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Physics of Amorphous Semiconductor Devices
Editor(s): David Adler

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Volume Number: 0763
Date Published: 21 August 1987

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Density Of States Of Amorphous Semiconductors
Author(s): David Adler
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The Density Of States In Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Author(s): R. A. Street
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Study Of Conduction Band Tail States In A-Si,Ge:H,F Alloys By Electron Time-Of-Flight
Author(s): D. S. Shen; S. Aljishi; J. P. Conde; Z. E. Smith; V. Chu; S. Wagner
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Esr And The Density Of Deep Gap States In A-Si:H
Author(s): P. C. Taylor; C. Lee; W. D. Ohlsen
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Experimental Study Of Sweep-Out In Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Author(s): Le Xu; George Winborne; Marvin Silver; Howard M . Brant; David Adler
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Transient Photocurrent Characterization Of Amorphous Semiconductors
Author(s): E. A. Schiff
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The Distribution Of Deep States In Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Author(s): Eric Snow
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Space Charge Limited Currents (SCLC) In Amorphous Hydrogenated Silicon (A-Si:H)
Author(s): Enakshi Bhattacharya
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Light And Electron Irradiation Effects In Sputtered A-Si:H
Author(s): S. Gangopadhyay; B. Schroder; J. Geiger
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Transient Current Spectroscopy In Polymeric Films
Author(s): E. Muller-Horsche; D. Haarer; H. Scher
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Influence Of Density Of States Distribution And Trapping Rates On The Transient Response In Amorphous Semiconductors
Author(s): G. J. Adriaenssens; G. Seynhaeve; H. Michiel
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A-Si:H Device Characterization Using Transient Response Measurements
Author(s): Rolf Konenkamp
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Effect Of Chemical Doping And Alloying On The Deep Gap Dos In Glassy Chalcogenides From Analysis Of Electrophotographic Potentials
Author(s): M. Abkowitz
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Photoconductivity In Amorphous Polymers: An Old Problem Revisited
Author(s): D. M. Burland; F. C. Bos
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Electronic Transport In Glassy Silicon - Backbone Polymers
Author(s): M. Stolka; M. Abkowitz
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Self-Consistent Modeling Of Amorphous Silicon Devices
Author(s): Michael Hack
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Numerical Modeling Of Thin Film Si:H Solar Cells
Author(s): R. J. Schwartz; G. B. Turner; J. W. Park; J. L. Gray
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Submicron Device Physics For Numerical Simulations
Author(s): Herbert S. Bennett
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A Simplified Analytic Model For Double Injection In Amorphous Silicon Alloys
Author(s): M. Silver; E. Snow; V. Cannella; J. McGill; Z. Yaniv; David Adler
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Applications Of Amorphous Silicon Thin Film Transistors To Linear Arrays
Author(s): Hsing C. Tuan
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Performance Of Tandem And Triple Multijunction Solar Cells
Author(s): Jeffrey Yang
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