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Lasers in Microlithography
Editor(s): John Samuel Batchelder; Daniel J. Ehrlich; Jeff Y. Tsao

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Volume Number: 0774
Date Published: 1 September 1987

Table of Contents
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Capabilities Of The Inspex EX2000 Patterned Wafer Inspection System
Author(s): Francis S. Maldari
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Review Of Contamination Detection On Patterned Surfaces
Author(s): J. Samuel Batchelder
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Contamination Detection On Semiconductor Wafers
Author(s): L. Galbraith; A. Neukermans
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Calculation Of Light Scatter From Structures On Silicon Surfaces
Author(s): Gregory L. Wojcik; David K. Vaughan; Lee K. Galbraith
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A Polarization Diversity Surface Analysis System
Author(s): Robert G. Knollenberg
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High Speed Device Testing And Internal Node Diagnostics
Author(s): George Chiu; Jean-Marc Halbout; Paul May
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Ic Internal Functional Testing Using L-Beam
Author(s): John F. Kroening Jr.
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Applications Of Electro-Optic Techniques To Integrated Circuit Testing
Author(s): Francois J. Henley
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Review Of E-Beam Electrical Test Techniques
Author(s): Fritz J. Hohn
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Spatially Resolved Non-Contact Surface Photovoltage In Semiconductors
Author(s): Daniel Guidotti
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Photoemissive Probing Of High-Speed Signals
Author(s): A. M. Weiner; P. S. D. Lin; R. B. Marcus; J. Orloff
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A Direct Write Laser Pattern Generator For Rapid Semiconductor Device Customization
Author(s): E. T. Fitzgibbons; M. Kempter; R. Walther
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Laser Processing For Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs)
Author(s): Donald V. Smart; Donald M. Stewart
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Laser Linking For Defect Avoidance And Customization
Author(s): J. I. Raffel
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Production Applications Of Laser Microchemistry
Author(s): D. C. Shaver; L. A. Stern; N. P. Economou; D. J. Ehrlich
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Deep UV Lithography: Problems And Potential
Author(s): David A. Markle
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Advances In Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): Kanti Jain
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Effect Of Laser Characteristics On The Performance Of A Deep Uv Projection System
Author(s): Tanya E. Jewell; James H. Bennewitz; Gary C. Escher; Victor Pol
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Photoetching Of Polymers With Excimer Lasers
Author(s): Y. S. Liu; H. S. Cole; H. R. Philipp; R. Guida
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Half-Micron KrF Excimer Laser Stepper Lithography With New Resist And Water-Soluble Contrast Enhanced Materials
Author(s): Masayuki Endo; Masaru Sasago; Yoshihiko Hirai; Kazufumi Ogawa; Takeshi Ishihara
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Excimer Laser Stepper For Submicron Lithography
Author(s): Masaomi Kameyama; Kazuo Ushida
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Performance Evaluation Of A Practical 248nm Wafer Stepper
Author(s): Kenneth F. Walsh; Michael M. Dunn; David S. Holbrook; John H. Bruning
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Quantification Of Laser Interference Fringes As Applied To Plasma Etch Endpoint Detection
Author(s): Russell Deaton; Allen George
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Photoablation Of Resist Coated Alignment Targets To Improve VLSI Pattern Overlay
Author(s): David J. Elliott; Kenneth J. Polasko; Bernhard P. Piwczyk; Ernest W. Balch
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Rapid Recognition Of Interconnect Features
Author(s): Douglas G. Miller
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