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High Power Lasers: Sources, Laser-Material Interactions, High Excitations, and Fast Dynamics
Editor(s): Ernst-Wolfgang Kreutz; A. Quenzer; Dieter Schuoecker

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Volume Number: 0801
Date Published: 22 September 1987

Table of Contents
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Recent Developments In Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): S. Radelaar
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High Power Pulsed Gas Lasers
Author(s): W. J. Witteman
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Invited Paper High Frequency Excitation Of CO2 Lasers
Author(s): R. Wester; G. Herziger; H. Schtilke
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Invited Paper RF And DC Excited High Power CO2 Lasers
Author(s): Alberto Sona
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SF/FAF Laser Oscillator/Amplifiers
Author(s): S. T. Shah; W. M. Steen
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Mobile And Portable Power Lasers
Author(s): Rene Merard; Claude Quinque; Michel Contre
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High Power Laser Amplification
Author(s): Alain Culoma; Jean-Luc Paradis; Daniel Gerbet
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Invited Paper Multipass resonators for laser systems
Author(s): H. Schtilke; G. Herziger; R. Wester
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Laser Medium/ Resonator Field Interaction Of Fast Axial Flow CO[sub]2[/sub]-Lasers
Author(s): O. Maerten; G. Herziger; R. Klein; P. Loosen
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New Rf-Excited Multikilowatt CO2-Laser For Industrial Use
Author(s): H . Hage; H. Martinen; T. Northemann
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New Type Of Solid-State Laser For Several Kilowatts
Author(s): Youichi Takada; Hideaki Saito; Tomoo Fujioka
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Invited Paper Fundamentals Of High Excitation Phenomena In Laser Processing
Author(s): Andrea Marco Malvezzi
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Dynamical Coupling Parameters For Laser-Material Interactions
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Girardeau-Montaut
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High Power Infrared Laser Beam Analyzers
Author(s): J. Chablat; D. Gerbet; J. L. Paradis
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One Dimensional Imaging Of High PRF Excimer Laser Beam With Photodiode Array
Author(s): PH. C. Delaporte; B. M. Forestier; M. L. Sentis; B. L. Fontaine
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A Spatial Mechanism For Pilot Laser Alignment With Four Independently Controlled Degrees Of Freedom
Author(s): Johan Meijer
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Performance Characteristics Of A Long Pulse And High Average Power Xec1 Discharge Laser
Author(s): B . L Fontaine; B . M Forestier; M L Sentis; Ph. Delaporte
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Improved Conversion Efficiency To The First Stokes At High Energy Excimer Laser Pulses
Author(s): A. Luches; V. Nassisi; M. R. Perrone
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A Study Of Time Spatial IR Laser Radiation Characteristics By High Speed Photography Techniques
Author(s): Yu. A, Drozhbin; v. V. Trofimenko; L. S. Ushakov; A. G. Yarova; v. D. Zvorykin
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Invited Paper Processing Of New Ceramic Materials With Solid State Laser Radiation
Author(s): P. Affolter; H. G. Schmid
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Laser Machining Of Ceramic And Silicon
Author(s): Christoph Hamann; Hans-Georg Rosen
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Glass Working With CO2 And HF Lasers
Author(s): Rene Joeckle; Andre Sontag
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Invited Paper Cutting Of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers With Cw CO2 Laser
Author(s): Mats Flaum; Tom Karlsson
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Excimer laser induced transformation of Ge~Se thin films
Author(s): A. Jadin; M. Wautelet; C. Antoniadis; L. D. Laude
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Invited Paper Laser-Induced Surface Modification And Chemical Etching Of Materials
Author(s): M. Eyett; R. Kullmer; D. Bauerle
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Excimer Laser Processing Of Thin Metallic Films On Dielectric Substrates
Author(s): U. Sowada; H. J. Kahlert; D. Basting
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Capillary Waves And Energy Coupling In Laser Materials Processing
Author(s): A. Gasser; G. Herziger; B. Holtgen; E. W. Kreutz; H. G. Treusch
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Invited Paper Plasma Fluctuations During Laser Machining With cw-CO2-Lasers
Author(s): E. Beyer; G. Herziger; A. Gasser; W. Sokolowski
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Mass And Heat Transfer In Deep Penetration Laser Welding
Author(s): Maichi Cantello; Diego Cruciani; Moreno Ciboldi; Michele Onorato
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Invited Paper Plasma-Spectra In Materials Processing By Excimer Lasers
Author(s): R. Poprawe; M. Wehner; G. Brown; G. Herziger
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Invited Paper Laser-Induced Damage To Optical Elements In Materials Processing Systems
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther
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Defects In Semiconductors Under Repetitive Medium Power Laser Irradiation Conditions
Author(s): M. Wautelet; C. Antoniadis; P. Quenon; L. D. Laude.
