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Grazing Incidence Optics
Editor(s): John F. Osantowski; Leon P. Van Speybroeck

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Volume Number: 0640
Date Published: 21 October 1986

Table of Contents
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Diffraction-Limited Performance Of Grazing Incidence Optical Systems
Author(s): James E. Harvey
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Transverse Ray Aberrations Of Wolter Type 1 Telescopes
Author(s): Timo T. Saha
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A Modified Sine Condition For Grazing Incidence Optics
Author(s): James F. McGee; Ritva A.M. Keski-Kuha
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Hybrid X-Ray Telescope Systems
Author(s): David L. Shealy; Richard B. Hoover
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Technology Mirror Assembly Mirror Quality Requirements And Achievements
Author(s): Paul Glenn; Albert Slomba; Richard Babish
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Surface Characterization Of Grazing-Incidence Optics In The Extreme Ultraviolet And X-Ray Regions
Author(s): Jean M. Bennett
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Survey Of Surface Roughness Properties Of Synchrotron Radiation Optics
Author(s): Peter Z. Takacs; Jeffrey Colbert; Eugene L. Church
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OSAC Analysis Of The Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer (FUSE) Telescope
Author(s): Timo T. Saha; David A. Thomas; John F. Osantowski
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Simulation Of Free-Abrasive Grinding Of Grazing-Incidence Mirrors With Vertical-Honing And Flexible Blades
Author(s): Frederic D. Powell
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The Mirrors For The Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
Author(s): David S. Finley; James C. Green; Stuart Bowyer; Roger F. Malina
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Design And Development Of Conical X-Ray Imaging Mirrors
Author(s): R. Petre; P. J. Serlemitsos
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Grazing-Incidence Optics For Synchrotron-Radiation Insertion-Device Beams
Author(s): Victor Rehn
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Thermal Loading Considerations For Synchrotron Radiation Mirrors
Author(s): F. R. Holdener; E. J. Berglin; B. A. Fuchs; H. H. Humpal; V. P. Karpenko; R. W Martin; K. G. Tirsell
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The Interpretation Of Glancing Incidence Scattering Measurements
Author(s): E. L. Church; P. Z. Takacs
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Damage Processes In Short Wavelength Coated FEL Optics
Author(s): David A. G. Deacon
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Lacquer Coated X-Ray Optics
Author(s): R. C. Catura; E. G. Joki; D. T. Roethig; W. J. Brookover
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Stability Of Multilayers At High Temperatures
Author(s): E. Ziegler; Y. Lepetre; Ivan K. Schuller; E. Spiller
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Replication Of Grazing Incidence Optics
Author(s): Melville P. Ulmer
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Assembly And Alignment Of The Technology Mirror Assembly
Author(s): Nicholas A. De Filippis; Paul Glenn; Raymond Cahill
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Automated Figure Formation For A Kirkpatrick-Baez X-Ray Mirror
Author(s): D. Fabricant; M. Conroy; L. Cohen; P. Gorenstein
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The Metrology Of Grazing Incidence Optics At The National Physical Laboratory
Author(s): A. Franks
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High-Resolution Angle-Resolved X-Ray Scattering From Mirrors And Multilayers
Author(s): Tetsuya Ishikawa; Tadashi Matsushita; Atsuo Iida
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Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer: Mirror Optical Tests And Results
Author(s): Calvin H. Gillespie; David F. Edwards; Michael A. Nichols; David S. Finley
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