecommunication With The PCVD Process
Author(s): Gerard Kuijt
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High Power Pulsed Gas Lasers
Author(s): W. J. Witteman
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Speckle Imaging : Description Of The Second Probability Density Function Of A Binary Star Speckle Pattern
Author(s): Claude Aime
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Photon Limited Imaging Through Turbulence
Author(s): G. R. Ayers; J. C. Dainty; M. J. Northcott
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Comparison Of Knox-Thompson And Speckle-Masking-Methods And Generalisations Of Them
Author(s): M. Haas; Ch. Leinert
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Differential Speckle Interferometry Imaging Of Spotted Stars
Author(s): Romain G. Petrov
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Image Reconstruction From Long-Baseline Interferograms
Author(s): T. Reinheimer; K.-H. Hofmann; G. Weigelt
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High-Resolution Astronomical Imaging By Photon-Counting Speckle Masking
Author(s): D. Schertl; F. Fleischmann; K.-H. Hofmann; G. Weigelt
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Sorting, Binning And Matching Of One-Dimensional Specklegrams By Phase Fluctuations In The Fourier Domain
Author(s): M. Haas; Ch. Leinert
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An Inversion Method To Extract The Phase Information Generated By Synthetic Aperture Radar
Author(s): J. M. Blackledge; R. E. Burge; N. R. Barratt
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An Inversion Method To Generate Images Which Map Variations In The Conductivity Using Synthetic Aperture Radar
Author(s): J. M. Blackledge
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An Implementation Of The Hough Transform For Line And Circle Location
Author(s): J . F. Boyce; G. A. Jones; V. F. Leavers
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Propagation Of Phase In Optical Systems
Author(s): Piotr W. Kiedron
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Inversion Of Light Scattering Data By Singular System Analysis
Author(s): M. Bertero; C. De Mol; E. R. Pike
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Mie Scattering Calculation And Continued Fraction
Author(s): Yu-Faye Chao
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Polydispersity Analysis In Photon Correlation Spectroscopy (PCS) Experiments
Author(s): G. D. de Villiers; E. R. Pike; J. G. Rarity
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Size Or Shape Analysis Of Elastic Light Scattering Data From Large Particles (Mie Scattering)
Author(s): Otto Glatter; Michael Hofer
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Measurements Of Scattered Light From Asbestos Particulate
Author(s): P. Riis; E. A. Ballik
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Microbubble Sizing By Mie Scattering
Author(s): Ming-Yang Su
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Laser Doppler Microscopy Of Living Cytoplasm
Author(s): Richard P. C. Johnson; Graeme R. A. Dunbar
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Acoustic Measurement Using Photon Correlation Spectroscopy
Author(s): J. P. Sharpe; C. A. Greated
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High Resolution Measurements Of The Spatial Correlations Of The Velocity Field In Turbulent Flows
Author(s): W. Windeln; C. G. Stojanoff
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X-Ray Diffraction From A Zone-Plate Of Finite Thickness
Author(s): J . M. Blackledge; R. E. Burge; K. I. Hopcraft
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Object Estimation From Limited Fourier Magnitude Samples
Author(s): H. M. Berenyi; C. L. Byrne; M. A. Fiddy
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Information Retrieval In Liquid Surface Scattering
Author(s): J. C. Earnshaw
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Study Of Fractal Objects By Means Of Low Angle Light Scattering
Author(s): Fabio Ferri; Marzio Giglio; Sergio Musazzi; Umberto Perini
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Singular Value Analysis For Band-Pass Filtering Systems
Author(s): Christine De Mol; Franco Gori; Giorgio Guattari
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The Use Of Markov Random Field Models In Sampling Scheme Design
Author(s): S. P. Luttrell
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Projection Filter Regularization Of Ill-Conditioned Problem
Author(s): Hidemitsu Ogawa
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Limited Angle Optical Tomography
Author(s): P. Boccacci; L. Zefiro
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Imagery In Astronomy By Inverse Radon Transformation, Using A Rotating Slit Aperture Telescope (SAT)
Author(s): Francois Martin
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Computer Experiments In Acoustical Diffraction Tomography
Author(s): Leiv-J. Gelius; Jakob J. Stamnes
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The Adaptive Restoration Of Heat Images Of Objects In Energetical Solution Spaces
Author(s): Vladimir I. Ponomaryov; Yuri V. Shkvarko
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The Regularized Maximum-Likelihood Solution For Boundary-Value Problems Of The Heat Fields Spectral Analysis
Author(s): Yuri V. Shkvarko; Vladimir I. Ponomaryov
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