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Multilayer Structures & Laboratory X-Ray Laser Research
Editor(s): Natale M. Ceglio; Pierre Dhez

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Volume Number: 0688
Date Published: 9 April 1987

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X-Ray Laser Research at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
Author(s): O. Willi; D. Bassett; C. Chenais-Popovics; R. Corbett; M. Grande; R. Hawkins; C. Hooker; M. H. Key; G. Kiehn; C. L. S. Lewis; G. J. Pert; S. Ramsden; C. Regan; S. J. Rose; R. A. Smith; T. Tomie
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Experimental Device for X-UV Gain Measurement Using Interferential Mirror, Fast Time Resolved Detection and On-Line Data Processing
Author(s): A. Carillon; G. Jamelot; A. Klisnick; G. Tevanian; P. Jaegle; P. Dhez
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Results on Soft X-Ray Amplification by Lithium-Like Ions in Recombining Plasmas
Author(s): Pierre Jaegle; Gerard Jamelot; Antoine Carillon; Annie Klisnick
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Time and Space Resolved Spectroscopy of X-Ray Laser Experiments from 81
Author(s): Natale M. Ceglio; Hector Medecki
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory X-Ray Laser Research: Recent Results
Author(s): B. J. MacGowan; S. Brown; E. M. Campbell; M. Eckart; P. Hagelstein; C. Keane; R. London; D. Matthews; D. Nilson; T. Phillips; M. Rosen; J. Scofield; G. Shimkaveg; A. Simon; R. Stewart; J. Trebes; D. Whelan; B. Whitten; J. Woodworth
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X-Ray Laser Cavity Experiments
Author(s): N. M. Ceglio; D. P. Gaines; J. Trebes; A. M. Hawryluk; D. G. Stearns; G. L. Howe
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Measurements on a Proposed Short Wavelength Laser System in Xenon III
Author(s): H. C. Kapteyn; M. M. Murnane; R. W. Falcone; G. Kolbe; R. W. Lee
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Progress In Pulsed Power Discharge Driven X-Ray Laser Research
Author(s): M. K. Matzen; R. J. Dukart; B. A. Hammel; D. L. Hanson; W. W. Hsing; T. W. Hussey; E. J. McGuire; M. A. Palmer; R. B. Spielman
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Laboratory X-Ray Lasers: Future Prospects And Goals
Author(s): Dennis L. Matthews
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Characterization Of Multilayer Structures For Soft X-Ray Laser Research
Author(s): M. Kuhne; K. Danzmann; P. Muller; B. Wende; N. M. Ceglio; D. G. Stearns; A. M. Hawryluk
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Soft X-Ray Beamsplitters And Highly Dispersive Multilayer Mirrors For Use As Soft X-Ray Laser Cavity Components
Author(s): Andrew M. Hawryluk; Natale M. Ceglio; Daniel G. Stearns; K. Danzmann; M. Kuhne; P. Muller; B. Wende
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TEM and X-Ray Analysis of Multilayer Mirrors and Beamsplitters
Author(s): D. G. Stearns; N. M. Ceglio; A. M. Hawryluk; M. B. Stearns; A. K. Petford-Long; C -H. Chang; K. Danzmann; M. Kuhne; P. Muller; B. Wende
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Fabrication and Evaluation of Mo-Si Multilayer Mirrors for Soft X-Rays
Author(s): Masaki Yamamoto; Akira Arai; Masayuki Watanabe; Takeshi Namioka
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Multilayer Reflectors for the 200 A Region
Author(s): Felix E. Fernandez; Charles M. Falco
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First Results Obtained On A Magnetron Sputtering Device Designed To Produce High Reflectivity X-UV Mirrors
Author(s): B. Vidal; P. Dhez
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Characterization of Multilayer Structures for Soft X-ray Dispersion
Author(s): J. V. Gilfrich; D. B. Brown; D. Rosen
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Capability Of Kinetic Ellipsometry As An In Situ Control System For Ultra Thin Layers Stacks Growth: Application To The Realization Of Performant Soft X Ray Optics
Author(s): P. Houdy; V. Bodart; L. Nevot; D. Corno; B. Pardo; M. Arbaoui; N. Alehyane; R. Barchewitz; Y. Lepetre; E. Ziegler
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Recent Developments With Metal-Oxide Multilayered U.V. Mirrors
Author(s): Tran Khanh Vien; J. P. Delaboudiniere; Y. Lepetre
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Damage to Multilayer Mirrors in a Hostile Environment
Author(s): R. M. More; K. H. Warren; Z. Zinamon
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Design And Fabrication Of Heat Resistant Multilayers
Author(s): J. M. Thorne; L. V. Knight; B. G. Peterson; R. T. Perkins; K. J. Gray
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Calibrations Of A Multichannel Soft X-Ray Spectrometer
Author(s): Richard L. Blake; Robert G. Hockaday; John S. Grosso; George C. Idzorek; Burton L. Henke; James L. Wood
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Design Of X-Ray Optical Systems To Perform In Pulsed, High Flux X-Ray Environments
Author(s): Don R. Kania
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Silicon Diffraction Gratings For Multilayer Structures
Author(s): D. R. Ciarlo; D. E. Miller
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A Schwarzschild Microscope To Study The Preheat Of Laser Heated Targets
Author(s): R. Benattar; J. Godart; F. Bridoux; J. P. Cheauvineau; J. P. Marioge; P. Dhez
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Study of Multilayered X-UV Polarizers and Consequence of the Use of Partially Polarized Light on Absolute Reflectivity Measurements
Author(s): A. Khandar; P. Dhez; M. Berland
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X-UV Spectral Analysis Using a Double Flat-Multilayer Monochromator
Author(s): R. Marmoret; I. Mosnier-Thoumas; M. Pirocchi; R. Barchewitz; J. Susini; R. Rivoira; R. Philip
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Multilayers for X-Ray Optics: Production by Diode Sputtering and Characterization by Microcleavage Transmission Electron Microscopy
Author(s): E. Ziegler; Y. Lepetre; G. Fenske
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A CCD X-Ray Detector Performance Model
Author(s): M. W. Bautz; G. E. Berman; J. P. Doty; G. R. Ricker
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X-Ray CCD Cameras: I. Design of Low Noise, High Performance Systems
Author(s): J. P. Doty; G. A. Luppino; G. R. Ricker
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X-Ray CCD Cameras II: A Versatile Laboratory System
Author(s): Gerard A. Luppino; Natale M. Ceglio; John P. Doty; George R. Ricker; John V. Vallerga
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