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Advances in Resist Technology and Processing IV
Editor(s): Murrae J. Bowden

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Volume Number: 0771
Date Published: 25 August 1987

Table of Contents
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New Diazoketone Dissolution Inhibitors For Deep U.V. Photolithography
Author(s): C.Grant Willson; Robert D. Miller; Dennis R. McKean; Lester A. Pederson
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A Novel, Diazonium-Phenolic Resin Two-Layer Resist System Utilizing Photoinduced Interfacial Insolubilization
Author(s): Shou-ichi Uchino; Takao Iwayanagi; Takumi Ueno; Michiaki Hashimoto; Saburo Nonogaki
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Brominated Poly(1-Trimethylsilylpropyne): A Sensitive Deep-Uv Resist For Two-Layer Lithography
Author(s): Antoni S. Gozdz; Gregory L. Baker; Cynthia Klausner; Murrae J. Bowden
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Positive/Negative Mid Uv Resists With High Thermal Stability
Author(s): Hiroshi Ito; C. Grant Wilson; Jean M.J. Frechet
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Characteri Zation Cf A New Organ 3 Silicon Phcficiresist
Author(s): Wells C. Cunningham Jr.
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Langmuir-Blodgett Films For Half Micron Lithography Using Krf Excimer Laser And X-Ray
Author(s): K. Ogawa; H. Tamura; M. Sasago; T. Ishihara
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High Temperature Photonegative Resists Based On Styrylpyridinium Units
Author(s): MinYu Li; Eli M. Pearce; S. Narang
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Chemical Factors Affecting Npr Performance
Author(s): R. G. Tarascon; J. Frackoviak; E. Reichmanis; L. F. Thompson
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A New Process For Contrast Enhancement Of Photoresist Patterns
Author(s): Yoshimitsu Okuda; Tohru Ohkuma; Yukio Takashima; Yukio Miyai; Morio Inoue
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The Mechanism Of The Desire Process
Author(s): B. Roland; R. Lombaerts; C. Jakus; F. Coopmans
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Highly Sensitized Electron-Beam Resist By Means Of A Quenching Process
Author(s): F. Shigemitsu; K. Usuda; T . Tsuchiya; T. Nomaki; Y. Kato; K. Kirita; T. Shinozaki
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Novolak Design For High Resolution Positive Photoresists
Author(s): M. Hanabata; A. Furuta; Y. Uemura
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Dissolution And Swelling Studies Of Poly(Methyl Methacrylate) Resist Films
Author(s): J. S. Papanu; J. Manjkow; D. W. Hess; D. S. Soong; A. T. Bell
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Mechanistic Study Of A Selective Gas-Phase Reactive Microlithographic System
Author(s): T. B. Brust; S. R. Turner
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Mechanism And Kinetics Of Silylation Of Resist Layers From The Gas Phase
Author(s): Robert-Jan Visser; Jack P.W. Schellekens; Marian E. Reuhman-Huisken; Leo J. Van Ijzendoorn
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Process Parameters For Submicron Electron Beam Lithography Of NPR
Author(s): J. Frackoviak; R. G. Tarascon; S. Vaidya; E. Reichmanis
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A Comparison Of The Dissolution Behavior Of Poly(P-Hydroxystyrene) With Novolac
Author(s): Michael J. Hanrahan; Kathleen S. Hollis
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On The Dissolution Kinetics Of Positive Photoresists: The Secondary Structure Model
Author(s): Michael K. Templeton; Charles R. Szmanda; Anthony Zampini
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A Study Of The Dissolution Kinetics 0? A Positive Photoresist Using Organic Acids To Simulate Exposed Photoactive Compounds
Author(s): Lauren Blum; Mariorie E. Perkins; Andrew W. McCullough
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Effect Of Diffuse Reflectivity On Photoresist Linewidth Control
Author(s): Stephen A. Casalnuovo; Clifford L. Renschler; Robyn E. Stiefeld; Bruce L. Draper; A.Roderick Mahoney
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Processing Photostructural Materials
Author(s): David J. Rosenblatt; Jay N. Zemel; Wayne E . Feely
