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Advances in Resist Technology and Processing III
Editor(s): C. Grant Willson

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Volume Number: 0631
Date Published: 9 July 1986

Table of Contents
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Poly(3-Butenyltrimethylsilane Sulfone): A Sensitive Positive Electron-Beam Resist For Two-Layer Systems
Author(s): Antoni S. Gozdz; Carolyn Carnazza; Murrae J. Bowden
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Resist Characterization On Reflecting Substrates
Author(s): John Hayes; William R. Bell II; Richard Ferguson; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Preparation And Lithographic Properties Of Poly(Trimethylsilylmethyl Methacrylate-Co-Chloromethyl Styrene)
Author(s): Anthony E. Novembre; Elsa Reichmanis; Myrtle Davis
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Nanosecond Proton And Helium Ion Pulse Radiolysis Studies On Polystyrene
Author(s): Seiichi Tagawa; Noriyuki Kouchi; Yasushi Aoki; Hiromi Shibata
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A 2-Layer Resist System Derived From Trimethylsilylstyrene
Author(s): S. A. MacDonald; R. D. Allen; N. J. Clecak; C. G. Willson; J. M.J. Frechet
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Desire : A Novel Dry Developed Resist System
Author(s): Fedor Coopmans; Bruno Roland
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Synthesis And Lithographic Characterization Of A Novel Organosilicon Novolac Resin
Author(s): Regine G. Tarascon; Ann Shugard; Elsa Reichmanis
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Microplastic Structures
Author(s): Wayne E. Feely
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A Novel, Aqueous Surface Treatment To Thermally Stabilize High Resolution Positive Photoresist Images*
Author(s): John J. Grunwald; Allen C. Spencer
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A New Class Of Resins For Deep Ultraviolet Photoresists
Author(s): C. E. Osuch; K. Brahim; F. R. Hopf; M. J. McFarland; A. Mooring; C. J. Wu
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High Resolution Positive Photoresists
Author(s): M. Hanabata; A. Furuta; Y. Uemura
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Resists For Use In 248 Nm Excimer Laser Lithography
Author(s): Kevin J. Orvek; Shane R. Palmer; Cesar M. Garza; Gene E. Fuller
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Methacrylamide Copolymer Resists For Electron Beam Lithography
Author(s): Y.M. N. Namaste; S. K. Obendorf; F. Rodriguez
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Reconsideration Of Fundamental Processes And Molecular Design Principles For High Sensitivity Dry Developable X-Ray Resist
Author(s): Shuzo Hattori; Shinzo Morita; Masaru Hori; Hitomi Yamada
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A Quantitative Assessment Of Image Reversal, A Candidate For A Submicron Process With Improved Linewidth Control
Author(s): Rupert M.R. Gijsen; Hennie J.J. Kroon; Frans A. Vollenbroek; Rene Vervoordeldonk
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Resist Characterization And Optimization Using A Hevelonment Rimulation Romnuter Nrooram, Prostm.
Author(s): Cesar M. Garza; Steven P. Grindle
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A Membrane Model For Positive Photoresist Development
Author(s): R. A. Arcus
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Submicron Optical Lithography: Enhanced Resolution And Depth Of Focus Using Advanced Processing Materials And Process Optimization
Author(s): Michele Nuhn; Sungmuk Lee
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The Application Of Cem-420 In Photoresist Imaging Over Reflective Topographical Metal Substrate
Author(s): Chunshing Chen; Sunny Cheng
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Contrast Enhancement Materials. Effects Of Process Variables On Critical Dimension Control With Altilith Cem-420.
