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Optical Materials Technology for Energy Efficiency and Solar Energy Conversion V
Editor(s): Claes-Goeran Granqvist; Carl M. Lampert; John J. Mason; Volker Wittwer

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Volume Number: 0653
Date Published: 24 September 1986

Table of Contents
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Electrochromic Devices For Transmissive And Reflective Light Control
Author(s): Tadatoshi Kamimori; Junichi Nagai; Mamoru Mizuhashi
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Electrochromism Of Nickel-Based Sputtered Coatings
Author(s): J.S. E. M. Svensson; C G Granqvist
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Spectroscopic And Electrochemical Studies Of Electrochromic Hydrated Nickel Oxide Films
Author(s): P C Yu; G Nazri; C M Lampert
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Deposition Of Large Area Coatings For Energy Efficient Systems
Author(s): C A Bishop; R P Howson; R W Lewin
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High Contrast Electrochromic Tungsten Oxide Layers
Author(s): P Schlotter
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Study Of Properties Of WO3 Polycrystalline Thin Films Prepared By CVD : Presence Of Electrochromism Effect
Author(s): A Donnadieu; D Davazoglou
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Direct Current Sputtered Electrochromic Coatings
Author(s): K Marszalek; E Leja; T Stapiniski
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Electrochromic Mirrors With Variable Reflectance
Author(s): Friedrich G. K. Baucke
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Transparent Insulation Materials (Thermal Conductivity)
Author(s): Antonio Pfluger
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Thermal Loss Coefficients of Monolithic and Granular Aerogel Systems
Author(s): J Fricke; R Caps; D Buttner; U Heinemann; E Hummer; A Kadur
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Transparent Thermal Insulation With Infrared-Absorbing Gases
Author(s): T S Eriksson; C G Granqvist; J Karlsson
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Solar Transmission Of Transparent Insulation Material
Author(s): Werner J. Platzer
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Glasses For Luminescent Solar Concentrators
Author(s): N. Neuroth; R Haspel
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Daylighting with Fluorescent Concentrators and Highly Reflective Silver-Coated Plastic Films: A New Application for New Materials
Author(s): Armin Zastrow; Volker Wittwer
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Fluorescent Dyes Interacting With Small Silver Particles; A System Extending The Spectral Range Of Fluorescent Solar Concentrators.
Author(s): Helen Rose Wilson
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A Mathematical Model Of A Transparent Planar Light Concentrator
Author(s): P Saarinen; M Hamalainen; T Oksa
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A Modified Luminescent Solar Concentrator
Author(s): T Oksa; M Hamalainen; P Saarinen; J Harkonen
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Fluorescence Quantum Efficiency Of Flat Panel Luminescence Solar Concentrator Material
Author(s): E Strauss; W Seelert; W Keller; M Dammaschke
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Preparation Of Transparent Conducting Zinc Oxide Films By RF Reactive Sputtering
Author(s): L Vasanelli; A Valentini; A Losacco
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Cadmium-Tin Oxide Transparent Conductive Thin Films
Author(s): T Stapinski; E Leja; K Marszalek
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Investigations On Fluorine-Doped Tin Dioxide Films
Author(s): H Haitjema; J Elich
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Evaluation And Control Of The Properties Of Thin Sputtered Silver Films For Spectrally Selective Coatings.
Author(s): J Szczyrbowski; A Dietrich; K Hartig
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Optical Clamificaticn Of Transparent Heat-Mirrors
Author(s): Bjom Karlsson
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The ZnS/Cd2SnO4 Interface
Author(s): D L Kirk; S H Pulko
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Heat-Mirror Spectral Profile Optimization for TSC Hybrid Solar Conversion
Author(s): D E Soule; S E Wood
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Coatings for Energy Efficient Lamps with Cylindrical Geometry
Author(s): James Rancourt; Robert Martin
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Preparation And Properties Of Black Cobalt Solar Absorber Surfaces
Author(s): Michael G Hutchins; Paul J Wright; Peter D Grebenik
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Solar Selective Properties Of Tin Oxide On Pigmented Aluminium Oxide
Author(s): A Roos; M Georgson
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Properties Of Solar Selective Absorbing Cr-SiO-cermets After High Temperature Treatment
Author(s): L K Thomas; W Pekruhn; Tang Chunhe; A Schroder
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Low Cost Selective Absorber Based On A Fe-Al203 Cermet Film
Author(s): C Sella; A Kaba; S Berthier; J Lafait
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Optical Properties Of Titanium And Zirconium Carbonitride Thin Films
Author(s): A M Bonnot; H Belkhir; D Pailharey
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Spectral Selective Characteristics Of Cu2O-Al2O3 Cermets
Author(s): Titilayo A. Kuku; Akinola M Salau
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Nickel-Phosphorus Selective Coatings For Photothermal Absorption Of Solar Energy
Author(s): Marie Papini; Francois Papini
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Determination Of The Characterizing Parameters Of Rough Surfaces For Solar Energy Conversion
Author(s): M Kohl; K Gindele; M Mast
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Accelerated Ageing Tests Of Copper-Oxide And Ni-MgF2-cermet Solar Absorber Coatings
Author(s): M Kohl; K Gindele; M. Mast
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Oxidation Induced Aging Of Spectrally Selective Coatings Obtained By D.C. Magnetron Sputtering Of Cu and Cr
Author(s): P Docheva; D Popov; Z Uzunov
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Sputtered Aluminium-Nitrogen Solar Absorbing Selective Surfaces For All-Glass Evacuated Collectors
Author(s): Yin Zhiqiang; G L Harding; S P Chow
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Photo-Enhanced Catalytic Reactions
Author(s): A Ignatiev; A R Moshfegh
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Evaluation Of Spectral Hemispherical Reflection Measurements In The Infrared And Their Application To Rough Surfaces
Author(s): K Gindele; M Kohl; M Mast
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Tapered Optical Fibers For Solar Energy Applications
Author(s): Francesco Reale; Paolo Vigo; Antonello Cutolo
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The Saddle Field Source In Optical Thin Film Processing
Author(s): D Roger Evans
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Optical properties of model semiconducting coatings
Author(s): R B Bajramov; B R Korpeev; O A Niyazov
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A Method To Protect The Photoanodes In PEC Cells Against Photodecomposition
Author(s): N A Mancini; A Pennisi; F Simone
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Thick Transmission Phase Holograms For Photovoltaic Concentrator Applications Chandrasekhar, Experimental Stress Analysis Laboratory And V. Ramamurthy, Materials Science Laboratory
Author(s): S. Chandrasekhar; V. Ramamurthy
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Recent Progress In Amorphous S1 Solar Cells In Japan
Author(s): Kiyoshi Takahashi
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Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films Prepared By rf Sputtering In He/H2
Author(s): M L Albers; H R Shanks; J Shinar
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New Materials Technology For Improving The Efficiency Of Photovoltaic Solar Cells
Author(s): Richard L Statler; Bruce J Faraday
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Density Of States At Mid Gap In Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Author(s): E Yahya; H R Shanks
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Photovoltaic Characteristics Of Thin Films Of Cu2SnS3
Author(s): Titilayo A, Kuku; Olaosebikan A Fakolujo
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