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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Technology for Submicrometer Lithographies V
Editor(s): Phillip D. Blais

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Volume Number: 0632
Date Published: 30 June 1986

Table of Contents
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Practical Proximity Correction
Author(s): Bob Carlson; Dan Burbank
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Aeble 150 Performance In A Mix And Match Environment
Author(s): Jorge L. Freyer; Robert M. Sills
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Aeble-150 E-Beam/Optical Hybrid Lithography
Author(s): Kenneth A. Barnett; Robert A. Metzger; Oberdan W. Otto
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Registration Mark Studying For High-Overlay-Accuracy Hybrid Lithography
Author(s): H. Nozue; H. Yamanaka; S. Hasegawa; Y. Iida
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Diffraction Grid Fabricated By Advanced Microelectronics Techniques For Hipparcos Astrometry Mission
Author(s): M. E. Roulet; Y. Oppliger; L. Stauffer; H. Luginbahl; L. Fontijn; M. van der Kraan
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Submicron Proximity Correction By The Fourier Precompensation Method
Author(s): Michael E. Haslam; John F. McDonald
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Maskless Etching Of Inp And Gaas By Means Of Ion Beam Assisted Etching
Author(s): Kenj i Gamo; Yukinori Ochiai; Kazuhiko Shioyama; Susumu Namba
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Fib Mask Repair With Microtrim
Author(s): Henry C. Kaufmann; William B. Thompson; Gregory J. Dunn
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Influence Of Sputter Effects On The Resolution In X-Ray Mask Repair
Author(s): H. Betz; A. Heuberger; N. P. Economou; D . C. Shaver
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The Nanofab-150-A Versatile New Focused-Ion-Beam System
Author(s): N.William Parker; William P. Robinson; Joseph M. Snyder
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FIB Microfabrication Software Design Considerations
Author(s): W. Thompson; T. Bowe; S Morlock; A. Moskowitz; G . Plourde; G Spaulding; C. Scialdone; E. Tsiang
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Micron Features In III-V Materials By Photoelectrochemical Etching Of Focused Ion Beam Induced Damage Patterns
Author(s): K. D Cummings; L. R. Harriott; G. c. Chi; F. W. Ostermayer Jr.
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Submicron Mask Repair Using Focused Ion Beam Technology
Author(s): Masahiro Yamamoto; Mitsuyoshi Sato; Hideaki Kyogoku; Kazuo Aita; Yoshitomo Nakagawa; Anto Yasaka; Ryohji Takasawa; Osamu Hattori
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Mask Technology For X-Ray Step-And-Repeat System
Author(s): A. R. Shimkunas; J. J. LaBrie; P. E. Mauger; J. J. Yen
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X-Ray Mask Distortion: Process And Pattern Dependence
Author(s): Arnold W. Yanof; Douglas J. Resnick; Constance A. Jankoski; William A. Johnson
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Characteristics Of A Gas-Puff Z-Pinch Plasma X-Ray Source
Author(s): Hideo Yoshihara; Ikuo Okada; Yasunao Saitoh; Seiichi Itabashi
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Half Micron Cmos Device Fabrication Using Hybrid Lithography With X-Ray And Optical Steppers
Author(s): K. Suzuki; J. Matsui; K. Okada; N. Endo; Y. Iida
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Advanced X-Ray Alignment System
Author(s): B. S. Fay; W. T. Novak
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X-Ray Step-And-Repeat Lithography System For Submicron VLSI
Author(s): R . B. McIntosh Jr.; G P. Hughes; J L Kreuter; G R Conti Jr.
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Toward Submicron A New Phase Of Optical Stepper
Author(s): Akiyoshi Suzuki; Ryusho Hirose; Youichi Hirabayashi
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Recent Progress On Submicron Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): Tadahiro Takigawa; Kuniya Shimazaki; Naoki Kusui
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Sub-100nm pattern fabrication in e-beam lithography
Author(s): Yoshihiro Todokoro; Hiroshi Yamashita; Yuki Yaegashi
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Novel Submicron Isolation Technique Of Gaas Active Layer Using Fibi-Mbe
Author(s): Yasuo Bamba; Eizo Miyauchi; Hiroshi Arimoto; Tetsuo Morita; Akira Takamori; Hisao Hashimoto
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Focused Ion Beam System For Submicron Lithography
Author(s): R. Aihara; H. Sawaragi; H. Morimoto; T. Kato
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Sub-Micron Pattern Inspection System Using Electron Beam
Author(s): T. Kato; K. Saitoh; S. Takeuchi; K. Moriizumi; K. Shibayama
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E-Beam Calibration Of The Hipparcos Grid Pattern
Author(s): L. A. Fontijn; H. J. van Agthoven; M. R. van der Kraan
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Scanning Electron Microscope (Sem) Dimensional Measurement Tool
Author(s): David P. Paul
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Quantitative Voltage Measurement By A Software Closed Loop Technique In Electron Beam Testing
Author(s): Yasuo Furukawa; Yoshiro Goto; Toshihiro Ishizuka; Kazuo Ookubo; Takefumi Inagaki
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An Expansible EB System For Submicron Lithography
Author(s): Kazumitsu Nakamura; Akira Yanagisawa; Yoshio Sakitani; Tsutomu Komoda
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Application Of Ghost Proximity Effect Correction Method To Conventional And Nonswelling Negative E-Beam Resists
Author(s): Huayu Liu; E. D. Liu
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Metal Deposition By Electron Beam Exposure Of An Organometallic Film
Author(s): L. M. Schiavone; H. G. Craighhead
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A Simple, Compact, High Brightness Source For X-Ray Lithography And X-Ray Radiography
Author(s): Andrew M. Hawryluk
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Fresnel Phase Effects For X-Ray Microlithography
Author(s): Renato Redaelli; Roman Tatchyn; Piero Pianetta
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