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Mobile Robots I
Editor(s): Nelson Marquina; William J. Wolfe

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Volume Number: 0727
Date Published: 25 February 1987

Table of Contents
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Mobility Systems For Robotic Vehicles
Author(s): Wendell Chun
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Power And Propulsion Systems For Mobile Robotic Applications
Author(s): David D. Wright
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A Remote Control System For SURVEYOR
Author(s): Wayne S. Thayer; Jack W. Lewis
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The Evolution Of Odetics Walking Machine Technology
Author(s): Stephen J. Bartholet
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Proportional Drivewheel Power And Steering Electronics For A 3-Wheel Robot
Author(s): Victor W. Bolie
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Mobile Robotic Systems Of The Near Future
Author(s): William J. Wolfe
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Planning In A Hierarchical Nested Autonomous Control System
Author(s): A. Meystel
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Asynchronous Distributed Control System For A Mobile Robot
Author(s): Rodney A. Brooks; Jonathan H. Connell
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Fusing Global Navigation With Computer-Aided Remote Driving Of Robotic Vehicles
Author(s): Jonathan M. Cameron; Brian K. Cooper; Robert A. Salo; Brian H. Wilcox
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Arbitration of Multiple Control Strategies for Mobile Robots
Author(s): Mark B. Kadonoff; Faycal Benayad-Cherif; Austin Franklin; James F. Maddox; Lon Muller; Hans Moravec
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Detection and Control of Mobile Robot Motion by Real-Time Computer Vision
Author(s): H. J. Wunsche
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Obstacle Avoidance On Roadways Using Range Data
Author(s): R. Terry Dunlay; David G. Morgenthaler
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An Obstacle Avoidance Algorithm For An Autonomous Land Vehicle
Author(s): Tsu-Shuan Chang; Ke Qiu; John J. Nitao
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Parallel Navigation Algorithms For An Autonomous Mobile Robot
Author(s): S. Sitharama Iyengar; T. M. Griffin; N. S.V. Rao
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Color Road Segmentation And Video Obstacle Detection
Author(s): Matthew A. Turk; Martin Marra
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Multiple Representations for Mobile Robot Vision
Author(s): S. Barnard; R. Bolles; D. Marimont; A. Pentland
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A Real-Time Road Following Vision System For Autonomous Vehicles
Author(s): Darwin Kuan; Gary Phipps; A-Chuan Hsueh
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A Curvature-based Scheme for Improving Road Vehicle Guidance by Computer Vision
Author(s): E. D. Dickmanns; A. Zapp
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Road. Following By An Autonomous Vehicle Using Range Data
Author(s): Uma Kant Sharma; Larry S. Davis
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Hierarchical Processor And Matched Filters For Range Image Processing
Author(s): Suzanne Liebowitz; David Casasent
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Planning Viewpoints And The Navigation Route Of A Patrol Robot In A Known 2-D Environment
Author(s): Shun-en Xie; Thomas W. Calvert; Binay K. Bhattacharya
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Omnidirectional Vision Navigation Integrating Bancon Recognition With Positioning
Author(s): Z. L. Cao; J. J. Roning; E. L. Hall
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A Programmable Near-Infrared Proximity Detector For Robot Navigation
Author(s): H. R. Everett; A. M. Flynn
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Single Landmark Navigation By Mobile Robots
Author(s): Michael P. Case
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Path Planning For A Vision-Based Autonomous Robot
Author(s): Ronald C. Arkin
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Test Vehicle for Dynamic Machine Vision
Author(s): Juha Roning; Mikko Lindholm; Matti Pietikainen
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Identification of a Mobile Robot Behavior
Author(s): C. Isik; J. Fei; K. Ciliz; K. Usluel
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Vision and Navigation for the CMU Navlab
Author(s): Chuck Thorpe; Takeo Kanade
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A Vision System for Real Time Road and Object Recognition for Vehicle Guidance
Author(s): Klaus-Dieter Kuhnert
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Dynamic Localization Of A Mobile Robot Through Range Measurements
Author(s): L. Marce; M. Julliere
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Optimal Trajectory Control Of A Robotic Vehicle
Author(s): Nejat Olgac; Marcelle Wood
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Terrain Mapping With MMW Radar: An Approach Using Sensor Fusion And Knowledge-Based Heuristics
Author(s): Miao-Li Pai; James C. Bezdek; Robert L. Cannon; William L. Cameron
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Obstacle Avoidance And Navigational Sensing For An Autonomous Underwater Vehicle
Author(s): A. M. Chande; K. M. Noon
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Avoidance System for Moving Obstacles
Author(s): James Gil de Lamadrid
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Computer Security For Mobile Robots: Attacks And Counter Strategies
Author(s): Sharon M. Hogge
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Planetary Rover Mobility Control
Author(s): Brian K. Cooper; Jonathan M. Cameron; Robert A. Salo; Brian H. Wilcox
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USMC Ground Surveillance Robot (GSR): Lessons Learned
Author(s): S. Y. Harmon
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Automatic Operation For A Robot Lawn Mower
Author(s): Y. Y. Huang; Z. L. Cao; S. J. Oh; E. U. Kattan; E. L. Hall
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Motion Synthesis of a Self-Steered Mobile Robot
Author(s): Michael Roseborrough; Keith Phillips
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