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Medical Imaging
Editor(s): Samuel J. Dwyer III; Roger H. Schneider

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Volume Number: 0767
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Bioelectric Current Image Reconstruction From Measurement Of The Generated Magnetic Fields
Author(s): W. J. Dallas; W. E. Smith; H. A. Schlitt; W. Kullman
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Evaluation Of Algorithms For A Squid Detector Neuromagnetic Imaging System
Author(s): Richard Leahy; Brian Jeffe; Manbir Singh; Ricardo Brechner
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Determination Of Constituent Concentration In Fluid Mixtures Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Author(s): Robert L. Galloway; Jerry C. Collins; Frank E. Carroll
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Construction Of Electrical Resistivity Images For Medical Diagnosis
Author(s): D. C. Barber; B. H. Brown
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Physics Of Image Formation By Microwave Scattering
Author(s): Theodore C. Guo; Wendy W. Guo
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Fast Magnetic Resonance Imaging Using Spiral Trajectories
Author(s): Mark J. Blum; Michael Braun; Dov Rosenfeld
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Blood Flow Assessment With Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Author(s): R . R. Price; D. R. Pickens; G. Smith; J. A . Patton; C. L. Partain; A. E. James Jr.
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Design And Construction Of "SUMRIS" -The Sydney University Magnetic Resonance Imaging System
Author(s): Graham Town; Neng Ching; Michael Braun; Dov Rosenfeld
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Interpolation-Free Scanning And Sampling Scheme For Tomographic Reconstructions
Author(s): K. D. Donohue; J. Saniie
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On The Convergence Of The Maximum Likelihood Estimator Method Of Tomographic Image Reconstruction
Author(s): Jorge Llacer; Eugene Veklerov; Edward J. Hoffman
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Maximum Likelihood Reconstruction for a Prototype Electronically Collimated Single Photon Emission System
Author(s): Tom Hebert; Richard Leahy; Manbir Singh
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Theoretical Considerations Of A New Electronically Collimated Gamma Camera Utilizing Gas Scintillation
Author(s): Ichiro Fujieda; V. Perez-Mendez
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Progress On Strip Beam Digital Radiography Using The Kinestatic Charge Detector
Author(s): Frank A. DiBianca; Joan E. Fetter; Charles R. Tenney; Joseph E. Vance; Douglas J. Wagenaar; David L. McDaniel; Paul Granfors
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Digital Slot Scan Mammography Using CCDs
Author(s): Robert S. Nelson; Zoran Barbaric; Lawrence W. Bassett; Reuven Zach
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Increased Radiographic Contrast And Dynamic Range By Combining A Rapid Multiple Scanning Beam Device With A Wide Latitude Receptor And Digital Enhancement
Author(s): S. Rudin; D. R. Bednarek; R. Wong; R. V. Kaczmarek; R. Ram
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Radiographic Imaging Using Multilayer Mirrors
Author(s): Robert S. Nelson; Reuven D. Zach; Eric Ziegler; Patrick J. Papin; Zoran L. Barbaric; Anthony R. Ricci; Lawrence W. Bassett
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The Dram As An X-Ray Sensor
Author(s): Alan M. Jacobs; John D. Cox; Yi-Shung Juang
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Energy Distribution Of Diagnostic Scatter Radiation
Author(s): Patrick J. Papin; Patrick S. Rielly; Eric W. Maat
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Characteristic Images Emerging From Recent Spie Medical Imaging Symposia
Author(s): Robert F. Wagner
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Development Of A High Resolution X-Ray Imaging Device For Use In Coronary Angiography
Author(s): H. Roehrig; T. W. Ovitt; W. J. Dallas; R. D. Lamoreaux; R. Vercillo; K. M. McNeill
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Dual Energy Radiography Using A Single Exposure Technique
Author(s): Brent K. Stewart; H. K. Huang
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Photostimulated Luminescence Digital Radiography System Characterization II: Image-Quality Measurements
Author(s): J. G. Yorker
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Storage Phosphor System For Computed Radiography: Optical Effects And Detective Quantum Efficiency (Dqe).
