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Laser Research and Development in the Northeast
Editor(s): Evan P. Chicklis; Daniel W. Trainor

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Volume Number: 0709
Date Published: 30 January 1987

Table of Contents
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A Decade Of Excimer Laser Research And Development At Avco Research Laboratory
Author(s): M.J. W. Boness
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Large Scale Discharge -Pumped Excimer Laser Research At NRL
Author(s): B. L. Wexler; L. F. Champagne
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The Application Of Optically Pumped Lasers To Studies Of Short Wavelength Chemical Lasers
Author(s): Steven J. Davis
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Raman Physics - A Tool For High Powered Lasers
Author(s): David Korff; Edward T. Salesky
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Applications Of Raman Beam Cleanup And Phase Conjugation To The Reduction Of Laser Beam Aberrations
Author(s): J. Reintjes; R. H. Lehmberg; G. Calame; M. T. Duignan
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Experiments With Stimulated Raman Scattering For Wavelength Conversion And Beam Quality Control
Author(s): S. F. Fulghum; A. Flusberg; D. W. Trainor; D. Klimek; C. Duzy; H. Hyman; J. Daugherty
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Ultrastable Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Lasers
Author(s): Charles Freed
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Development Of CO2 Laser Amplifiers For Radar Applications
Author(s): M. J. Yoder; D. G. Youmans; J. P. Reilly
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Laser Research Resource Centers At MIT
Author(s): Michael S. Feld; Jeffrey I. Steinfeld; Ramachandra R. Dasari
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Medical Laser Usage
Author(s): I. Itzkan; D.B. C. Bourgelais
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Laser Monitors For Trace Species In Environmental And Industrial Processes
Author(s): C. E. Kolb; J. Wormhoudt; A. Freedman; M. S. Zahniser; D. R. Worsnop; P. Kebabian; S. Anderson
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High Power Laser Research And Development At The Laboratory For Laser Energetics
Author(s): J. M. Soures; R. L. McCrory; K. A. Cerqua; R. S. Craxton; R. Hutchison; S. D. Jacobs; T. Kessler; J. Kelly; G. Mourou; W. Seka
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Linear & Nonlinear Frequency Converters
Author(s): L. Esterowitz; C. Marquardt; I. Schneider; R. Allen
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450 Nm Laser Operation In Tm3:YLF
Author(s): J. McCarthy; J. Baer; M. Knights; E. P. Chicklis; H. P. Jenssen
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Alexandrite Lasers And Their Applications
Author(s): M. L. Shand
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Performance Limitations Of Vibronic Lasers
Author(s): Kenneth L. Schepler
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Laser Ignition Of Oil Spills
Author(s): Michael B. Frish; Peter E. Nebolsine; Mark A. DeFaccio
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Application Of Laser Rangers To Submunitions
Author(s): N. Huffnagle; R. Lubke; J. Hoschette; J. Ellingboe
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Design And Application Of Laser Intensity Stabilizers At CRI
Author(s): Peter J. Miller
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A 535 nm Active Atomic Line Filter Employing The Thallium Metastable State As An Absorbing Medium
Author(s): C. S. Liu; P. J. Chantry; C. L. Chen
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