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Laser Applications to Chemical Dynamics
Editor(s): Mostafa A. El-Sayed

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Volume Number: 0742
Date Published: 1 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Spectroscopy Of The HCO Radical And Its Relation To The Photodissociation Of Aliphatic Aldehydes.
Author(s): Edward K. C. Lee; Garry Rumbles; Kazuo Kasatani
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Collisional Quenching and Energy Transfer in OH
Author(s): David R. Crosley; Richard A. Copeland
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Structure And Dynamics Of Molecular Clusters Via High Resolution IR Absorption Spectroscopy
Author(s): David J. Nesbitt
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State-To-State Photodissociation Dynamics Using CARS Spectroscopy
Author(s): James J. Valentini
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Picosecond Dynamical Temporal Evolution Of Molecular Ir Absorption Spectra
Author(s): H. S. Kwok; P. Mukherjee
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Sub-Picosecond Raman Spectroscopy Of Semiconductors
Author(s): J. C. Tsang; J. A. Kash
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Multi-Color CARS for Simultaneous Measurements of Multiple Combustion Species
Author(s): Alan C. Eckbreth; Torger J. Anderson
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Effects of Pulse Shaping in Laser Spectroscopy
Author(s): Warren S. Warren
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Ultrafast Nonlinear Laser Spectroscopy: The Role Of Inertia In The Femtosecond Dynamics Of The Optical Kerr Effect In Molecular Liquids
Author(s): Geraldine A. Kenney-Wallace; Dale McMorrow; William T. Lotshaw; Constantinos Kalpouzos; Robert Kitchenham
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Quantum Optics And Nonlinear Interactions In Optical Fibers
Author(s): R. M. Shelby; M. D. Levenson
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Picosecond Transient Grating Experiments: Application to the Study of Gas Phase Dynamics and Spectroscopy
Author(s): Todd S. Rose; William L. Wilson; G. Wackerle; M. D. Fayer
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Picosecond Spectroscopy: The First 20 Years
Author(s): P. M. Rentzepis
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The Hydrated Electron -- Jekyll And Hyde In A Test Tube
Author(s): G. W. Robinson; H. F. Hameka
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Intracavity Laser Spectroscopy: Chemical Vapor Deposition And Supersonic Jet Expansions
Author(s): J. J. O'Brien; N. Goldstein; G. H. Atkinson
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Solvation Dynamics and the Time-Dependent Stoke Shift
Author(s): John D. Simon; Shyh-Gang Su
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Multiphoton Dissociation/Ionization Of Organometallics: The Effect Of Intramolecular Vibrational Relaxation
Author(s): J. Chaiken; J. M. Hossenlopp; B. Samoriski; D. Rooney
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Proton Transfer Dynamics of Matrix Isolated Molecular Complexes
Author(s): D. F. Kelley; G. A. Brucker; D. J. Jang
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Infrared Multiple Photon Dissociation Spectroscopy Of Metal Cluster-Adducts
Author(s): D. M. Cox; A. Kaldor; M. R. Zakin
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Laser Studies of the Reactivity of Small Niobium Clusters with Benzene
Author(s): R. J. St. Pierre; E. L. Chronister; M. A. EI-Sayed
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Laser Photophysics of Mass-Selected Hard Clusters
Author(s): R. E. Smalley
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Internal dynamics of atomic clusters
Author(s): Robert L. Whetten; Mee Y. Hahn; K. E. Schriver
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Adsorption Dynamics Of Imidazole And Imidazolium Ion On Copper And Silver Electrode Surfaces
Author(s): B. H. Loo; Y. G. Lee; A. El-Hage
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