Author(s): A. R. Lubinsky; B. R. Whiting; J. F. Owen
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Therapy Imaging: Limitations Of Imaging With High Energy X-Ray Beams
Author(s): P. Munro; J. A. Rawlinson; A. Fenster
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Quantitative Angiography And Flow Characterization With A Photo-Diode Array Based X-Ray Imaging System
Author(s): I. A. Cunningham; B. B. Hobbs; R. K. Gerson; A. Fenster
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Cardiac Wall Motion Obtained By Digital Subtraction Angiography (Dsa) Without Contrast Material
Author(s): Tohoru Takeda; Takao Akatsuka; Mitsuo Matsuda; Yasuro Sugishita; Masayoshi Akisada
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2-Dimensional Primary X-Ray Image Formation And Quality In Angiography Using Absorption-Edge Filters In The Range 40-60 Kev
Author(s): Leon Piotrowski
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Application Of A Fluoroscopic Imaging Computer For Low Dose Spot Film Imaging In General Fluoroscopy
Author(s): T. J. Chou; K. Oakley; M. Ma; R. Longley
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Clinical Experience With A High Resolution Digital Imaging System For Gastro-Intestinal Radiology
Author(s): E. W. Edmonds; J. A. Rowlands; D. M. Hynes; B. D. Toth; A. J. Porter
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The Influence of Grain Threshold on Quantum Mottle in Radiographic Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Majid Rabbani; Rodney Shaw
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Noise Characterization And Reduction In A Scanning Microdensitometer
Author(s): Phillip C. Bunch; Richard Van Metter
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A Cross-Power Spectral Method For Improved Measurement Of Film Noise Power Spectra
Author(s): Y. Lee; P. L. P. Dillon
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Analysis Of Dqe And Neq Measurement Errors For Medical Imaging Systems
Author(s): Peter D. Burns
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The Acr-Nema Exchange Media Standards: Progress And Future Directions
Author(s): Steven C. Horii; James L. Lehr; Gwilym Lodwick; Yen Wang; Jason Zielonka; John Hoffman; Will Hunt; Laura Lee Murphy; Herman Oosterwijk
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Medical Image Sequence Coding Using Adaptive Vector Quantization
Author(s): Huifang Sun; Morris Goldberg
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Expandable Image Compression System, A Modular Approach
Author(s): Bruce K.T. Ho; K. K. Chan; Yoshiyuki Ishimitsu; Shih Chung Lo; H. K. Huang
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Compressed Medical Images And Enhanced Fault Detection Within An Acr-Nema Compatidle Picture Archiving And Communications System
Author(s): I. W . van Aken; G. L. Reijns; J. P. J. de Valk; J. A. M. Nijhof
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Psychophysical Validation Of The Hotelling Trace Criterion As A Metric For System Performance
Author(s): R. D. Fiete; H. H. Barrett; E. B. Cargill; K. J. Myers; W. E. Smith
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Quadratic Tasks And The Ideal Observer
Author(s): R. F. Wagner; H. H. Barrett
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Observer Efficiency And Feature Polarity
Author(s): Philip F. Judy; Richard G. Swensson; Marie Foley Kijewski
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Convolution Squared Error Versus Observer Preference
Author(s): Bill C. Penney; Michael A. King; Ronald B. Schwinger; Peter Stritzke; Paul W. Doherty; Stephen P. Baker
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Application Of The Em Algorithm In Image Reconstruction And Image Processing
Author(s): Chin-Tu Chen; Charles E. Metz
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An Introduction To Sifting Theory
Author(s): Stephen Herman
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Image Algebra: A Unified Approach To Image Processing
Author(s): G. X. Ritter; J. N. Wilson
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Utilization Of Spatial Self-Similarity In Medical Image Processing
Author(s): Walter S. Kuklinski
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An Interactive System For Image Analysis : Sapin
Author(s): M. Lamure; J. J. Milan
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Detection Of Artifacts In Ct Images Using The Consistency Of The Projection Data
Author(s): Hatice Orun-Ozturk; H. Joel Trussell; M. Reha Civanlar
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Digital Mammography: Development Of A Computer-Aided System For Detection Of Microcalcifications
Author(s): Heang-Ping Chan; Kunio Doi; Carl J. Vyborny; Charles E. Metz; Heber MacMahon; Peter M. Jokich; Simranjit Galhotra
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Auto-Ranging And Normalization Versus Histogram Modifications For Automatic Image Processing Of Digital Radiographs
Author(s): Hartwig Blume; Kenji Kamiya
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Computerized Detection Of Lung Nodules In Digital Chest Radiographs
Author(s): Maryellen L. Giger; Kunio Doi; Heber MacMahon
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Building And Using A Data Base To Identify Parameters To Further Improve Diagnostic Performance On The Toshiba Computed Radiography System Model 201
Author(s): George W. Seeley; Hans Roehrig; Brent Mockbee; Tim B. Hunter; Theron Ovitt; H. R. Claypool; John C. Bielland; Anne Scott; Peter Yang; William J. Dallas
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An Expert Image Analysis System For Chromosome Analysis Application
Author(s): Q. Wu; P. Suetens; A. Oosterlinck; H. Van den Berghe
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Determination Of Organ Volume With S.P.E.C.T.
Author(s): Steve Glickman
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Biomedical Image Enhancement By Means Of A Fast Polynomial Transform
Author(s): Jie Ni; Ji-chen Jin
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X-Ray Enhancement In The Presence Of Noise
Author(s): Bahaa W. Fam; Sherry L. Olson
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