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Advanced Processing of Semiconductor Devices
Editor(s): Sayan D. Mukherjee

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Volume Number: 0797
Date Published: 22 April 1987

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Keynote Address Elemental And Compound Semiconductor Devices Today And Beyond: Influence Of Advanced Epitaxial Processes
Author(s): Kang L. Wang
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Invited Paper The Formation Of Shallow P+N Junctions Using RTA Of BF2+ And B+ Implanted Si
Author(s): O . W. Holland; J. R. Alvis; Cotton Hance
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Effects Of Rapid Thermal Processing On Device Reliability
Author(s): S. K. Lee; D. K. Shih; Y. H. Ku; E. Louis; D. L. Kwong; C. O Lee
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Deep Level Generation Centres In Low Temperature Annealed Pre-Amorphised Silicon
Author(s): S. D. Brotherton; J. R. Ayres; B. J. Goldsmith; A. Gill
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Invited Paper Is SOI Ready For Circuits Applications?
Author(s): D. Bensahel; D. Dutartre; M. Haond
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Planarization Of Multilevel Metalization Processes: A Critical Review
Author(s): Yue Kuo
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Formation Of Shallow Junctions With TiN[sub]x[/sub]O[sub]y[/sub]/TiSi[sub]2[/sub] Ohmic Contacts For Self-Aligned Silicide Technology
Author(s): Y. H. Ku; E. Louis; S. K. Lee; D. K. Shih; D. L. Kwong; C. O Lee; J. R. Yeargain
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Transient-Enhanced Diffusion In Ion-Implanted Silicon
Author(s): S. J. Pennycook; R. J. Culbertson
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Formation And Nondestructive Characterization Of Ion Implanted Soi Layers
Author(s): J. Narayan; M. El Ghor; S. Y. Kim; K. Vedam; R. Manukonda; S. J. Pennycook
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Growth And Characterization Of Epitaxial Layers Of Ge On Si Substrates
Author(s): D. Fathy; C. W. White; O. W. Holland
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Invited Paper Photochemical Cleaning And Epitaxy Of Si
Author(s): Y. Nara; T. Yamazaki; T. Sugii; R. Sugino; T. Ito; H. Ishikawa
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Invited Paper Recent Developments In Reactive Plasma Etching Of III-V Compound Semiconductors
Author(s): Evelyn L. Hu; Larry A. Coldren
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Vertical Sidewall Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Of GaAs and Al[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1[/sub]_[sub]x[/sub]AS (X=0.76) Using BC1[sub]3[/sub]/CC1[sub]2[/sub]F[sub]2[/sub]/He At Equal Rates
Author(s): Sayan D. Mukherjee
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Invited Paper Novel Chemistry For High Quality, Low Hydrogen PECVD Silicon Nitride Films
Author(s): D. E. Ibbotson; C. P. Chang; D. L. Flamm; J. A. Mucha
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Formation Of Submicron Silicon-Nitride Patterns By Lift-Off Method Using ECR-CVD
Author(s): S. Shikata; H. Hayashi; H. Takahashi; K. Yoshida
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Silicon Nitride For Gallium Arsenide Integrated Circuits
Author(s): J Nagle; David V Morgan
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Modeling Of Energy And Mass Transport In Laser-Assisted CVD I: Surface Morphology
Author(s): D. C. Skouby; K. F. Jensen
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Characteristics Of Nonselective Gaas/(A1,Ga)As Heterostructure Etching At Very Low Etch Rates
Author(s): M. Schneider; C. Colvard; K. Alavi; E. Kohn
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Growth And Characterization Of Wide Gap II-VI Heterostructures
Author(s): R. L. Gunshor; L. A. Kolodziejski; N. Otsuka; A. v. Nurmikko
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Optical Absorption In Low P-Type Hg0.8Cd0.2Te Alloys
Author(s): Changhe Huang; Zhenzhong Yu; Dingyuan Tang
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Impurity Induced Disordering Of Heterojunction Interfaces: Phenomenology And Laser Device Applications
Author(s): R. L. Thornton; R. D. Burnham; N. Holonyak,Jr.; J. E. Epler; T. L. Paoli
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Al1-XGaxAs/GaAs Superlattice Disordering By Ion-Implantation And Diffusion: A TEM Study Of Mechanisms
Author(s): B. C. De Cooman; C. B. Carter; J. R. Ralston
