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Optical Microlithography VI
Editor(s): Harry L. Stover

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Volume Number: 0772
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Chairman's Pre-Conference Overview. Lens Specifications And Distortions
Author(s): Harry L. Stover
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Practical Characterization Of 0.5 Um Optical Lithography
Author(s): Donis G. Flagello; Andrew T. S. Pomerene
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Focus : The Critical Parameter For Submicron Optical Lithography :Part 2
Author(s): William H. Arnold; Harry J. Levinson
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Proximity Effects In Submicron Optical Lithography
Author(s): Paul Chien; Mung Chen
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New I-Line Lenses For Submicron Lithography
Author(s): Setha G. Olson
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Practical Considerations Of Submicron Photolithography
Author(s): Michele Nuhn; Shi Kay Yao; Todd Johnson; Brad Avrit
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Intelligent Optical System Of A New Stepper
Author(s): Akiyoshi Suzuki; Shuuichi Yabu; Masami Ookubo
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A Novel Method For Improving The Defocus Tolerance In Step And Repeat Photolithography
Author(s): Tetsuya Hayashida; Hiroshi Fukuda; Toshihiko Tanaka; Norio Hasegawa
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Advances In 1:1 Optical Lithography
Author(s): Adonis C. Stephanakis; Daniel I. Rubin
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Ring-Field Vs Full-Field Projection Systems: An Optical Performance Comparison
Author(s): Subhash Chandra; Frederick Y. Wu
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Generation Of Design Rules Consistent With Lithographic Capability
Author(s): Christopher P. Ausschnitt; Shaunee Cheng; Michael Lutz
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"Performance Of A Wafer Stepper With Automatic Intra-Die Registration Correction."
Author(s): M. A. van den Brink; S. Wittekoek; H. F. D. Linders; F. J. van Hout; R. A. George
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Optical Consideration In Target Alignment Using Non-Actinic Wavelength Microscope
Author(s): Shi-Kay Yao
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Advanced Optical Overlay Measurement System
Author(s): Daniel R. Cote; Robert H. Clayton; Jeanne E. Lazo-Wasem
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Theoretical Models For The Optical Alignment Of Wafer Steppers
Author(s): Chris P. Kirk
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Dark Field Technology - A Practical Approach To Local Alignment
Author(s): David R. Beaulieu; Paul P. Hellebrekers
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Measurement And Control Of Wafer Temperature In A Plasma Etching Reactor
Author(s): Diane Vogel; Fred Wong
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Dry Development With Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) And Magnetron Enhanced Etching (MIE) Technology
Author(s): F. Coopmans; G. Brassuer; B. Roland; R. Lombaerts; S. Till
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Tapered Wet Etching Of Contacts Using A Trilayer Silox Structure
Author(s): Martin P. Karnett
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Exposure Matching Of Polychromatic Exposure Systems
Author(s): William A. Keese
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The Improvement Of Stepper Process Latitude By Resist Process
Author(s): Tony Y. Liu
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Liquid Particle Counting - Part Ii Methodology Development And Statistical Process Control
Author(s): Jeffrey K. Hecht; Edward J. Reardon; Douglas A. Thompson
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Modeling The Images Of Alignment Marks Under Photoresist
Author(s): G. M. Gallatin; J. C. Webster; E. C. Kintner; F. Wu
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Identifying And Monitoring Effects Of Lens Aberrations In Projection Printing
Author(s): Kenny K.H. Toh; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Application Specific Wafer Stepper
Author(s): Dick Fallon; James R. Shih
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Results Of Automating A Photolithography Cell In A Clean Tunnel
Author(s): David H. June
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Photomask Protection Using Glass Coverplates
Author(s): Terrence E. Zavecz; Edward L. Banks
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Impact Of Wafer Flatness On Submicron Optical Lithography
Author(s): Ling Liauw; Andrew Muray; Mung Chen
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Contact Hole Imaging In Stepper Lithography
Author(s): L. K. White
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High-Speed Reticle Qualification System
Author(s): Hirobumi Ishihara; Tokuro Sooma; Morio Misonoo; Kei Takatsu; Kiyohiko Akanuma
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Pattern Verification Through Die-To-Database Inspection
Author(s): Eileen Jozefov; Wayne Ruch
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Performance Evaluation Of The Ateq Core-2000 Scanning Laser Reticle Writer
Author(s): Gary A. Burns; James A. Schoeffel
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Defect Fidelity On Chrome And Aluminum Coated Glass Wafers.
Author(s): James A. Reynolds; David B. Fundakowski
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