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Invited Paper Microscope Objective Designs For High Power Laser Applications
Author(s): L. H.J.F. Beckmann; J. L.F. de Meijere; F. J. Versteeg
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Deformation Energy Under Optical Surfaces
Author(s): O. Podzimek
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Invited Paper An Overview Of Melt Dynamics In Laser Processing
Author(s): J. Mazumder
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Invited Paper Overview Of Flow Dynamics In Gas-Assisted Laser Cutting
Author(s): J Fieret; M J Terry; B A Ward
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Nozzle For ND-YAG Laser Welding
Author(s): Martien H.H. van Dijk; Guus J.H.M. Rijnders
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Dynamic Effects In Laser Cutting And Formation Of Periodic Striations
Author(s): Dieter Schuocker; Paul Muller
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Dynamic Resiionse Of Materials To X-Rays Radiation
Author(s): Zhou Nan
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Medium Repetition Rate TEA Laser For Industrial Applications
Author(s): Bruno Walter
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2.5 kw Laser Cutting Of Steels; Factors Affecting Cut Quality In Sections Upto 20 mm.
Author(s): J Powell; K Frass; I A Menzies
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Cutting And Scribing Of Alumina Ceramic Using A CO2-Laser
Author(s): Matthias PaBier; Gtinter Lensch
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Comparison Between Electrical Discharge And Optical Parameters Of A Transverse Flow Cw CO2-Laser
Author(s): W. Triebel; E. Ose
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Short Term Annealing By Laser Treatment
Author(s): H. W. Bergmann
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Acoustic Characterisation Of Used Laser Energy For A Metallurgical Thermal Treatment Produced By A Pulsed High Power Laser (Neodymium Doped Glass)
Author(s): Jean-Francois Eloy; Erick Leguyadec; Didier Cochet-Muchy
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Surface Treatment By Laser Generated Shock Waves
Author(s): Ph. Bournot; D. Dufresne; M. Autric; P. Giovanneschi-Testud; C. Coquerelle
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Ablation Of Laser Irradiated Metal Surfaces
Author(s): W. Schulz; G . Simon; H. EiBfeldt
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Effects Of Beam-Workpiece-Motions System Interactions On The Working Accuracy Of Laser Cutting Of Sheet Metals
Author(s): S. Biermann; R. Nuss; M. Geiger
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Influence Of The Oxidation Process In Laser Gas Cutting
Author(s): W. Schulz; G Simon; M. Vicanek; I. Decker
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Direct Observation Of The Laser Cutting Process
Author(s): M. Hansmann; I. Decker; J. Ruge
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High Power Laser Processing Of Materials
Author(s): D R Martyr; T Holt
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Thermal Imaging System For Material Processing
Author(s): Daniel Auric; Eric Hanonge; Emmanuel Kerrand; Jean-Claude de Miscault; Jean Cornillault
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Material Processing With High Power RF-Excited CO2-Lasers
Author(s): P. Wirth; K. H. Heine; W. Scharfe; G. Graen
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The Important Role Of Modelling In Laser Hardening Process Design
Author(s): W. Cerri; L. Garifo; G. P. Mor
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Invited Paper Laser Systems To Solve Manufacturing Problems
Author(s): David A. Belforte
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