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Fiber Optic and Laser Sensors IV
Editor(s): Ramon P. DePaula; Eric Udd

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Volume Number: 0718
Date Published: 28 April 1987

Table of Contents
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Intensity Modulated Fiber Optic Sensors Overview
Author(s): David A Krohn
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Optimizing Fiber Optic Microbend Sensor
Author(s): N Lagakos; J. A Bucaro
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Industrial Uses Of Fiber Optic Sensors
Author(s): W B Spillman Jr.
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Point And Distributed Polarimetric Optical-Fibre Sensors
Author(s): A J Rogers
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Fiber Opt Ic Chemical Sensors For Industrial And Process Control
Author(s): H H Miller; I B Hirschfeld
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Fiber Optic Electric Field Sensor Technology
Author(s): J Jarzynski; R P De Paula
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Fiber Optic Magnetic Sensor Development
Author(s): F Bucholtz; K P Koo; A. D Kersey; A. Dandridge
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Advances In Distributed FODAR (Fiber Optic Detection And Ranging)
Author(s): Stuart A. Kingsley
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Overview Of Multiplexing Techniques For All-Fiber Interferometer Sensor Arrays
Author(s): R. E. Wagoner; T. E. Clark
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Micromachined Resonant Structures
Author(s): B Culshaw; D Uttam; J Nixon; K Thornton; A Wright
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Single Mode Fibers For Sensing Applications
Author(s): M S Maklad; P E Sanders; E Dowd; A Kuczma
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Fiberoptic Sensor Markets A Patent-Based Model For Growth
Author(s): Jon Ziiber
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Measurement Techniques For Magnetic Field Gradient Detection
Author(s): P Akhavan Leilabady; M Corke; K L Sweeney; R L Prater
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Fiber Optic Magnetometers Using Planar And Cylindrical Magnetostrictive Transducers
Author(s): F Bucholtz; A M Yurek; K P Koo; A Dandridge
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An Electric Field Meter And Temperature Measurement Techniques For The Power Industry
Author(s): Alan R Johnston; Harold Kirkham
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Fiber Optic Non-Contact Temperature Probe System
Author(s): D. Varshneya; J W Berthold
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A Novel Fiber Optic Tactile Array Sensor
Author(s): Jeffrey S Schoenwald; Alfred W Thiele; David E Gjellum
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Calibration Of High-Temperature, Fiber-Optic, Microbend, Pressure Transducers
Author(s): J W Berthold; W L Ghering; D Varshneya
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Measurement And Analysis Of A Modified Cladding Optical Fiber With Various Input Illuminations
Author(s): Ady Arie; Moshe Tur; Samuel Goldsmith
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Fiber Optic Single Mode To Multimode Transition Temperature Sensor
Author(s): Roy A Walters
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Sensitive Fiber-Optic Interferornetric Sensor Arrays
Author(s): J L Brooks; B Y Kim; M Tur; H J Shaw
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Self-Referencing Multiplexing Technique For Intensity Modulating Fiber Optic Sensors
Author(s): W B Spillman Jr.; J R. Lord
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Evanescent Field Spectroscopy With Optical Fibers For Chemical Sensing
Author(s): Marek T Wlodarczyk; Deborah J Vickers; Samuel P Kozaitis
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Interferometric Sensors For Dc Measurands -A New Class Of Fiber Sensors
Author(s): A D Kersey; F Bucholtz; K Sinansky; A Dandridge
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Fiber-Optic Seismometer
Author(s): C M Davis; J G Eustace; C J Zarobila; P. W. Rodgers
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Recognition Of Colours And Collision Avoidance In Robotics Using Optical Fiber Sensors
Author(s): Elzbieta Narszalec; Janusz Marszalec; Ryszard Romaniuk
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Distributed Fiber-Optic Hot-Spot Sensors
Author(s): Stuart A Kingsley; Vince D McGinniss
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Progress In Otdr Optical Fiber Sensor Networks
Author(s): F X Desforoes; P. Oraindoroe; L B Jeunhomme; H J Arditty
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Refelection Type Fiber-Optic Sensor
Author(s): Michael P Conley; Clarence J. Zarobila; James B Freal
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High-Sensitivity Photoelastic Pressure Sensor
Author(s): Laurence N Wesson
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The Influence Of Optical And Electronic Feedback On 0.83 µm Gaalas Lasers Pigtailed To Remote Sensors
Author(s): A Yurek; A Dandridge
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Interferometric Sensor Length Limitations Due To Distributed Phase Modulation
Author(s): K H Wanser
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Loss-Compensation Of Intensity-Modulating Fiber-Optic Sensors
Author(s): Glenn Beheim; Donald J Anthan
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Embedded Optical Fiber Strain Sensor For Composite Structure Applications
Author(s): W.Jeffrey Rowe; E O Rausch; P D Dean
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Recent Studies Of Laser Phase Noise In Optical Systems With Time Delays
Author(s): M Tur; A. Arie; E Shafir
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Fiber Optic Immunodetectors: Sensors Or Dosimeters?
Author(s): J D Andrade; J-N Lin; J Herron; M Reichert; J Kopecek
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Photoelastic Measurements Of The Dynamic Deflection Of Electromagnetic Railgun Barrels
Author(s): Gary Prager; Michael Liva; Eric Carlson; Gregory Colombo; Thomas Coradeschi
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