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High Intensity Laser Processes
Editor(s): John A. Alcock

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Volume Number: 0664
Date Published: 21 October 1986

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Laser Acceleration Of Particles
Author(s): Thomas C Katsouleas
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Progress On Laser Plasma Accelerators
Author(s): Pisin Chen
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Laser Wiggler Beat Wave In A Plasma
Author(s): J L Bobin
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Physics Of Plasma Waves Set Up In Various Types Of Axially Fed Laser Electron Accelerators
Author(s): F Brunel
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Tunable Two Frequency Free Electron Laser Using A Pelletron As A Driver For A Plasma Beatwave Accelerator
Author(s): D J Larson; J B. Rosenzweig; D B. Cline; F E. Mills
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Laser Power Sources And Laser Technology For Accelerators
Author(s): Dennis Lowenthal
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High-Power 35 GHz Testing Of A Free-Electron Laser And Two-Beam Accelerator Structures*
Author(s): D. B Hopkins; R W Kuenning; F B Selph; A M Sessler; J C Clark; W M Fawley; T J Orzechowsk; A C. Paul; D Prosnitz; E T Scharlemann
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Photoelectrons From Picosecond Laser Pulses On Mg
Author(s): N K Sherman; P B Corkum; T Srinivasan-Rao
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Simulation Studies Of Gas Collision Effects In Inverse Cherenkov Accelerators
Author(s): Jorge R Fontana; Gamini S Atukorala
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Laser Electron Acceleration By Net Inverse Bremsstrahlung
Author(s): Sang-Hoon Kim; K Wendell Chen
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Collective Processes At Nonlinear Atom Ionization
Author(s): N B Delone
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Energy Spectrum Of Electrons Produced In Multiphoton Ionization Of Rare Gases
Author(s): G Mainfray; J Kupersztych; L- A Lompre; C Manus
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Excitation Of Two-Photon Intermediate Resonances With The Triplet States At Three-Photon Barium And Strontium Atom Ionization
Author(s): I I Bondar; N B Delone; F A Il'kov; V V Suran
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Multiple Ionization Of Strontium By Visible Picosecond Laser Light: An Electron Spectroscopy Study
Author(s): Guillaume Petite; Pierre Agostini
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"Unusual" 3-Photon Ionization Of Mg Atom Using A XeCl Excimer Laser
Author(s): S L Chin; K X He; W Xiong; F Yergeau
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Scaling Of Classically Stochastic Many-Photon Absorption Processes From The Microwave Region To Higher Frequencies
Author(s): James E Bayfield
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Interaction Of Free Electrons With Laser Photons
Author(s): B Wallbank; J K Holmes; A Weingartshofer
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Tunnel Ionization Of Complex Atoms And Atomic Ions In Electromagnetic Field
Author(s): Maxim V Ammosov; Nikolai B Delone; Vladimir P Krainov
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Generation And Use Of Spontaneous X-Ray Emission From Laser-Heated Plasmas
Author(s): D J Nagel
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Efficient Generation Of X-Ray Radiation In Laser-Produced Plasmas
Author(s): Y Kato; T Mochizuki; T Yabe; C Yamanaka
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Recent Applications Of Laser-Produced Plasma X-Ray Sources
Author(s): Robert W Eason; David K Bradley; John D Hares; Andrew J Rankin; S Djalil Tabatabaei; James G Lunney; Ping C Cheng; Ralph Feder; Alan G. Michette; Roy J Rosser
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Absorption Spectroscopy In The Extreme Ultraviolet Of Light Ions
Author(s): E Jannitti; P Nicolosi; G Tondello
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Study And Application Of Laser Created X-Ray Sources
Author(s): H. Pepin; P Alaterre; M Chaker; P Lavigne; F Martin; R Fabbro; B Faral; D Nagel; M Peckerar
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The Sandia Laser Plasma Extreme Ultraviolet And Soft X-Ray (XUV) Light Source
Author(s): Tim P Tooman
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A Picosecond High Power KrF Laser System
Author(s): Shuntaro Watanabe; Akira Endoh; Masayoshy Watanabe
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High Power Subpicosecond KrF* Laser System
Author(s): I A McIntyre; A P Schwarzenbach; T S Luk; A McPherson; K Boyer; C K Rhodes
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Subpicosecond High-Brightness UV Laser System
Author(s): R B Gibson
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High Energy Picosecond 10 µm Pulses
Author(s): P B Corkum; C Rolland
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Effect Of Molecular Rotations On High Intensity Absorption In CO2
Author(s): Andre D Bandrauk; Lorraine Claveau
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Subpicosecond Studies Of Collision-Free Multiple Photon Processes In The Ultraviolet
Author(s): T S Luk; U Johann; H Jara; I A McIntyre; A McPherson; A P Schwarzenbach; K Boyer; C K Rhodes
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Ionization Of Rare Gas Atoms By A CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser: Extreme Order Of Nonlinearity
Author(s): F Yergeau; S L Chin; P Lavigne
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Multiphoton Ionization Of Krypton And Xenon: An Investigation Of The Autoionizing Region Between The P1/2 And P3/2 Thresholds
Author(s): J A.D Stockdale; T. Efthimiopoulos; C Fotakis; P R Blazewicz
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Influence Of DC Electric Field On Multiphoton Ionization Of Magnesium Atoms
Author(s): D T Alimov; A N Bel'kovsky; F A Il'kov; P K Khabibullaev; V K Medvedeva; M A Tursunov
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Magnetic Drift Separator For Study Of Electron-Positron Pair Production In Laser Produced Plasma
Author(s): V V Apollonov; V N Belvaev; Yu L Kalachev; S I Moshkunov; A M Prokhorov; A G Suzdaltsev; V I Temnikov
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Progress In X-Ray Laser Experiments
Author(s): Gerard Jamelot
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Expansion Cooled Recombination Lasers In The XUV
Author(s): G J Pert; O Willi; G Kiehn; R Smith; R Corbett; C L . S Lewis; C Regan; C Chenais-Popovics; C Hooker; M H Key
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Soft X-Ray Amplification By Li-Like Ions In Recombining Plasmas
Author(s): Gerard Jamelot; Annie Klisnick; Antoine Carillon; Pierre Jaegle; Helene Guennou; Alain Sureau
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Imploding Cylindrical Plasmas As X-Ray Laser Media
Author(s): M C Richardson; B Yaakobi; R Epstein; J S Wark; J M Soures
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Progress And Prospects For Soft X-Ray Lasing Driven By High Power Optical Lasers
Author(s): M D Rosen; D L Matthews; P L Hagelstein
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Techniques And Initial Results From An X-Ray Laser Experiment Using Laser-Vaporized Copper Foil Plasmas
Author(s): W A Molander; T N Lee; J L Ford; R C Elton
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Lasing On Inert-Gas Mixtures With Optical Break-Down Pumping
Author(s): V V Apollonov; S I Derzhavin; A M Prokhorov; A A Sirotkin
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Theory Of Quasi-Channeling For Electrons And Positrons And Quasi-Channeling Radiation, In Systems Of Macroscopic Extent.
Author(s): Henry Makowitz
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