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Infrared Systems and Components
Editor(s): Robert L. Caswell

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Volume Number: 0750
Date Published: 10 September 1987

Table of Contents
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Resonant Cavity Electro-Optic Frequency Modulator For Heterodyne Evaluation Of HgCdTe Detectors At 2.0 Ghz
Author(s): Diann L. Gallagher; Steven Prutzer; James F. Shanley; Richard J. Hanby; Boyd McClaskey; Sandra L. Witman; Thomas F. Gallagher
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Miniature High Stability High Temperature Space Rated Blackbody Radiance Source
Author(s): J. A. Jones; A. G. Beswick
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Near-Infrared (IR) Polarizing Glass
Author(s): David N. Gritz
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Current State Of The Art In InSb Infrared Staring Imaging Devices
Author(s): A. Bahraman; C. H. Chen; J. M. Geneczko; M. H. Shelstad; R. N. Ting; J. G. Vodicka
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Cooled Avalanche Photodiodes Used For Photon Detection
Author(s): Deborah L. Robinson; Brian D. Metscher
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Non-Imaging Infrared (IR) Sensors For Spaceborne Surveillance
Author(s): William S. Chan
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The Potential Of Optical Systems For Strategic Defense
Author(s): Roy J. Nichols; Hayden B. Macurda
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Hexagonal Pixels, Arrays, And Sampling
Author(s): Russell M. Mersereau
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Advantages Of Hexagonal Detectors And Variable Focus For Point-Source Location
Author(s): J. Allen Cox
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Parsimonious Sampling For Scanning Mosaic Sensors
Author(s): K. H. Norsworthy; M. W. Rollock
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Root Sum Square Approximation Of Source Aperture Convolved With Decollimation
Author(s): Michael A. Levine
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IRST Signal Processing Concepts
Author(s): Lawrence N. Peckham; Joel S. Davis; Robert C. Allen
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Improved Target Prediction Using An IR Imager
Author(s): D. D. Sworder
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Clutter Rejection In The Presence Of Jitter With Imaging Sensors
Author(s): Herbert E. Rauch; Frank Zele
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Pseudoregistration For Background Clutter Rejection In IR Sensor Systems
Author(s): David L. Hench
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Signal-To-Background Clutter Ratio With Two-Dimensional Spatial Filtering
Author(s): Paul K. Williams; Paul F. Dahlgren
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"Progress In Schottky-Barrier IR Imagers"
Author(s): Walter F. Kosonocky
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Diffractive Optics And Its Applications In IR Systems
Author(s): Wilfrid B. Veldkamp
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Imaging Spectrometers For Terrestrial And Planetary Remote Sensing: A Progress Report
Author(s): John B. Wellman
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Infrared Imaging Sensors For Long-Range Target Recognition
Author(s): D. N. Pocock; C. A. Luke
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Millimeter-Wave Dielectric Properties Of Infrared Window Materials
Author(s): W. W. Ho
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Long Range Infrared Surveillance System (LRIRSS)
Author(s): Gregg W. Garcia
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Automatic Target Recognizer Working Group (ATRWG)
Author(s): Terry L. Jones
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Automatic Target Recognizer Database Requirements
Author(s): David R. Power
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Automatic Target Recognizer Performance Evaluation
Author(s): Lloyd G. Clark; James C. Rachal; Vincent J. Velten
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Automatic Target Recognizer (ATR) System Applications
Author(s): Lynda Ledford Graceffo
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Automatic Target Recognizer Working Group Security Committee
Author(s): Suzanne Schoch
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Artificial Intelligence For ATRs (Automatic Target Recognizers)
Author(s): Michael D. Richard
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ATR System: An Air Force Perspective
Author(s): Henry Lapp
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Automatic Target Recognition - A Navy Perspective -
Author(s): John A. Knecht
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Automatic Target Recognizer (ATR) A Center For Night Vision And Electro Optics Perspective
Author(s): Frank J. Shields
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Automatic Target Recognizer (ATR) System: A Hughes Perspective
Author(s): Donavon D. Pretzer
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ATR Systems: A Northrop Perspective
Author(s): Guner S. Robinson
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Covert Penetration Systems Future Strategic Aircraft Missions Will Require A New Sensor System Approach
Author(s): Peter A. Fleury
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ATRs - A Texas Instruments Perspective
Author(s): Wm. Frank Tatum
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ATR System: A Ford Aerospace Perspective
Author(s): Barbara H. Yin; A. S. Politopoulos
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