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Computer Simulation Of The Percolational Development And Pattern Formation In Pulsed Laser Exposed Positive Photoresists
Author(s): A. L. Bogdanov; A. A. Polyakov; K. A. Valiev; L. V. Velikov; D. Yu. Zaroslov
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Enhancement Of Rie Resistance Of Conventional Resist Materials
Author(s): H. Hiraoka
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Applications Of The Mold Controlled Profile (MCP) Technique For Resist Processing
Author(s): Burn J. Lin
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Spin Coating And Planarization
Author(s): Larry E. Stillwagon; Ronald G. Larson; Gary N. Taylor
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New Principle For Image Enhancement In Single Layer Positive Photoresists
Author(s): P. Trefonas III; B. K. Daniels
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Sub-Halfmicron Negative Resist Systems By Image Reversal
Author(s): K. Chiong; H. Hiraoka
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A Practical Approach To Submicron Lithography
Author(s): Vic Marriott; Cesar M. Garza; Mark Spak
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A Practical Approach To Lift-Off
Author(s): Susan K. Jones; Richard C. Chapman; Edward K. Pavelchek
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Application Of Halogenated Polymethylstyrenes To X-Ray Resists
Author(s): Tsuguo Yamaoka; Mitsunobu Koshiba; Yoichi Kamoshida; Hideo Takahashi; Yoshiyuki Harita
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Lithographic Evaluation Of Copolymers With Enhanced Dry Etch Resistance
Author(s): Y. M.N. Namaste; S. K. Obendorf; J. M. Rosenblum; G. G. Gifford; B. C. Dems; F. Rodriguez
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High Resolution Positive E-Beam Resist With Dry Etch Durability
Author(s): Akira Akimoto; Toru Seita; Yoshitaka Tsutsumi
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Development Induction Mechanism In Novolak Based Resist Systems For Submicron Optical Lithography
Author(s): Medhat A. Toukhy
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New Pcm (HR-PCM) Technique Using Novolak-Diazide Type Photoresist As A Bottom Layer
Author(s): Yoshio Yamashita; Hideyuki Jinbo; Ryuji Kawazu; Seigo Ohno; Takateru Asano; Kenji Kobayashi; Gentaro Nagamatsu
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Deep Uv And Thermal Hardening Of Novolak Resists
Author(s): Kevin J. Orvek; Michael L. Dennis
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Applications Of Response Surface Methodology: I. A General And Practical Approach To Process Optimization
Author(s): Daniel J.C. Herr
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Resist Contrast Measurements Using A Development Rate Monitor
Author(s): Nigel R. Farrar
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Linewidth Uniformity: A Critical Evaluation Of Spray Geometry And Process Interactions In Ultrasonic Nozzles
Author(s): David DeBruin; M.Richard Hannifan; Marie Ha; Kenneth Sautter
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Optimized Tri-Layer Resist Technique For Volume Production
Author(s): E. Kawamura; J. Konno; K. Inayoshi; T. Takada
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Negative-Acting Aqueous Base-Developable Photoresist With Submicron Resolution Capabilities Over Topography
Author(s): John J. Grunwald; William F. Cordes III; Giora Ben-Shushan; Chava Gal; Kathy Harding; Allen C. Spencer; Eitan Shalom
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Dynalith ® Resists For Mid-Uv Applications: * Formulation Optimization For Gaas Related Processing
Author(s): Richard M. Lazarus; Sunit S. Dixit
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An Improved Technique For 1/4 Micrometer Gate Length Gaas Mesfet Fabrication By Optical Lithography
Author(s): Brad D. Cantos; Ronald D. Remba
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Oxygen Reactive Ion Etching For Multilevel Lithography
Author(s): Mark A. Hartney; Wayne M. Greene; Dennis W. Hess; David S. Soong
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High Resolution Positive Photoresist For Submicron Photolithography
Author(s): Hidekatsu Kohara; Hatsuyuki Tanaka; Masanori Miyabe; Yoshiaki Arai; Shingo Asaumi; Toshimasa Nakayama
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