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Materials Technologies for Infrared Detectors
Editor(s): Jean Besson

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Volume Number: 0659
Date Published: 22 November 1986

Table of Contents
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Infrared Detector Materials Research - A Viewpoint
Author(s): James D Murphy
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Cadmium Mercury Telluride - A UK Perspective
Author(s): Anthony W Vere
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Alloying Effects On Hg1-xCdxTe Electronic Structure
Author(s): F Raymond
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II-VI Semiconductor Superlattices : New Infrared Materials
Author(s): J M Berroir; Y Guldner
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Generalized Theory Of Electroreflectance With Applications To Materials Characterization
Author(s): J W Garland; P M Raccah
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Characterization of p-type Hg1_xCdxTe by infrared reflectance
Author(s): J Baars; V Hurm; T Jakobus; H. Seelewind; J Ziegler
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Cathodic Electrochemical Modifications Of Cadmium Telluride Surfaces Formation Of Thin Cadmium Layers
Author(s): D Lincot; J Vedel
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Electrical Characterisation Of Epitaxial Mercury Cadmium Telluride (CMT)
Author(s): V Vincent; C Wilson; J M Lansdowne
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Electrochemical And Electrooptical Investigation Of Cadmium Mercury Telluride And Zinc Mercury Telluride
Author(s): C Nguyen Van Huong; R Triboulet; P Lemasson
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IR Material Characterization
Author(s): J C Thuillier
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Experimental Evidence And Characterization Of Resonant Impurity Levels By Magneto-Transport Experiments Under Hydrostatic Pressure In HgCdTe.
Author(s): J L Robert; A Raymond; C Bousquet; L Ghenim
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Damage and rapid thermal annealing of In implanted Hg[sub]0.3[/sub][sup]Cd[/sup]0.7[sup]Te[/sup]
Author(s): C Uzan; R Kalish; V Richter; T Nguyen Duy
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Electrical And Physical Properties Of High Quality Liquid Phase Epitaxy Of Hg[sub]0.78[/sub][sup]Cd[/sup][sub]0.22[/sub][sup]Te[/sup] On CdZnTe
Author(s): D Amingual; G L Destefanis; S Guillot; J L Ouvrier-Buffet; S Paltrier; D Zenatti
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Quantitative Study Of The 0 Giant Oscillation In Hg0.8 Cd0.12 Te Near The SM-SC Transition Under Hydrostatic Pressure
Author(s): C Fau; M Averous
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High-Magnetic Field Characterisation Of (Hg,Cd)Te Detectors
Author(s): J Singleton; F Nasir; R J Nicholas
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Growth of Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Cd[sub]x[/sub]Te-epitaxial Layers By A Multi-Slice LPE Apparatus
Author(s): C Geibel; H Maier; J Ziegler
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Growth Of Cadmium Mercury Telluride (CMT) By Mercury-Rich Liquid Phase Epitaxy (LPE)
Author(s): J A Berry; S P. S. Sangha; M J Hyliands
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The Effect Of Annealing Cadmium Telluride In Cadmium Or Mercury Vapours
Author(s): C K Ard; C L Jones; A Clark
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THM single crystal CMT material
Author(s): A Durand; J L Dessus; T Nguyen Duy; J F Barbot
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Growth of Hg[sub]1-x[/sub]Cd[sub]x[/sub]Te from Te Solvent By The Travelling Heater Methode
Author(s): J Schmitz; H Walcher; J Baars
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Low Temperature Epitaxial Growth of II-VI Semiconductors
Author(s): A. M Glass; R D Feldman; D W Kisker; P M Bridenbaugh; P M Mankiewich
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First (Hg,Zn)Te Infrared Detectors
Author(s): R Triboulet; T Le Floch; J Saulnier
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MBE Growth Of CdTe And ZnCdTe On GaAs Substrates
Author(s): C J Summers; A Torabi; B K Wagner; J D Benson; S R Stock; P C Huang
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Epitaxial Growth Of CVD CdZnTe As Substrate For HgCdTe Detectors
Author(s): Jitendra S Goela; Raymond L Taylor
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Thermal Imaging Using Indium Doped Silicon
Author(s): J von der Ohe; J Siebeneck; U Suckow
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Barrier Height of Thin-Film (25-200A) PtSi-Si Schottky Diodes
Author(s): W Cabanski; M Schulz
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A Monolithic 2-Dimensional Focal Plane Array with Charge Coupled-Device Read Out
Author(s): P Nothaft; R Oelmaier; G Kohlbacher
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Pyroelectric PVDF Controlled By Poling Improved Conditions
Author(s): A Bunuel; D Esteve; J Farre; V V Pham; J J Simonne
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Extrinsic Germanium Photoconductor Material: Crystal Growth and Characterization
Author(s): Nancy M Haegel; Eugene E Haller
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Pb[sub]1-x[/sub]Eu[sub]x[/sub]Se For IR Device Applications
Author(s): P Norton; K H Bachem; M Tacke
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