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Optical Systems Contamination: Effects, Measurement, Control
Editor(s): A. Peter M. Glassford

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Volume Number: 0777
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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The Particulate Environment Around The Shuttle As Determined By The PACS Experiment
Author(s): B. David Green; G. Kenneth Yates; Mark Ahmadjian; Henry Miranda
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Contamination Induced Degradation Of Optical Solar Reflectors In Geosynchronous Orbit
Author(s): Daryl L. Mossman; Hosea D. Bostic; Jesus R. Carlos
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Shuttle Environment Effects On Coated Mirrors
Author(s): Ronald G Bettini
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Contaminant Buildup On Ram Facing Spacecraft Surfaces
Author(s): R. O. Rantanen; T. D. Gordon
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Contamination Control Approach For The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer Satellite Instrumentation
Author(s): Stan Mrowka; Sharon Jelinsky; Patrick Jelinsky; Roger F. Malina
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Analysis Of Particulate Contamination Buildup On Surfaces
Author(s): J. D. Buch; M. K. Barsh
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Particulate Contaminant Relocation During Shuttle Ascent
Author(s): John J. Scialdone
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Development Of Contamination Requirements For Spaceborne Optical Instrumentation
Author(s): Patricia A. Hansen; Carl R. Maag
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Earth Observing System (Eos)/Noaa Candidate Propulsion System Assessment And Instrument Contamination Requirements
Author(s): Jerry M. Millard; Patricia A. Hansen
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Effects Of Particulate Contamination On Optical Solar Reflectors
Author(s): Kim A. Benninghoven
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Contamination Sensitivity And Control Of Optical Sensors
Author(s): A. T. Chen; N. D. Abe; C. R. Mullen; C. C. Gilbert
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Assessment Of Condensable Molecular And Particulate Contamination Upon Optical Elements In Space Systems
Author(s): Lawrence M. Scherr; William Lee
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Space Station Users Contamination Requirements
Author(s): Nancy J. P Carosso
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Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) Contamination Control Approach
Author(s): Paolo A. Carosso
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Prevention Of Primary Mirror Contamination By Helium Purging
Author(s): R. R. Herm; B. R. Johnson; S. J. Young
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Surface Plasmon Detection Of Surface Contamination Of Metallic Film Surfaces
Author(s): F. S. Zhang; R. H. Wang; H. A. Macleod; R. E. Parks; M. R. Jacobson
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Self-Contained Space Qualifiable Optical Contamination Monitor
Author(s): R. V. Jarratt Jr.; B. K . Flint; R . D. Fancy; R. C. Linton
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A Comparative Review Of Optical Surface Contamination Assessment Techniques
Author(s): James B. Heaney
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Contamination Effects Test Facility
Author(s): C. G. Shaw; M. M. Thornton; C. R. Mullen
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Particulate Contamination Control In The Optical Telescope Assembly For The Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Terence A. Facey
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Clean Room For Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): L. A. Burdick Jr.; A. E. Hultquist; K. D. Mason
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Hubble Space Telescope Contamination Analysis
Author(s): Michael C. Fong; Milford A. Peterson; Aleck L. Lee
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Particulate Redistribution Experiments For The Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): J. Bush; L. Aguilar
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Spacecraft Particulate Contaminant Redistribution
Author(s): A. Klavins; A. L. Lee
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Definition And Implementation Of A Thermal Vacuum Bakeout Program For The Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): J. M. Steakley; P. Glassford; R. A. Osiecki; D. J. Tenerelli; L. A. Burdick Jr.; S. J. Housten; A. E. Hultquist
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Hubble Space Telescope Low Pressure Venting Analysis, Thermal Vacuum Test Solution, Validation And Flight Prediction
Author(s): Milford A. Peterson; Denis B. McCloskey
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Contamination Monitoring During The Hubble Space Telescope Thermal Vacuum / Thermal Balance Test
Author(s): Joyce M. Steakley; Dale J. Raar; Mark P. Smith
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Hubble Space Telescope Particulate Optical Test
Author(s): Wayne Metheny; Tom Pope; William Rosenberg; Ron Sharbaugh
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Hubble Space Telescope Protective Cover System
Author(s): J. Bush; S. Lloyd; S. Martin; L. Burdick; B. Liggio; B. Nerren
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Surface Plasmon Resonance Effects And The Admittance Diagram
Author(s): H. Angus Macleod
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Computer Models Of The Growth Of Monolayers
Author(s): Joshua Salik
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Sensor Contamination Degradation Experiment With A Cryogenic In-Situ Erdf Monitor
Author(s): Andrew A. Mastandrea
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Cross: Contaminant Removal Off Optical Surfaces In Space
Author(s): Lawrence G. Piper; Mark N. Spencer; Anne M. Woodward; B. David Green
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Oxygen Ion Cleaning Of Organic Contaminant Films
Author(s): T. J. Deguchi; C. B. Kalem
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