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High Power Lasers and Their Industrial Applications
Editor(s): Dieter Schuoecker

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Volume Number: 0650
Date Published: 21 October 1986

Table of Contents
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RF-excitation of high power CO[sub]2[/sub] lasers
Author(s): Helmut E Hugel
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Instability Problems In Transverse Dc-Discharges For High Power CO2-lasers
Author(s): H Opower; V Ernst; P Perzl
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Discharge Behaviour Of A RF Excited High Power CO[sub]2[/sub] Laser At Different Excitation Frequencies
Author(s): Peter Hoffmann
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RF-Excited High Power CO2-Lasers For Industrial Material Processing
Author(s): R Wollermann-Windgasse; F Ackermann; J Weick; W Brix
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High performance 2.5 kW industrial CO[sub]2[/sub] laser
Author(s): V Fantini; G Incerti
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Prediction Of Output Power From High prf CO2 Lasers For Use In Manufacturing Processes
Author(s): Charles A Byabagambi; Chris R Chatwin; Brian F Scott
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The State Of The Art And The Trends In High Power CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers For Materials Processing
Author(s): Luciano Garifo; Alberto Sona
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TEA CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers, Physical Problems And Technical Solutions
Author(s): Bruno Walter
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Semiconductive Preionization Technique
Author(s): Bruno Walter; Dieter Schuocker
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Optimization Of The Short Pulse Energy Extraction Efficiency In A Transversely Excited Atmospheric (TEA) CO2 Laser Amplifier
Author(s): R A Rooth; J A van der Pol
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On The Time Evolution Of Short Pulses In A Mode-Locked CO[sub]2[/sub] laser
Author(s): R J. M. Bonnie
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Important Parameters of Excimer Lasers: Relevant Topics of Current Research
Author(s): K L Kompa
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A 2 cm Aperture X-Ray Preionized TEA CO Laser
Author(s): Reinder J Zuidema
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High Power CO-Lasers
Author(s): F Maisenhalder
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High Power Nd-Lasers for Industrial Applications
Author(s): H Weber; R Ifflander; P Seiler
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High Power Light-Transmission in Optical Wavequides
Author(s): Heinz P Weber; Walter Hodel
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Technology Of Active Optics
Author(s): R Protz
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Beam Delivery Systems For High Power Lasers
Author(s): G Hohberg
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Considerations For The Choice Of Optics For High Power Laser Applications
Author(s): John K McIver; Arthur H Guenther
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R&D Of Optics For High Power cw CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers In The Japanese National Program
Author(s): Takeo Miyata
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Quality Control For High Power CO2-Laser-Optics
Author(s): Manfred R Berger
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Toward Standardization In Laser-Induced Damage Testing
Author(s): Steven C Seitel; Karl H Guenther
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Modern Reflective Optics for Material Processing with High Power CO2-Laserbeams
Author(s): Werner P. O Juptner; Gerd Sepold; Rudiger R Rothe
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Monitoring Of Laser Material Processes
Author(s): W M Steen; V M Weerasinghe
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Measuring the Quality of High Power Laser Beams
Author(s): Gerd Sepold; Werner P.O. Juptner; Jan Telepski
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A Diagnostic System For Measurement Of The Focused Beam Diameter Of High Power CO[sub]2[/sub]-Laser
Author(s): E Beyer; G Herziger; P Loosen
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Propagation Of A Multikilowatt Laser Beam: Experimental Characterization
Author(s): P Perlo
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Physics Of Laser Materials Processing
Author(s): G Herziger
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Interaction of Repetitively Pulsed High Energy Laser Radiation With Matter
Author(s): Manfred Hugenschmidt
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Structure-Induced Absorption During Laser Materials Processing
Author(s): E W Kreutz; M Krosche; G Herziger; S Wagner
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Theoretical Model Of Reactive Gas Assisted Laser Cutting
Author(s): Dieter Schuocker
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Metal Precision Drilling with Lasers
Author(s): H G Treusch; G. Herziger
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Some Aspects Of The Formation Of Laser Clad Tracks
Author(s): W M Steen; V M. Weerasinghe; P Monson
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Evolution of Microstructure for Laser Clad Fe-Cr-Mn-C Alloys
Author(s): Jogender Singh; Jyotirmoy Mazumder
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Laser Cladding Of Cobalt-Base Powder On Stainless And Construction Steels
Author(s): W Cerri; V Donati; O Fiorini; C A Be
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Industrial Applications of High Power CO[sub]2[/sub] Lasers - System Descriptions
Author(s): Armin Gukelberger
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Robotic Manipulation For Laser Processing
Author(s): David A Belforte
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A Smart Laser Cutter
Author(s): B Burg; E Lamotte; L Foulloy; B Zavidovique
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Facilities of Quality Control in Laser Cutting
Author(s): I Decker; M Hansmann; J Ruge
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Material Processing with High Power CO2-Lasers
Author(s): Lothar Bakowsky
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Laser Cutting - Principal System Aspects And Practical Results
Author(s): E H Berloffa
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High-power CO[sub]2[/sub] laser welding of food mixer parts, a case history
Author(s): G J. A. M. Notenboom; G, Jelmorini
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The Laser vs the Electron Beam In Welding And Surface Treatment
Author(s): Albert Schuler
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Girth welding of X-60 pipeline with a 10kW laser
Author(s): J H. P. C. Megaw; M, Hill; S J Osbourn
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Experience With Laser Safety In The USA--A Review
Author(s): David H Sliney
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High Power Laser Safety
Author(s): Helmut Brusl
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Laser Protective Filters For The Visible And Near-Infrared Spectrum
Author(s): Konrad A. Roider; Peter Ganner
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