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Earth Remote Sensing Using the Landsat Thermatic Mapper and SPOT Sensor Systems
Editor(s): Philip N. Slater

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Volume Number: 0660
Date Published: 25 November 1986

Table of Contents
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Absolute Radiometric Calibration Of The Thematic Mapper
Author(s): P N Slater; S F Biggar; R G Holm; R D Jackson; Y Mao; M S Moran; J M Palmer; B Yuan
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Scene To Scene Radiometric Normalization Of The Reflected Bands Of The Landsat Thematic Mapper
Author(s): William J Volchok; John R Schott
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Geometric Quality Of Thematic Mapper Data Of The United Kingdom
Author(s): John R Hardy
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Within-Scene Radiometric Correction Of LANDSAT Thematic Mapper (TM) Data In Canadian Production Systems
Author(s): Jennifer M Murphy
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ESA-Earthnet Experience In High Resolution Sensor Performance
Author(s): L Fusco; P N Blonda
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A Contribution To The Optimum Selection Of Ground Control Points In High Resolution Images
Author(s): U Frei; L Fusco
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TM Sensor Performance As Obtained From EARTHNET Quality Control Data Base
Author(s): G.Mark Doherty; E Oriol-Pibernat
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Absolute Calibration Of The SPOT-1 HRV Cameras
Author(s): G Begni; M C Dinguirard; R D Jackson; P N Slater
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SPOT Radiometric Resolution Performance Evaluation: Preliminary Results
Author(s): G Begni; M Leroy; M Dinguirard
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Spot Localization Accuracy And Geometric Image Quality
Author(s): B Boissin; JP Gardelle
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SPOT MTF Performance Evaluation
Author(s): D Leger; M Leroy; J Perbos
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Improving Spot Images Size And Multispectral Resolution
Author(s): D Pradines
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Photogrammetry From Spot With Matra Traster Analytical Plotter
Author(s): Christian Vigneron; Jean-Lucien Seligmann
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Evaluation Of Landsat Thematic Mapper: Imagery For Geological Exploration
Author(s): John R Everett
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Lithologic Discrimination Using Geobotanical And Landsat TM Spectral Data
Author(s): Richard W Birnie; Nancy J Defeo; Curtis V Price
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Spectral Discrimination Of Geobotanical Anomalies Using Landsat Thematic Mapper Data
Author(s): C Banninger
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The Automatic Generation Of Digital Terrain Models From Satellite Images By Stereo
Author(s): Paul R Cooper; Daniel E Friedmann; Scott A Wood
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Shallow Water Bathymetry And Bottom Classification By Means Of The Landsat And SPOT Optical Scanners
Author(s): D Spitzer; R.W . J Dirks
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Significance Of TM Data As A Tool To Support Regional Planning Activities
Author(s): R Haydn; P Volk; J. Braedt
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Use Of Principles Of Color Vision In The Processing Of Remote Sensing Imagery
Author(s): M J Lefevre; H Cruchant
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Discrimination Of Natural And Cultivated Vegetation Using Thematic Mapper Spectral Data
Author(s): Stephen D DeGloria; Ralph Bernstein; Silvano DiZenzo
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Comparative Analysis Of Different Sensor Data (LANDSAT-TM And MOMS) For Earth Observation And Impact On Future Sensor Development
Author(s): J Bodechtel; V V Salomonson; J Zilger
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Different Scanning Instruments Comparison: MOMS And TM
Author(s): L Fusco; A Hsu
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The Land Satellite (Landsat) System Earth Observation Satellite Company (EOSAT's) Plans For Landsat-6 And Beyond
Author(s): Jack Engel
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