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Optical Fibers in Medicine II
Editor(s): Abraham Katzir

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Volume Number: 0713
Date Published: 1 April 1987

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Quantification Of Tissue Effects Due To A Pulsed Er:Yag Laser At 2.9 Gm With Beam Delivery In A Wet Field Via Zirconium Fluoride Fibers
Author(s): R. F. Bonner; P. D. Smith; M. Leon; L. Esterowitz; M. Storm; K. Levin; D. Tran
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Improved Metallic Tube Infrared Waveguides With Inside Dielectric Coating
Author(s): N. Croitoru; D. Mendlovic; J. Dror; S. Ruschin; E. Goldenberg
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Testing Infrared Fibers For Medical Applications
Author(s): Stephen M. Fry
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Hollow Light Guide Tube For CO2 Laser Beam
Author(s): Uichi Kubo; Yuichi Hashishin
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Algorithm For Calculating A Variable-Magnification Endophotocoagulation Probe
Author(s): Michail M. Pankratov
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Directions Of Applications Of Optical Fiber Technology In Medicine And Health Protection Systems
Author(s): Ryszard S. Romaniuk
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Zirconium Fluoride Fiber Requirements For Mid-Infrared Laser Surgery Applications
Author(s): D. C. Tran; K. H. Levin
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Laser Atrial Septostomy: An Engineering Problem
Author(s): Giora Ben-Shachar; Mark H. Cohen; Thomas A. Riemenschneider; Stanley D. Beder
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Quantitation Of Gas Production In Laser Angiosurgery With An Optically-Shielded Laser Catheter
Author(s): G.Stefan Davis; Corinne Bott-Silverman; Marlene Goormastic; Ross G. Gerrity; John R. Kramer; Carter Kittrell; Michael Feld
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Embolic Potential Of Cardiovascular Laser Irradiation
Author(s): Stephen T. DeJesus; Jeffrey M. Isner; Anthony J. Rongione; Kim R. Halaburka; Richard H. Clarke
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Laser Angioplasty With Contact Sapphire Probe
Author(s): Herbert Geschwind; Dhan Mongkolsmai; John Stern; John D. Blair; Morton J. Kern
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Design Criteria For In-Vivo Laser Angioplasty
Author(s): T. Goldenberg; F. Litvack M.D.; W. Grundfest M.D.; J. Forrester M.D.; J. B. Laudenstager; T. Pacala
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Multifiber Optically-Shielded Catheter For Laser Angiosurgery
Author(s): P. R. Goth; J. R. Kramer; C. Kittrell; B. A. Sacks; M . S. Feld
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Human Laser Angioplasty: Clinical Applications
Author(s): Kenneth V. Robbins M.D.; Timothy C. McGowan M.D.; Ernest J. Ferris M.D.; John E. Reifsteck M.D.; David L. Harshfield M.D.; Max L. Baker
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Electrophysiological Correlates Of Argon Laser Ablation Of Myocardium
Author(s): J. C. Merillat; M. D. Stern; J. H. Levine; H. F. Weisman; J. F. Spear; E. N. Moore; A. A. Kadish; J. Fonger; R. Guzman; T. Guarnieri
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Laser Balloon Angioplasty: Theory And Techniques
Author(s): I.Nigel Sinclair; Arthur G. Kalil Jr.; Donna B. C. Bourgelais; Frederick J. Schoen; J.Richard Spears
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Successful Nd:Yag Laser Photocoagulation Of Arrhythmogenic Myocardium: Potential Limitations Of Current Optical Delivery Systems.
Author(s): Robert H. Svenson; Marie-Claire Marroum; Frank Frank; Jay G. Selle; John J. Gallagher; George Bou-Saba; Kathleen T. Seifert; Kathy Linder; George P. Tatsis
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Endoscopic Carbon Dioxide Laser Photocoagulation Of Bleeding Canine Gastric Ulcers
Author(s): Dov Gal; Nimrod Ron; Uri Orgad; Abraham Katzir
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Model For An Optical Fiber Ph Sensor
Author(s): M. Bacci; F. Baldini; M. Brenci; G. Conforti; R. Falciai; A. G. Mignani; A. M. Scheggi
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Image Transmission In A Fibroscope: Image Quality Criterion
Author(s): M. L. Calvo; M. Chevalier; E. Guibelalde
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Infrared Fiber Radiometer For Thermometry In Therapeutic Microwave And Radio Frequency Heating
Author(s): A. Katzir; F. Bowman; H. Narciso; Y. Asfour; A. Zur
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Fiber Optic Holography With Fringe Stabilization And Tunable Object And Reference Beam Intensities
Author(s): J. D. Muhs; M. Corke; R. L. Prater; K. L. Sweeney
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Glucose /Oxygen Sensor
Author(s): J. W. Parker; M. E. Cox
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Measuring System With Fiber Sensors For The Recording And Fourier-Analysis Of Dermal Microcirculation Oscillations
Author(s): T. Muhl; V. Blazek; H. J. Schmitt; H. Schmid-Schonbein
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Reversible Indicators For Alkali Metal Ion Optical Sensors
Author(s): W. R. Seitz; Z. Zhujun; J. L. Mullin
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Laser Doppler Measurement Of Coronary Blood Flow Velocity
Author(s): Michael D. Stern
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Fiber Optic Microsensor For Continuous In-Vivo Measurement Of Blood Gases
Author(s): J. Tusa; T. Hacker; D. R. Hansmann; T. M. Kaput; T. P. Maxwell
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Preparation Of Small Diameter Sensors For Continuous Clinical Monitoring
Author(s): David R. Walt; Christiane Munkholm; David Jordan; Fred P. Milanovich; Paul F. Daley
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A New Fiberoptic Thermometry System For Use In Medical Hyperthermia
Author(s): K. A. Wickersheim
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In Situ Detection Of Tissular Respiration Arrest By NADH Laser Fluorimetry
Author(s): Guy Renault; Martine Muffat-Joly; Juliette Polianski; Roger Ian Hardy; Remy Nottin; Michel Weiss; Jean-Louis Boutineau; Jean-Paul Binet; Jean-Jacques Pocidalo
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Evaluation Of Optical Properties And Laser Effects On Arterial Tissue Using A Microlens Tipped Optical Fiber
Author(s): Enrico Barbieri; Timothy Roxey; Adib Khoury; George S. Abela
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Selected Readings In Optical Fibers In Medicine
Author(s): Abraham Katzir
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Manufacturers Of Laser And Fiber Optic Equipment For Medical Applications
Author(s): John Kreidl
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