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Optical Chaos
Editor(s): Neal Broadus Abraham; Jacek Chrostowski

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Volume Number: 0667
Date Published: 14 October 1986

Table of Contents
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Definitions Of Chaos And Measuring Its Characteristics
Author(s): N B Abraham; A M Albano; B Das; T Mello; M.F. H Tarroja; N Tufillaro; R S Gioggia
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Instability Modelling Of Gas Lasers
Author(s): Lee W Casperson
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Line And Mode Competition And Lorenz Chaos In Optically-Pumped Lasers
Author(s): M A Dupertuis; M R Siegrist; R.R. E Salomaa
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Instabilities And Chaotic Emission Of Far-Infrared NH3-Lasers
Author(s): C O Weiss
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Spontaneous Mode Splitting And Frequency Shifting Due To Coherent Effects In Optically Pumped Molecular Lasers
Author(s): R G Harrison; S C Mehendale
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Instabilities In Laser Systems At Low Pumping Levels
Author(s): J R Tredicce; H Sadiky; L M Narducci; D K Bandy
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Spontaneous Oscillations In A Single Mode Co2 Laser In A Fabry-Perot Cavity
Author(s): G L Lippi; N B Abraham; J R Tredicce; L M Narducci; G P Puccioni; F T Arecchi
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Multimode Instabilities In Cw Dye Lasers
Author(s): C R Stroud Jr.; Karl Koch; Stephen Chakmakjian; Lloyd W Hillman
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Bimodal Switching Behaviour In Laser Diodes
Author(s): K A Shore; T Rozzi
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Recent Developments In Optical Bistability
Author(s): Charles M Bowden
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Optical Bistability And Polarization Switching Utilizing Two-Level Atoms With Lower-Level Degeneracy
Author(s): W J Sandle; C Parigger; R J Ballagh
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Transmission Properties Of A Sodium-Filled Fabry-Perot
Author(s): G Giusfredi; S Cecchi; E Petriella; P Salieri; F T Arecchi
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Periodic Waveforms In A Chaotic Bistable Device
Author(s): Real Vallee; Claude Delisle
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Instabilities In Semiconductors
Author(s): Hartmut Haug
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Control Of Bistable Semiconductor Lasers
Author(s): Takeshi Kamiya; Hai-Feng Liu
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Bistability, Hysteresis, And Transitions To Chaos In A Model Of Coherent, Unimolecular Excitation
Author(s): John C Englund; Charles M Bowden; Frederic A Hopf
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Optical Bistability And Nonlinear Dynamics In CdS And Related Materials
Author(s): M Wegener; C Dornfeld; M Lambsdorff; F Fidorra; C Klingshirn
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Instabilities In Twin-Stripe Laser Diodes
Author(s): K A Shore
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Nonlinear Guided Wave Structures Using Semiconductor Doped Glasses
Author(s): Hubert Jerominek; Sergiusz Patela; Claude Delisle; Real Tremblay
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Asymmetrical Coupling, Locking And Chaos In A Compound Cavity Semiconductor Laser
Author(s): Kenju Otsuka; Takaaki Mukai
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A New Classification For Optical Instabilities
Author(s): L A Lugiato; M L Asquini; L M Narducci
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Bistability In Quantum Optics: Chaos And Noise Effects
Author(s): F Tito Arecchi
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Pump Noise In Dye Lasers: Steady State Properties And Transient Statistics
Author(s): M San Miguel
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Instabilities In Laser Diodes By Optical Feedback, Modulation And Mode-Hopping
Author(s): Yasuaki Teramachi; Tetsuya Miyazaki; Moto-ichi Ohtsu
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Instabilities In Four-Wave Mixing
Author(s): Robert W Boyd; Alexander L Gaeta; Daniel J Gauthier; Michelle S Malcuit; Paul Narum
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Study Of Instabilities By Intracavity Nearly-Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing
Author(s): Robert Frey; Hisao Nakajima; Nitin C Kothari
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Polarization Bistability And Instability In Degenerate Four-Wave Mixing
Author(s): Kenju Otsuka; Junji Yumoto
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Noisy Delay-Differential Equations In Optical Bistability
Author(s): Raymond Kapral; Edward Celarier; Paul Mandel; P Nardone
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Dichroic And Photodichroic Properties Of A-Cyclodextrine-Iodine Inclusion Compounds And Their Applications
Author(s): Pierre Paul Landry; P Langlois; C Delisle
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Single-Mode Optical Fibre Ring Resonator With Nonlinear Coupling
Author(s): R Hoffe; J Chrostowski
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Nonlinear Polarization Dynamics Of Counterpropagating Beams
Author(s): M V Tratnik; J E Sipe
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Picosecond Pulse Reshaping Using A Nonlinear Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Author(s): F Ouellette; M Piche
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Chaos And Cooperation In Nonlinear Pictorial Feedback Systems
Author(s): M Fang; G Hausler; T Weiss
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Laser Spot Size Dependence, Nonlocality And Saturation Effects In Transverse Optical Bistability
Author(s): I C Khoo; T H Liu; P Y Yan; J Y Hou
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Intrinsic Optical Bistability In Systems Of Spacially Distributed Two-Level Atoms: Conditions Of Stability And Instability
Author(s): Yacob Ben-Aryeh; Charles M Bowden; John C Engl and
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Infrared CO2 Laser With Intracavity Absorber: Static And Dynamic Nonlinear Behaviour
Author(s): E Arimondo; C Gabbanini; E Menchi; B Zambon
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Chaotic Phenomena In A CO2 Laser With Internal Modulation
Author(s): Didier Dangoisse; Pierre Glorieux; Daniel Hennequin
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High Frequency Modulation Of A Low Power Cw CO2 Laser Using A Semiconductor Laser
Author(s): Jan Bastiaensens
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General Adiabatic Elimination Procedure For Lasers With Slow Relaxation Of Population Inversion
Author(s): Gian-Luca Oppo; Antonio Politi
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