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Optics, Illumination, and Image Sensing for Machine Vision
Editor(s): Donald J. Svetkoff

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Volume Number: 0728
Date Published: 22 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Locating Industrial Parts with Subpixel Accuracies
Author(s): Richard A. Young
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Theoretical And Practical Super-Resolution Performance In Simple Processing Of Local Form, Motion And Stereo Disparity.
Author(s): Ian Overington; Philip Greenway
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A Model of Human Vision for Machines
Author(s): Nigel D. Haig; Ian R. Moorhead
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Cortical Dynamics Of Boundary Completion, Segmentation, And Depth Perception
Author(s): Stephen Grossberg
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Overview of Machine Vision Lighting Techniques
Author(s): Steve Mersch
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Multiple Lines Of Laser Light For Machine Vision Illumination
Author(s): Jack B. Stubbs
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Lighting Design for Industrial Machine Vision
Author(s): Norman Wittels; Stanley H. Zisk
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Color Target Recognition Using Omnidirectional Vision
Author(s): J. J. Roning; Z. L. Cao; E. L. Hall
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Applications Of Structured Lighting For Volume Measurement
Author(s): Manouchehr Goharla ' ee; Maureen Raaberg
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X-Ray System For Electronics Process Verification
Author(s): Robert A. Kuntz
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Fundamentals Of Machine Vision Lighting
Author(s): Amir Novini
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Illumination Methods For Machine Vision
Author(s): Gordon T. Uber
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How an Edge Looks to a Camera
Author(s): Stanley H. Zisk; Norman Wittels
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High-Speed Image Processing Of 1 Mbyte Pictures
Author(s): Gerald Troeller
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A Novel Method For Spatial Measurement Of Holes
Author(s): L. H. Bieman
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Segmented Aperture Lenses for Imaging and Illumination
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Jalkio; Richard C. Kim; Steven K. Case
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Hybrid, High Accuracy Structured Light Profiler
Author(s): Kevin G. Harding; Kenneth Goodson
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High-Speed Space Encoding Projector For 3D Imaging
Author(s): J. Peter Rosenfeld; Constantine J. Tsikos
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A Novel, High Range-to-Resolution Ratio, Optical Sensing Technique for High Speed Surface Geometry Measurements
Author(s): Robert D. Lorenz
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A Low Cost Three-dimensional Vision System Using Space-encoded Spot Projections
Author(s): Keith K. Yeung; Peter D. Lawrence
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Heterodyne Holographic Interferometry For High Resolution 3-D Sensing
Author(s): James W. Wagner
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Adaptation Of A Parallel Architecture Computer To Phase Shifted Moire Interferometry
Author(s): Albert J. Boehnlein; Kevin G. Harding
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3-D Perception With A Single Binary Coded Illumination Pattern
Author(s): P. Vuylsteke; A. Oosterlinck
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A Flexible Industrial System For Automated Three-Dimensional Inspection
Author(s): Marc M. Landman; Scot J. Robertson
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3-D Robotic Positioning Utilizing Holographic Interferometry
Author(s): Alan Mar; Gerardo Beni; John Landry; Evelyn Hu; Susan Hackwood
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Towards a High Resolution, Video Rate, 3D Sensor For Machine Vision
Author(s): Donald J. Svetkoff
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Camera And Projector Motion For Range Mapping
Author(s): Jeffrey Labuz; Eugene S. McVey
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BIRIS: A Simple 3-D Sensor
Author(s): Francois Blais; Marc Rioux
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Triangulation based Range Sensor Design
Author(s): Jeffrey A. Jalkio; Richard C. Kim; Steven K. Case
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Omnidirectional Viewing Using A Fish Eye Lens
Author(s): E. L. Hall; Z. L. Cao
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Performance of Binary Phase-Only Correlation on Machine Vision Imagery
Author(s): P. Keller; D. Flannery; S. Cartwright; J. Loomis
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Optical Filtering for Machine Vision Applications
Author(s): Steven L. Cartwright; Jeffrey G. Kenkel
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Filtering Techniques For Free Channel Infrared Detection In Closed Working Areas
Author(s): Chris J. Georgopoulos
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