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Quantum Well and Superlattice Physics

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Volume Number: 0792
Date Published: 11 August 1987

Table of Contents
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Electronic Properties Of Quantum Wells In Perturbing Fields
Author(s): R. T. Collins; L. Vina; W. I. Wang; C. Mailhiot; D. L. Smith
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Resonant Tunneling: Physics, New Transistors And Superlattice Devices
Author(s): Federico Capasso; Susanta Sen; A. Y. Cho
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Resonant Tunneling In Double Barrier Heterostructures
Author(s): M. A. Reed; R. T. Bate; J. W. Lee
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Prospects For Quantum Integrated Circuits
Author(s): R. T. Bate; G. A. Frazier; W. R. Frensley; J. W. Lee; M. A. Reed
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Electrical And Optical Properties Of Semiconductor Doping Superlattices
Author(s): P. Paul Ruden
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Tunable Electroabsorption And Electroluminescence In GaAs Doping Superlattices
Author(s): C. J. Chang-Hasnain; G. Hasnain; G. H. Dohler; N. M. Johnson; J. N. Miller; J. R. Whinnery; A. Dienes
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Acceptor Impurity States And Their Consequences For Optical Properties Of GaAs Doping Superlattices
Author(s): John D. Bruno; P. Paul Ruden
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Quasi-One-Dimensional Doping Superlattices
Author(s): Avadh Saxena; J. D. Gunton
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Stability Of Superlattices Under Pressure
Author(s): B. A. Weinstein
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Silicon-Germanium Superlattices
Author(s): G. Abstreiter; H. Brugger; K. Eberl; R. Zachai
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Microscopic Theory Of Zone-Folding And Momentum Mixing In Semiconductor Superlattices And Quantum Wires
Author(s): M. Jaros; K. B. Wong; A. Zoryk; M. A. Gell; I. Morrison; L. D. L . Brown; D. Ninno; P. J. Hagon
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In-Plane Electric Field Induced Quenching Of Photoluminescence In (Zn,Mn)Se Multiple Quantum Well Structure
Author(s): B. Das; D. R. Andersen; M. Yamanishi; T. C. Bonsett; S. Datta; R. L. Gunshor; L. A. Kolodziejski
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Excitonic Magnetic Polarons In CdTe/CdMnTe Strained Layer Superlattices
Author(s): S. A. Jackson; C. R. McIntyre
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Doping Characteristics Of ZnSe-ZnTe Strained Layer Superlattice Grown By Molecular Beam Epitaxy
Author(s): R. Kimura; S. Dosho; A. Imai; M. Kobayashi; M. Konagai; K. Takahashi
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Bandgap Energy Pressure Coefficients In Strained-Layer Structures
Author(s): E. D. Jones; I. J. Fritz; H. P. Hjalmarson; J. E. Schirber; M. C. Smith; R. M. Biefeld; L. R. Dawson; T. J. Drummond
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Reduction Of Photoluminescence Intensity With Magnetic Field In InGaAs/GaAs Single Strained Layer Quantum Wells
Author(s): M. C. Smith; E. D. Jones; J. E. Schirber; T. J. Drummond; D. Heiman; S. Foner
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Physics And Nonlinear Device Applications Of Bulk And Multiple Quantum Well GaAs
Author(s): Y. H. Lee; H. M. Gibbs; S. W. Koch; N. Peyghambarian
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Theory Of Nonlinear Optical Properties Of Semiconductor Superlattices
Author(s): Yia-Chung Chang
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Optically Detected Tunnelling Between Quantum Wells
Author(s): S. R. Andrews; R. T. Harley
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Exciton Binding Energy In Type-II GaAs-AlAs Quantum Well Heterostructures
Author(s): G. Duggan; H. I. Ralph
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Photoluminescence Studies Of Coupled Quantum Well Structures In The AlGaAs/GaAs System
Author(s): A. Torabi; K. F. Brennan; C. J. Summers
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Infrared Intersubband Absorption At 8.2 m In Doped Superlattices Of GaAs/AlAs
Author(s): B. F. Levine; R. J. Malik; J. Walker; K. K. Choi; C. G. Bethea
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Temperature Dependent Optical Studies Of GaAs/AlGaAs Single Quantum Wells
Author(s): Y. J. Chen; Emil S. Koteles; Johnson Lee; J. Y. Chi; B. S. Elman
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Uniaxial Stress As A Probe Of Valence Subband Mixing In Semiconductor Quantum Wells
Author(s): Emil S. Koteles; C. Jagannath; Johnson Lee; M. O. Vassell
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Electric Field Dependence Of Optical Absorption In Quantum Well Structures: Physics And Applications
Author(s): D. A.B. Miller
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Epitaxial Semiconductor Optical Interference Devices
Author(s): P. L. Gourley; R. M. Biefeld; T. J. Drummond; T. E. Zipperian
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Theory Of An Electro-Optic Modulator Based On Quantum Wells In A Semiconductor etalon
Author(s): D. R. P. Guy; N. Apsley; L. L. Taylor; S. J. Bass; P. C Klipstein
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Multiple Quantum Well-Based Spatial Light Modulators
Author(s): U. Efron; T. Y. Hsu; J. N. Schulman; W. Y. Wu; I. Rouse; I. J. D'Haenens; Yia-Chung Chang
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Photoluminescence Studies Of Type II GaAs/AlAs Quantum Wells Grown By MBE
Author(s): P. Dawson; K. J. Moore; C. T. Foxon
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Free-Carrier Absorption And Saturation Of Intervalence-Band Transitions In P-Type Semiconductor Quantum Wells
Author(s): Yia-Chung Chang; R. B. James
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Second-Order Optical Susceptibility Of Strained GeSi/Si Superlattices And Ge/Si Layered Artificial Crystals
Author(s): Lionel Friedman; Richard A. Soref
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Quantization Effects In Superlattice Photoelectrodes And Colloidal Semiconductor Particles
Author(s): A. J. Nozik; B. R. Thacker; J. A. Turner; M. Peterson; J. Klem; H. Morkoc; O. Micic; M. T. Nenadovic
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On The Einstein relation In Superlattices Of Kane - Type Semiconductors In The Presence Of A Quantizing Magnetic Field
Author(s): S. N. Biswas; K. P. Ghatak
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Optical Absorption In Thin Amorphous Si/SiO[sub]x[/sub] Multilayer Structures
Author(s): A. Bittar; O. Hunderi; H. J. Trodahl
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Polaronic Excitations In Heterostructures
Author(s): V. V. Paranjape; P. V. Panat
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An Efficient Algorithm For Calculating Bound- And Resonant-Energy Spectra
Author(s): Carey Schwartz
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Non-Ideal Quantum Well Structures
Author(s): B. S. V. Gopalam
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Strain In Isolated FCC Microcrystals And In Strained-Layer Superlattices
Author(s): Luigi G. Conti
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Dependence Of Subband Energies Of Electron And Hole In Si-Nipi S.L. On The Design Parameters
Author(s): E. G. Wang; H. L. Huang
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Experimental Determination Of Exciton Binding Energies In GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Wells
Author(s): Emil S. Koteles; J. Y. Chi
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Determination Of Critical Thickness In In[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1-x[/sub]As/GaAs Heterostructures By X-Ray Diffraction And Photoluminescence Measurements
Author(s): P. J. Orders; B. F. Usher; M. Gal; P. C. Taylor
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Band Mixing And Quantum Well Gain
Author(s): M. F. H. Schuurmans; R. Eppenga; S. Colak
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Critical Test For The Possibility Of A Solid State Travelling Plasma Wave Amplifier
Author(s): Krzysztof Kempa
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