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Phase Conjugation, Beam Combining, and Diagnostics
Editor(s): Ira Abramowitz; Robert A. Fisher

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Volume Number: 0739
Date Published: 22 April 1988

Table of Contents
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Solid-State Laser Power Scaling Using Phase Conjugation
Author(s): David A. Rockwell; David S. Sumida
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Phase Conjugation In Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): Ian McMichael; Monte Khoshnevisan; Pochi Yeh
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Nonlinear Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing In A Birefringent Optical Fiber: Phase Conjugation And Spatial Instabilities
Author(s): S. Trillo; S. Wabnitz; B. Crosignani; P. Di Porto
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Optical Phase Conjugation of Broadband Laser Beam with Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): M. L. Dlabal; J. Reintjes; R. H. Lehmberg
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Theory of Four Wave Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): Chun-Ching Shih
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Four Wave Mixing Characteristics Of Sodium Vapor Under High Reflectivity Conditions
Author(s): J. Brock; J. Fukumoto; F. Patterson; W. Carrion; G. Holleman; L. Marabella
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Reflectivity Scaling In Four Wave Stimulated Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): J. Menders
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Grating Evolution and Form in a Single-Crystal Self-Pumped Barium Titanate Phase Conjugator
Author(s): P. S. Brody; J. R. Goff
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Phase Conjugate Mirror With Gain Based On Brillouin Scattering
Author(s): Mark D. Skeldon; Paul Narum; Robert W. Boyd
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Measurements Of Intensity And Spatial Crosstalk In Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing (DFWM)
Author(s): J. Fukumoto; J. Brock; L. Frantz; P. Fairchild
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Remote Sensors Using Hybrid Phase-Conjugator/Modulators
Author(s): David M. Pepper
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Relationship Between Nonlinear Electrostrictive Kerr Effects And Acousto-Optics
Author(s): Monte Khoshnevisan; Pochi Yeh
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Coherent Combining Of Pulsed Dye Oscillators Using Nonlinear Phase Conjugation
Author(s): Jeffrey O. White; George C. Valley; Ross A. McFarlane
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Ferroelectric Tungsten Bronze BSKNN Crystals For Photorefractive Applications
Author(s): R. R. Neurgaonkar; W. K. Cory; J. R. Oliver
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Light Scattering Fluctuations And Noise In An Artificial Kerr Medium
Author(s): R. McGraw; D. Rogovin
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Phase Conjugate Interferometry
Author(s): W. H. Chen; P. J. Wang; P. C. San; P. Yeh
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Dark Rings From Photorefractive Conical Diffraction In A BaTiO[sub]3[/sub] Crystal
Author(s): Tallis Y. Chang; Pochi Yeh
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Laser Wavefront Compensation System
Author(s): John W. Hardy
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Digital Wavefront Sensor For Astronomical Image Compensation
Author(s): J. G. Allen; A. Jankevics; D. Wormell; L. Schmutz
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Laboratory Wavefront Sensor For Speckle Image Enhancement
Author(s): Steven Krausman; Andy Jankevics; Larry Schmutz
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Xenon Fluoride Laser Beam Combining using Stimulated Raman Scattering Techniques
Author(s): D. W. Trainor; M. J. Smith; C. Duzy; W. Nicholson; C. Appel; T. Roberts; J. Russell; S. Fulghum; D. Korff
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Optical Stark Effect in Stimulated Raman Scattering
Author(s): A. Flusberg
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Numerical Developments of Diffracting Raman Conversions
Author(s): M. R. Lange; G. N. Lawrence
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Broadband and Multiline Raman Beam Combination
Author(s): Shirley J. Pfeifer
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Pump Replication and Related Effects in Raman Beam Cleanup
Author(s): J. Reintjes; R. H. Lehmberg; G. Calame; M. T. Duignan
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"Raman gain suppression, four-wave mixing, and energy transfer"
Author(s): Bradley Bobbs; Charles Warner
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Phase-Shifting, Pulsed-Laser Interferometer
Author(s): Dean M. Shough; Osuk Y. Kwon
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A High-Frame-Rate CCD-Based Diagnostic For Laser Beam Quality
Author(s): Richard H. Burns
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Direct Detection vs Heterodyning In Optical Beam Tracking
Author(s): Thomas S. Wei; Robert M. Gagliardi
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A Laser Scanning Tracking Method
Author(s): Gaoyue Xu; Baoli Hu; Jiangping Wang
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Pyroelectric Laser Beam Diagnostic Systems
Author(s): John D. Gibbs
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