Author(s): Robert E. Williams; Stan Weaver; Ernest W. Balch; John C. Sardella
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Photochemical Image Enhancement (PIE)
Author(s): James R. Sheats; Michael M. O'Toole; John S. Hargreaves
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Thin Silicon Films Used As Antireflection Coatings For Metal Coated Substrates
Author(s): K. J. Polasko; B. F. Griffing
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New Deep Uv Dyeable Negative Resist For CCD Micro Color Filter
Author(s): Shin-ichi Sanada; Masataka Miyamura
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Surface Tension Effects In Microlithography - Striations
Author(s): Brian K. Daniels; Charles R. Szmanda; Michael K. Templeton; Peter Trefonas III
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Photoimageable Polyimide: A Dielectric Material For High Aspect Ratio Structures
Author(s): Jay M. Cech; Modest M. Oprysko; Peter L. Young; Kin Li
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A New Two-Layer Photoresist.
Author(s): Konoe Miura; Tameichi Ochiai; Yasuhiro Kameyama; Shigeo Uoya; Teruhiko Yamazaki
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Productivity Enhancement Through Afterglow Photoresist Removal
Author(s): John E. Spencer; Andrew Hoff
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Reduction Of Proximity Reflective Notching On A Double Metal Vlsi Process By High Temperature Post Exposure Baked
Author(s): John L. Nistler; Tom R. Mead; Mark A. Spak
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A Positive Photoresist Optimized For Both I-Line And UV-3 Exposure
Author(s): John T. Grunwald; William F. Cordes III; Keith D. San Giacomo; Joseph Ben-Bassat; Eitan Shalom; Giora Ben-Shushan
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High Contrast Positive Resist(S) For Use In Megabit Processing With Broad Process Latitude
Author(s): David A. Sawoska; Laurie J. Lauchlan; Laurel J. Smith; Edwin J. Turner; Allen C Spencer; Giora Ben-Shushan
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EPA 914 IR - A Positive Resist With Built-In Image Reversal (IR) Capabilities For Ulsi Technology
Author(s): William F. Cordes III; David A. Sawoska; Allen C. Spencer; Edwin J. Turner
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Functional Characterization Of Positive Optical Resists
Author(s): Rao M. Nagarajan
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A New Response Surface Analysis Procedure For Evaluating Process Control In Photolithography
Author(s): M. P. C. Watts; M. R. Hannifan; T. Perera
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Modeling The Dependence Of Photoresist Contrast And Linewidth On Processing Variables
Author(s): V. Srinivasan; S. V. Babu
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Advanced Topics In Lithography Modeling
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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A Method For Generating Sloped Contact Holes Using A Cantilever Resist Structure
Author(s): Vic Marriott; Barry Jucha
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Antireflective Coating Material For Highly Reflective Surfaces With Topography
Author(s): W. Ishii; K. Hashimoto; N. Itoh; H. Yamazaki; A. Yokota; H. Nakane
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Optimized Material For Bottom Layer Of Trilevel Resist System
Author(s): Noboru Moriuchi; Seiichiro Shirai; Takao Iwayanagi
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To Layer Resist For Plasma Etching
Author(s): H. H. Wang; E. Lin
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Simultaneous Vapor Deposition Of Metal And Monomeric Compounds: Lithographic Applications
Author(s): H. Hiraoka; J. Duran
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Polydimethylglutarimide (PMGI) Resist - A Progress Report
Author(s): A W. McCullough; D. A. Vidusek; M. W. Legenza; M. de Grandpre; J. Imhof
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Improved Bilayer Resist System Using Contrast-Enhanced Lithography With Water-Soluble Photopolymer
Author(s): Masaru Sasago; Masayuki Endo; Yoshihiko Hirai; Kazufurni Ogawa; Takeshi Ishihara
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Optimization Of A Bilayer Resist Process For Polysilicon Gate Lithography
Author(s): Ludwik J. Zych; Gianpaolo Spadini; David A. Vidusek; Michael W. Legenza
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Pcm Resist Process With Rie Development Method Applied For The Aluminum Etching Process
Author(s): Hiroshi Ohtsuka; Jun Kanamori; Yoshio Itoh; Takayuki Matsuyi
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