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1986 Intl Optical Computing Conf
Editor(s): Asher A. Friesem; Emanuel Marom; Joseph Shamir

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Volume Number: 0700
Date Published: 8 January 1987

Table of Contents
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Digital Optics: Progress Towards Practical Applications
Author(s): P. W. Smith
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Invariants In Optical Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Henri H. Arsenault
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Three - Dimensional Object Recognition From Multiple Views
Author(s): Rong-Hwang Wu; Henry Stark
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Scale- And Rotation-Invariant Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Joseph Ben Haim; Joseph Shamir
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Object Recognition By Optical Detection Of Irradiance Moments
Author(s): K. Hess; R. Dandliker
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Phase Retrieval By Monte Carlo Methods
Author(s): M. Nieto-Vesperinas; J. A. Mendez
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Classification Of Multi-Classed Stochastic Images Buried In Additive Noise
Author(s): Zu-Han Gu; Sing H. Lee
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Electro-Optical Processing Of Signal Transforms
Author(s): O. K. Ersoy
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Nonlinear Etalons And Optical Computing
Author(s): H. M. Gibbs; N. Peygharnbarian
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Optical Logic Elements From Four Level Systems Interacting With Two Fields.
Author(s): David Kagan; Harry Friedmann
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Nonlinear Diode Laser Amplifiers For Optical Thresholding And Logic
Author(s): W. F. Sharfin; M. Dagenais
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Noise Effects In Transient Optical Bistability
Author(s): R. Deserno; R. Kumme; F. Mitschke; W. Lange; J. Mlynek
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The Role Of Focusing For A Bistable Fabry-Perot Etalon With A Local Saturable Nonlinearity
Author(s): Ulf Andersson; Olof Sahlen
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Application Of The Nonlinear Eikonal Treatment To The Design Of Optical Bistable Devices.
Author(s): Meir Orenstein; Jacob Katriel; Shammai Speiser
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Dynamic Instabilities In Optical Bistability
Author(s): M. G. Raizen; L. A. Orozco; A. T. Rosenberger; H . J. Kimble
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Speed And Convergence Of Bimodal Optical Computers
Author(s): H. John Caulfield; Mustafa A. G.
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Hybrid Optical-Digital Texture Processing Based On Laws' Energy Measure
Author(s): R. Mercier; P. Chavel; J. C. Saget
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Fourier Optics And Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Abraham Kandel; Gideon Langholz
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Spatial Light Modulators For Optical Information Processing
Author(s): Uzi Efron
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Hybrid Computer-Optical Processing With Inexpensive Liquid Crystal Television
Author(s): Matt Young; Matt Weppner
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Primo: Programmable Real-Time Incoherent Matrix Multiplier For Optical Processing
Author(s): Y. Owechko; E. Marom; B. H. Soffer; J. Grinberg
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Acousto-Electro-Optic Modulation Of Coherent Light In Saw Devices
Author(s): A. V. Scholtz; P. Das; Dan Shklarksy
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Piezoelectric Elastooptic-Space-To-Temporal-Frequency Converter Image Processing
Author(s): G Y Sirat; N Ben-Yosef
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Imaging Through A Scattering Medium With A Passive Phase Conjugate Mirror
Author(s): David Peri
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Image Bearing Photorefractive Oscillators
Author(s): Shmuel Sternklar; Shimon Weiss; Mordechai Segev; Baruch Fischer
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Analog Optical Computing
Author(s): A. Herden; H. Klumb; F. Laeri; T. Tschudi; J. Albers
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Recursive Techniques For Designing Fourier Transform Holographic Lenses
Author(s): Y. Amitai; A. A. Friesem
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Active Stabilization For Real-Time Holographic Recording
Author(s): Jaime Frejlich; Lucila Cescato; Geraldo F. Mendes
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Large Scale Interconnections Using Dynamic Gratings
Author(s): Gilles Pauliat; Gerald Roosen
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Programmable Optical Interconnects
Author(s): E. Marom; N. Konforti
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Digital Incoherent Optical Interconnections
Author(s): Lior Perelmutter; I. Glaser
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Signal Processing Using An Integrated Surface Acoustic Wave (Saw) Acousto-Electro-Optic (Ado) Device
Author(s): D. M. Litynski; P. Das; A. J. Urillo
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Vlsi Fiber Optic Local Area Network
Author(s): Paul R. Prucnal
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Multielement Homogeneous Thin-Film Lens Design
Author(s): Peter J.R. Laybourn; Giancarlo C. Righini
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"Optical Artificial Intelligence Processors"
Author(s): David Casasent
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Binary Code Multi-Level Optical Computing Using Pulsed Sagnac Interferametric Switches
Author(s): G. Eichmann; Y. Li; R. R. Alfano
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Optical Logic Functions Using Nearly Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing In Laser Diodes
Author(s): Bruno Thedrez; Hisao Nakajima; Robert Frey
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Binary Coding Techniques With Emphasis On Pulse Density Modulation
Author(s): R. Hauck
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On The Optical Implementation Of Logical Inferences
Author(s): Jacques Fleuret
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Non-Bayesian Optical Inference Machines
Author(s): Ivan Kadar; George Eichmann
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Optical Realizations Of Neural Network Models
Author(s): Demetri Psaltis
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Robust Signal Recovery And Recognition With Optical Analogs Of Neural Nets And Spurious Memory Discrimination
Author(s): N. H. Farhat
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Frequency Multiplexed Implementation Of A Modified Hoofield Model
Author(s): G. Y. Sirat; A. D. Maruani
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Associative Memory In A Phase Conjugate Resonator Cavity Utilizing A Hologram
Author(s): Y. Owechko; E. Marom; B. H. Soffer; G. Dunning
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Phase Conjugate Mirrors As Thresholding Elements For Optical Associative Memories
Author(s): Mark Cronin-Golomb; Amnon Yariv
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Implementations Of Neural Networks Using Photoactivated Conducting Biological Materials
Author(s): Clark Mobarry; Aaron Lewis
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Digital Processing With Spatially Incoherent Light - Optics And Algorithms
Author(s): I. Glaser
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Optical Parallel Processor For The Hadamard Transformation
Author(s): Jurgen Jahns
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Optical Array Processor: Laboratory Results
Author(s): David Casasent; James Jackson; Gerard Vaerewyck
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Conoscopic Holograms
Author(s): G. Sirat; D. Psaltis; D. Charlot
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Processing & Analyzing The Curvature And Strain Variations By Close - Range Moire Photogrammetry
Author(s): S. Gryc; U. Etrog; J. Politch
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Hybrid Holographic-Digital Processing System For Three-Dimensional Displacement Measurement
Author(s): V. I. Vlad; D. Popa; St. Solomon
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