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Laser Processing: Fundamentals, Applications, and Systems Engineering
Editor(s): Walter W. Duley; Robert W. Weeks

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Volume Number: 0668
Date Published: 12 November 1986

Table of Contents
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Fundamentals Of Laser Processing Of Materials
Author(s): G Herziger; E W Kreutz; K Wissenbach
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Beam Absorption Mechanism In Laser Welding
Author(s): Isamu Miyamoto; Hiroshi Maruo; Yoshiaki Arata
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Coupling Coefficients For Laser Radiation On Metals
Author(s): G Kinsman; W W Duley
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Experimental Determination Of The Coupling Coefficient In Laser Surface Hardening Of Steel
Author(s): John R Bradley
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Laser Oscillator/Amplifier Systems
Author(s): S T Shah; W M Steen
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In Process Beam Monitoring
Author(s): W M Steen; V M Weerasinghe
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Flexible Laser Manufacturing Systems
Author(s): Trevor Allan Johnson
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Aerodynamic Interactions During Laser Cutting
Author(s): J Fieret; M J Terry; B A Ward
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Interaction Of CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Nanosecond Pulse Train With The Metallic Targets In Optical Breakdown Regime
Author(s): V V Apollonov; K N Firsov; V I Konov; P I Nikitin; A M Prokhorov; A S Silenok; V R Sorochenko
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Kinetic And Thermodynamic Studies Of Pulsed Laser Irradiation
Author(s): Paul S Peercy; Michael O Thompson
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Solid Phase Transformations During CW Laser Processing
Author(s): G L Olson; J A Roth
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Applications Of Beam-Solid Interactions In Semiconductor Material And Device Processing
Author(s): John C.C Fan
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Epitaxial Growth Of Thin Semiconductor Films By Pulsed Laser Evaporation: Damage And Vaporization Of Cdte, Cd And Insb Targets Induced With Nd:Yag Laser.
Author(s): Jan J Dubowski
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Pulsed Laser Annealing Of Silicon And Metal/Silicon Systems
Author(s): E D'Anna; G Leggieri; A Luches; G Majni; M R Perrone
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Thermal Modeling Of Laser Materials Interaction
Author(s): Robert Webb
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Full Production Laser Processing Of Electrical Steel
Author(s): Gary L Neiheisel
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Laser Cladding Of Chromium-Manganese-Carbon On Low Carbon Steel For Wear Resistance
Author(s): Cheryl R Eiholzer
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Some Aspects Of Microstructure, Defects And Diffusion In Laser Surface Alloying Of Steel.
Author(s): Narendra B Dahotre; F Fink; K Mukherjee
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Characterization Of CW Laser-Gas And Laser-Metal Interactions
Author(s): Todd J Rockstroh; Jyotirmoy Mazumder
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Effect Of Laser Hardening On Microstructure And Wear Resistance In Medium. Carbon/Chromium Steels
Author(s): Jan Kusinski; Gareth Thomas
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CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Processing Of Glass And Single Crystal Fibers
Author(s): M A Saifi; M J Andrejco
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Transient Behaviour Of Optical Coupling Constants Of Materials
Author(s): Jean Pierre; Girardeau Montaut
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Ring Color Tapes By Laser Cutting
Author(s): Bai Jia-Ling
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The Laser Marketplace
Author(s): C Breck Hitz
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Metalworking Lasers In Automobile Fabrication - A View From The UK
Author(s): C J Dawes
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Use Of Lasers In Seam Welding Of Engine Parts For Cars
Author(s): A. Luttke
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Applications Of Laser Processing For Automotive Manufacturing In Japan
Author(s): Masashi Ito; Katsuhiko Ueda; Soya Takagi
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Waste Gas And Particulate Control Measures For Laser Cutters In The Automotive Cloth Industry
Author(s): R D Ball; B F Kulik; R J Stoncel; S L Tan
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Factors That Determine The Specification Of A CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Machining System
Author(s): Steven A Llewellyn
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Production Laser Welding Of Gears
Author(s): David Guastaferri
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High Power CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Beam Diagnostics And Controls
Author(s): Patrick D Austin
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Industrial Applications Of Low-Power CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers
Author(s): John Post Wheeler
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Application Of CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers To High Speed Blanking
Author(s): L E Grenier
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Transverse Radio Frequency Discharge: A Promising Excitation Technique For High Power CO[sub]2[/sub] -Lasers
Author(s): W Schock; A Giesen; Th Hall; W Wittwer; H Hugel
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Robots And Lasers / Robots Versus Lasers; An Introduction
Author(s): Robert Ullrich
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A Five-Axis Robotic Laser And Vision Integrated "On-Line" Welding System
Author(s): M N Uddin; Elvio Berardi; R C DuCharme; D A Salada; J J Speranza
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Multi-Dimensional Laser Processing Systems
Author(s): Phillip Anthony; James H Capazzi; Donald E Powers
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3D Laser Processing : The Renault Rl5
Author(s): Olivier C Rolland; Bernard D Meyer
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A Robot Laser As A Flexible Tool For Cutting Openings In The Car-Body On The Production Line
Author(s): A. Felske; F Lunzmann
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Laser Cutting Of Non-Metallic Composites
Author(s): Mark D Mello
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Laser Processing Centers In Production Environments
Author(s): David B Veverka
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Material Processing Laser Systems For Manufacturing
Author(s): David R Taeusch; John M Ruselowski
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Laser Welding Systems For Hermetic Sealing
Author(s): Charles M Bosnos
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Experimental Study Of Metallurgical Evolutions In Metallic Alloys Induced By Laser Generated High Pressure Shocks
Author(s): R Fabbro; J Fournier; E Fabre; E Leberichel; Th Hannau; C Corbet
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High Reliability Industrial CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser Marking System
Author(s): Brian Norris
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A Programmable Solid State Laser Marking System
Author(s): M W Hillier; D I Greenwood; J J Harris
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The Development Of Industrial Excimer Lasers
Author(s): Jeffrey I Levatter
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Industrial Applications Of Excimer Lasers
Author(s): Thomas Znotins
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Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's Atomic Vapor Laser Isotope Separation Program Laser Technology And Demonstration Facilities*
Author(s): Edward I Moses
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