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Advances in Image Processing
Editor(s): Andre J. Oosterlinck; Andrew G. Tescher

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Volume Number: 0804
Date Published: 14 October 1987

Table of Contents
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Recent Developments In Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): S. Radelaar
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Mass-Production Of Diffraction Limited Replicated Objective Lenses For Compact-Disc Players.
Author(s): Joop Andrea
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Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS) Image Reconstruction And Restoration
Author(s): J. P. Kennealy; R. M. Korte; R. A. Gonsalves; T. D . Lyons; S. D. Price; P. D. LeVan; H. H. Aumann
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Flexible Matching Algorithm For 2-D Polygonal Shapes
Author(s): J. Belleau; P. Cohen
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Optical Implementation Of Banded Matrix Algorithms Using Outer Products
Author(s): D. J. Evans; K. Margaritis
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Image Polynomial And Its Applications To Image Restoration
Author(s): Atsushi Imiya; Shinzou Kodera; Tsuyoshi Takebe
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A Hierarchical Method Of Remotely Sensed Multispectral High Resolution Image Classification
Author(s): H. Lin; D. Vidal-Madjar
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A New Component Labelling And Merging Algorithm
Author(s): Amelia Fong Lochovsky
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Motion Compensated Interpolation
Author(s): Elena Marcozzi; Stefano Tubaro
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A Real-Time Image Processing Using Optically-Connected 3-D VLSI Architecture
Author(s): Tadashi Ae; Satoshi Fujita
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Automated Image Processing : An Efficient Pipeline Data-Flow Architecture
Author(s): G. Barreault; A. Rivoire; M. Jourlin; M. J. Laboure; S. Ramon; R. Zeboudj; J. C. Pinoli
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Multi-Processor For Vision
Author(s): I. Fehervari; P. Lambrechts; E Baetens; A. Oosterlinck
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A Functionally Distributed Vision System For Parallel Image Understanding
Author(s): Guo Qiang; Li Zhong-Rong
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Functional Specification Of Neighborhoods In An Image Processing Language
Author(s): J. N. Wilson; Gerhard X. Ritter
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Neighbor Finding Algorithms For Three-Dimensional Objects Modeling Represented By Octants
Author(s): Tianwen Zhang; Zhongrong Li
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Distance Measurements In X-Ray Pictures
Author(s): Per-Ola Forsgren
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ESATS: An Expert System For The Quantitative Analysis Of Thallium-201 Scintigrams
Author(s): J. J. Gerbrands; J. H.C. Reiber; A. E.M. Reijs; B. M. Wiezer; E. Backer
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On The Potential Of Coherent X-Ray Scatter For Imaging Purposes
Author(s): J. Kosanetzky; G. Harding; D. W.L. Hukins; A. J. Freemont
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Left Ventricular Contour Detection With A Dynamic Search Algorithm
Author(s): Peter J.V. Leeuwen; Johan H.C. Reiber
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Comprehensive Digital Imaging Network Project At Georgetown University Hospital
Author(s): Seong K. Mun; Douglas Stauffer; Robert Zeman; Harold Benson; Paul Wang; Robert Allman
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Simple Analysis Of Random-Dot Stereograms And Kinematograms.
Author(s): Ian Overington
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Improved Densitometric Assessment Of Percent Area-Stenosis From Coronary Cineangiograms
Author(s): Johan H . C . Reiber; Cornelis J. Kooijman; Cornelis J. Slager
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Generalized Back-Projection Method
Author(s): Dejan V. Pantelic
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Image Processing In X-Ray Ventriculography
Author(s): F. A. van Meurs; P. Huysmans; G. Loois; C. R. Mol
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A Simple Ray Tracing Method For Speeding 3-D Image Generation In Clinical Radiology
Author(s): Michael L. Rhodes; Yu-Ming Kuo
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Surface Reconstruction From Planar Cross Sections For 3-D Integrated Representation Of Medical Images
Author(s): D. Vandermeulen; P. Suetens; J. Gybels; A. Oosterlinck
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Optical Analysis Of Two Simulated Images Of The Sea Surface
Author(s): Josue Alvarez Borrego
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Knowledge-Based Image Bandwidth Compression And Enhancement
Author(s): John A. Saghri; Andrew G. Tescher
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Component Labeling Algorithm For Video Rate Processing
Author(s): Toshiyuki Gotoh; Yoshiyuki Ohta; Masumi Yoshida; Yoshio Shirai
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Image Processing For A Combined Staring And Scanning IR Sensor
Author(s): Henry L. Pfister
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Automatic Recognition Of Defects In Wood
Author(s): Sehran Tatari; Willi Haettich
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Document Image Analysis For Reading Books
Author(s): Yoshitake Tsuji; Jun Tsukumo; Ko Asai
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Moment Invariance For Perspective Transformations
Author(s): Kyounq T. Park; Ernest L. Hall
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A Study Of The Characteristics Of An Omnidirectional Vision Sensor
Author(s): Sung Jun Oh; Ernest L. Hall
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Industrial Image Processing System Allows Parallel Computing On Sensor Data
Author(s): Rainer Bermbach; Harald Scharfenberg
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Fast Measurement Of Physical Dimensions
Author(s): I. Fehervari; P. Lambrechts; E. Baetens; A. Oosterlinck
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Parallel (DAP) And Serial Computer Methods For Image Processing In Pulsed Laser Velocimetry (PLV)
Author(s): I Grant; E Owens; G H Smith
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Two Bits Per Pixel Allow Multiple Segmentation With Pseudo-Colours Over 128 Grey Levels
Author(s): J. L . Remy; R. Bernard; C. Evrat; A . J. Tosser
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Writing Of Microwave-Electronic Circuits Using A Microdensitomer In The Write Mode
Author(s): Ricardo Villagomez
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Application Of Real - Time Tv Speckle Interferometer For Flow Visualization Using Photographic Recording
Author(s): H. El-Ghandoor
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Three-Dimensional Angiography With Digital Flashing Tomosynthesis
Author(s): E. Klotz; P. Haaker; R. Koppe; R. Linde
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Optical 'Dequeues' For A 'R And F' Systolic LU-Factorization Of Tridiagonal Systems
Author(s): D. J. Evans; M. P. Bekakos; K. Margaritis
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Digital Image Matching By Facets Using Object Space Models
Author(s): Bernhard P. Wrobel
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Hierarchical Picture Coding Using Quadtree Decomposition
Author(s): Yves Buhler; Michel Fortier
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Adaptive Selection Of Block Aperture In Transform Coding Of Images
Author(s): Matthias F. Carlsohn
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An Adaptive Classification Procedure For Transform Coding Of Image Sequences
Author(s): Herbert Holzlwimmer; Bernard Hammer
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Distributed Arithmetic Implementation Of The D.C.T. For Real Time Photovideotex On ISDN
Author(s): A. Leger; J. P. Duhamel; J. L. Sicre; G. Madec; J. M. Knoepfli
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Temporal Adaptive Vector Quantization For Image Sequence Coding
Author(s): Claude Labit; Jean-Pierre Marescq
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An Image Knowledge Based Video Codec For Low Bitrates.
Author(s): R. H.J.M. Plompen,; J. G. P. Groenveld; F. Booman; D. E . Boekee
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Improved Hybrid Coders With 2D-Signal Processing For Moving Pictures
Author(s): Joachim Speidel; Peter Vogel
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Interpolative Coding Based On A Model Of HVS
Author(s): K. Vanhoof; J. Rommelaere; A. Oosterlinck
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