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Optical Techniques for Industrial Inspection
Editor(s): Paolo G. Cielo

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Volume Number: 0665
Date Published: 23 October 1986

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Optical Inspection In Industry
Author(s): Lionel R Baker
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Optical Roughness Measurements Of Industrial Surfaces
Author(s): David Gilsinn; Theodore Vorburger; Lin-Xiang Cao; Charles Giauque; Fredric Scire; E.Clayton Teague
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Hot Slab Surface Inspection By Laser Scanning Method
Author(s): Toshiro Matsubara; Toshio Toyota; Akihiro Fujiyama
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On-Line Glossmeter For Stainless Steel Sheets
Author(s): Yoshiaki Shibata; Yuichiro Asano; Kunio Kurita; Motoji Shiozumi
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Optical Techniques For The Surface Evaluation Of Bright Aluminum Sheet
Author(s): M. Fairlie; J G Akkerman; R S Timsit
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On-Line Color Measurement System For Steel Sheets
Author(s): Akira Torao; Kunio Kurita; Hajime Kitagawa; Kenichiro Nakamura; Masakazu Fujita
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Surface Inspection Based On Stochastic Modelling
Author(s): Stephane F Attali; Fernand S Cohen
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Non-Contact Surface Flaw Detection By Fiber Optic Reflection Sensors
Author(s): P Wagli; R Huber; E Morger
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Optical Systems For Dimensional Control In Hostile Environments
Author(s): R Pirlet; J Boelens; J Salmon; P Balthasart; J Luckers
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Semiconductor Processing Technique Based On Faraday Rotation Measurement Using A CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser
Author(s): Syed Razi; George A Tanton
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Thermographic Sensing For On-Line Industrial Control
Author(s): Dag Holmsten
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Automatic Detection Of Hot Slab Subsurface Inclusion
Author(s): Toshihiko Sakai; Kenichi Matsui; Kiyotaka Inada; Ichiro Ohgaki; Toshiaki Suzuki; Asayoshi Koyama
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Two New Methods For Non-Contact Temperature Measurement
Author(s): Gordon T Dyos; Stephen A Smith
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Infrared Absorption Gauging - The Future
Author(s): R F Edgar; P H Hindle
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Removing Interference Fringes To Improve Accuracy Of Film Thickness Spectroscopic Measurements
Author(s): Piotr W Kiedron
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Automatic, Transparent, Thin-Film-Thickness Inspection System For Complex-Shapes
Author(s): Harry S Corey
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An Intelligent Vision Controller For Circuits Card Lead Inspection
Author(s): Pascal Gahinet; Emmanuel Mazer; Marc Peltier
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Noncontacting Optical Measurement And Inspection Systems
Author(s): Jeffrey A Asher; Robert L Jackson
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Optical Sensing Techniques For 3-D Machine Vision
Author(s): Maurice Halioua; Hsin-Chu Liu
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Automatic Inspection Of Quasi-Cylindrical Objects By Phase Measuring Moire Topography
Author(s): G T Reid; R C Rixon
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Recent Results Of The Performance Analysis Of A 3-D Sensor Based On Time-Of-Flight Measurements
Author(s): T Heikkinen; R Ahola; M Manninen; R Myllyla
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Calibration And Interpretation Problems For Range Pictures In A Wide-Field Scanning Triangulation Range Finder For Machine Vision
Author(s): S Monchaud; E Legruyer; R Prat; F Noureddine; J Shi
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Triangulation With Large Dynamical Range
Author(s): W Dremel; G Hausler; M Maul
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Development Of A Large Field Of View 3-D Vision System
Author(s): F R Livingstone; M Rioux
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Laser Sensor For Adaptive Welding
Author(s): Bretislav Beranek; Jean-Paul Boillot; F P Ferrie
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Tridimensional Form Acquisition Apparatus
Author(s): X Maldague; D Poussart; D Laurendeau; R April
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Unsupervised Model Building Of 3D Objects Using Range Information
Author(s): Denis Laurendeau; Denis Poussart
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Recognition For 3-D Surface Shape Using Multiple Distance Features
Author(s): Zuo-Chen Chi
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Detection Of Contaminants In Steel Tubing Using Infrared Reflection Spectroscopy
Author(s): David K Ottesen
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Raman Spectroscopy Applied To Polymer Analysis: Low Frequency Spectra Of Polyester Fibers
Author(s): Bernard J Bulkin; Frank DeBlase; Menachem Lewin
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Detection Of Mould Release Agent Contamination On The Surface Of Epoxy-Based Composites By Diffuse Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
Author(s): K C Cole; C Lehto; M Yuhasz
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Applications Of The FT-IR Microsampling Techniques To Some Polymer Systems
Author(s): K Krishnan
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Laser Excited Fluorescence Studies Of Black Liquor
Author(s): J J Horvath; H G Semerjian
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An Optical Approach To The Measurement Of The Lignin Content Of Kraft Pulps Part A: Using Ultraviolet Measurements
Author(s): R G Bentley
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Optical Approach To The Measurement Of Delignification In Kraft Pulping: Part B: Using Infrared Spectroscopy.
Author(s): E Adam; N Sugden
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Visible (VIS) Near Infra Red (NIR) Rapid Spectrometer For Laboratory And On Line Analysis Of Chemical And Physical Properties
Author(s): Isaac Landa
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Industrial Color Inspection
Author(s): C S McCamy
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A Remote Sensing Technique For Combustion Gas Temperature Measurement In Black Liquor Recovery Boilers
Author(s): S R Charagundla; H G Semerjian
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Diagnostics From Imaging Inside Gas Turbine Combustors
Author(s): W W Morey; L C Angello
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On Line Sensing Of Weld Penetration Using Infrared Thermography
Author(s): Yuwen Wang; B A Chin
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Environmental-Noise Analysis In Active-Vision Systems For Adaptive Welding
Author(s): M Dufour; X Maldague; P Cielo
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Pinhole Camera For Viewing Electron Beam Materials Processing
Author(s): M C Rushford; P J Kuzmenko
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Optical Alignment System For Snowmobile Motor And Driving Pulleys
Author(s): Germain Lamonde; Robert Tremblay
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Laser Mike Optical Micrometers: In Theory And In Use
Author(s): John Godshall; Harry Petrohilos
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Analysis Of Filler Concentration And Orientation In Reinforced Polymers By Far-IR Techniques
Author(s): R Boulay; P Dube; P A Belanger; T Vu-Khanh; P Cielo
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Acousto-Optical Evaluation Of Fiber Size In Wood Pulp
Author(s): J L Dion; J J Garceau; J C Morissette
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Fiber Length Measurement In Pulp And Paper Industry
Author(s): Raili A Piirainen
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