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Lateral Patterning Of Quantum Well Structures Through Compositional Mixing
Author(s): E. A. Dobisz; H. G. Craighead; S. A. Schwarz; P. S. D. Lin; K. Kash; L. M. Schiavone; A. Scherer; J. P. Harbison; B. Tell
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Self-Aligned-Gate Digital AlGaAs/GaAs Modulation-Doped Field Effect Transistor (MODFET) Processing And Short Channel Effects
Author(s): A. N. Lepore; D. C. Radulescu; w. J. Schaff; P. J. Tasker; L. F. Eastman
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Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposited Tungsten Silicide For GaAs ICs
Author(s): Min-Shyong Lin; Hen-Chang Chou
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Implant Profiles In GaP, GaAs, InP, And InSb: Influence Of Furnace And Rapid Thermal Annealing
Author(s): R . G. Wilson; S. w. Novak
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High Temperature Stable Metal Contacts On GaAs Based On WSi2 As Diffusion Barrier, Characterized By XPS And Electrical Measurements
Author(s): Joachim Wiirfl; Ram P. Gupta; Hans L. Hartnagel
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Invited Paper Recent Progress In Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits (OEICs)
Author(s): Osamu Wada
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Invited Paper Grating Surface Emitting, Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): G. A. Evans; J. M. Hammer; N. W. Carlson
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Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) Of Gratings In Inp For Distributed Feedback (DFB) Lasers Using An Intermediate Dielectric Layer
Author(s): L. Tarof; K. Fox
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Invited Paper Characterization Of Interfaces Formed By Interrupted OMVPE Growth
Author(s): Hideki Hasegawa; Eiji Ikeda; Hideo Ohno
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High Power AlGaAs/GaAs Single Quantum Well Lasers With Chemically Assisted Ion Beam Etched Mirrors
Author(s): P. Tihanyi,; D. K. Wagner; A. J . Roza; H. J. Vollmer; C. M. Harding; R. J. Davis; E. D. Wolf
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Beam-Lead Hybridization Technology For Focal Plane Infrared Detectors
Author(s): J. Ameurlaine; A. Gauthier; P. Langle; A. Salaville
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Atomistic Simulation Of Stability Properties And Growth Of Strained Layer Structures
Author(s): Paul A. Taylor; Brian W. Dodson
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Effects Of Growth Temperature And Off Oriented (100) Si Substrate On Properties Of CdTe Film Grown By MOCVD
Author(s): Min-Shyong Lin; Rey-Lin Chou; Kan-Sen Chou
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On The Gate Capacitance Of MOS Structures Of n-Channel Inversion Layers On Ternary Semiconductors In The Presence Of A Quantizing Magnetic Field
Author(s): S. N. Biswas; K. P. Ghatak
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Invited Paper GaAs Self-Aligned MESFET Technologies
Author(s): Masahiro Hirayama; Tetsuhiko Ikegami
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High Transconductance OGFETs
Author(s): G. Ebert; A. Colquhoun
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Invited Paper Complementary HEMT Logic: Problems Of Threshold Voltage Control And Their Solutions
Author(s): Kazuhiko Matsumoto
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A High-Transconductance AlGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs Selectively-Doped Double-Heterojunction Fet With Pd-Buried Gate Structure
Author(s): K. Inoue; K. Nishii; K. Bando; A. Tezuka; T. Matsuno; T. Onuma
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Invited Paper Advances In The Technology For The Permeable Base Transistor
Author(s): M, A. Hollis; K. B. Nichols; R. A. Murphy; C. O. Bozler
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Fabrication Process Of Resonant Tunneling Bipolar Transistor (RBT)
Author(s): A. Shibatomi; Y. Yamaguchi; T. Futatsugi; S. Muto; N. Yokoyama
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Buried-Channel Insulated Gate Fets On MOCVD Grown Inp/InGaAs/InP
Author(s): E. A. Martin; K. P. Pande; M. A. diForte-Poisson; C. Brylinski; G. Colomer; M. Razeghi
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Engineering On NPN AlGaAs Heterojunction Bipolar Transistors
Author(s): Chung-Zen Chen; Si-Chen Lee; Hao-Hsiung Lin
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