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Real-Time Signal Processing IX
Editor(s): William J. Miceli

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Volume Number: 0698
Date Published: 23 March 1986

Table of Contents
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A Novel Vlsi System Of Linear Equations Solver For Real-Time Signal Processing
Author(s): Kishan Jainandunsing; Ed F.A. Deprettere
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Systolic Partitioned And Banded Linear Algebraic Computations
Author(s): J. Greg Nash; Siegfried Hansen; K. Wojtek Przytula
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Architecture Of The Systolic Linear Algebra Parallel Processor (SLAPP)
Author(s): J. J. Symanski
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An Efficient Implementation For Real Time Applications Of The Wigner-Ville Distribution
Author(s): Boualem Boashash; Peter Black; Harper J. Whitehouse
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Time And Space Integrating Optical Laboratory Matrix-Vector Array Processor
Author(s): David Casasent; Steven Riedl
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Architectures For A Cordic SVD Processor
Author(s): Joseph R. Cavallaro; Franklin T. Luk
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Hierarchical Contour Coding Simplifies Real Time Pattern Recognition
Author(s): Reiner A. Schmid
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Non-Convex Optimization
Author(s): Harold H. Szu
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VLSI Implementation Of The Fast Fourier Transform
Author(s): Paul M. Chau; Walter H. Ku
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Algotecture: Advanced Modularity In Image Processing For Complex Algorithms
Author(s): Thomas M. Seitzler; David M. Simmons; Stephen Watkins
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Design And Vlsi Implementation Of An On-Line Algorithm
Author(s): Dean M. Tullsen; Milos D. Ercegovac
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A Multilevel Pipelined Processor For The Singular Value Decomposition
Author(s): Jaime H. Moreno; Tomas Lang
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Signal Processing Applications Of 70 Mhz Bit-Serial Hardware
Author(s): Richard W. Linderman
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Isi Deconvolut Ional Technique Used In Restorat Ion Of Image Pixel Interference
Author(s): Satoru C. Tanaka; Masoud Fattahi
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Centroid Tracker Aim Point Estimation In The Presence Of Sensor Noise And Clutter
Author(s): Don R. Van Rheeden; Richard A. Jones
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Measurement Marker Recognition In A Time Sequence Of Infrared Images For Biomedical Applications
Author(s): A. R. Fiorini; R. Fumero; R. Marchesi
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A Practical Real Time Svd Machine With Multi-Level Fault Tolerance
Author(s): David E. Schimmel; Franklin T. Luk
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Enhanced Memory Capacity Of A Hopfield Neural Network
Author(s): M. J. Little; C. S. Bak
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The Interconnectability Of Neuro-Optic Processors
Author(s): T. Jannson; H. M. Stoll; C. Karaguleff
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Pattern Recognition With A Neural Net
Author(s): William Stoner; Terry M. Schilke
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Optical Interconnection Based Symbolic Manipulations
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Digital Optical Linear 3 X 3 Bit Combinatorial Systolic Multiplication Array
Author(s): P. S. Guilfoyle; W. J. Wiley
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Speech Recognition With An Optical Crossbar Interconnected Signal Processor
Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay
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Laser-Generated Beam Array For Commutation Of Spatially Modulated Optical Signals
Author(s): J. Taboada
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The Gate-Controlled Photodiode For Optical Matrix Multiplication Applications
Author(s): C. C. Sun; W. S.C. Chang; H. H. Wieder
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Optical Techniques For Aiding VLSI Testing
Author(s): A. P. Goutzoulis; P. J. Chantry
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DFT-Based Modeling of Acousto-Optic Information Processors
Author(s): Brian Sadler
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A New Approach Of Designing Optical Fiber Signal Processing
Author(s): Jingshown Wu; Ing-Jiunn Su
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"Real-Time Optical Laboratory Linear Algebra Solution Of Partial Differential Equations"
Author(s): David Casasent; James Jackson
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Three-Dimensional Photorefractive Signal Processing In Bismuth Silicon Oxide
Author(s): John M. Pellegrino; John R. Goff
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Three Dimensional Integrated Circuits Using Optical Interconnects
Author(s): Tracy D. McSheery
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Circulating Packet Threshold Logic To Implement Msd Logic Modules
Author(s): David L. Flannery; L. Maugh Vail; Steven C. Gustafson
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A Hybrid Optical System For Linear Transformation Processing
Author(s): F. T.S. Yu; M. F. Cao; T. W. Lu
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