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Infrared Optical Materials and Fibers IV
Editor(s): Paul Klocek

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Volume Number: 0618
Date Published: 12 May 1986

Table of Contents
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Development Of IR Optical Fibers In Japan
Author(s): Hiroshi Iwasaki
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Ultra Low Microdeformation Loss Predictions in Single Mode Fibers at Long Wavelengths
Author(s): M. M. Broer; K. L. Walker
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Dispersion Shifted Fiber Designs with Low Bending Losses for Infrared Materials
Author(s): K. L. Walker; M. M. Broer; A. Carnevale
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Dispersion Characteristics of Mid-IR Glasses and Optical Fibers
Author(s): Harish R. D. Sunak; Cem Doqrusoz; Alexis Mendez
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Spectral Properties Of Several Infrared Transmitting Fiber Optics
Author(s): S. E. Hodges; J. D. Carpenter
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IR Fibers In Medicine: Applications And Specifications
Author(s): Stephen M. Fry
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Preparation And Properties Of High Optical Quality IR Transmitting Glasses And Fibers Based On Metal Fluorides
Author(s): D. C. Tran; K. H. Levin; M. J. Burk; C. F . Fisher; D. Brower
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Ultimate Realistic Losses Of ZrF[sub]4[/sub] Based Ir Fibres
Author(s): P . W. France; S. F Carter; M . W. Moore; J. R . Williams
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Fluoride Glass Infrared Fibers In Various Glass Forming Systems
Author(s): Gwenael Maze; Vincent Cardin; Marcel Poulain
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Infrared Study Of Y Irradiated Fluoride Optical Fibers
Author(s): A. Abgrall; M. Poulain; G. Boisde; V. Cardin; G. Maze
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Optical and Material Properties of Extruded Silver Halide Fibers
Author(s): L. H. Strong; J. I. Masters
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Optical Properties Of Silver Halide Infrared Transmitting Fibers
Author(s): A. Satar; F. Moser; S. Saban; D. Weiss; A. Katzir
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Characteristics Of KRS-5 Fiber With Crystalline Cladding
Author(s): M. Kimura; S. Kachi; K. Shiroyama
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Low-Loss Single-Crystal Sapphire Optical Fibers
Author(s): G. A. Magel; D . H. Jundt; M. M. Fejer; R. L. Byer
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Fabrication Of Fiber Systems For Nonlinear Optics
Author(s): L. G. DeShazer; S. C. Rand
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Polycrystalline Fibers From Thallium And Silver Halides
Author(s): U. G. Artjushenko; L. N . Butvina; V. V. Vojtsekhovsky; E. M. Dianov; J. G. Kolesnikov
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Development of ZnSe Infrared Optical Fiber
Author(s): Michael A. Pickering; Raymond L. Taylor; Alan L. Armirotto
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Plasma Deposition Of Chalcogenide Glass For Infrared Fibres
Author(s): J. I. B. Wilson; D. Blanc
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Telluride Glass Fibres for Transmission in the 8-12 micrometres Waveband
Author(s): N. J. Pitt; G. S . Sapsford; T. V. Clapp; R. Worthington; M. G. Scott
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Properties Of Telluride Based Chalcogenide Glass Fibers For Thermal Infrared Transmission
Author(s): M. Wehr; C. Le Sergent
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Preparation And Investigation Of Chalcogenide Glass Optical Fibers
Author(s): G. G. Devyatykh; M. F. Churbanov; I. U. Scripachev; E. M. Dianov; V. G. Plotnichenko
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Infrared Chalcogenide Tube Waveguides
Author(s): N. Croitoru; E. Goldenberg; D. Mendleovic; S, Ruschin; N. Shamir
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Hollow And Glass Core Chalcogenide Fibers
Author(s): A. Bornstein; L. Boehm
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Measurement System For Attenuation, Numerical Aperture (NA), Dispersion, And Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) In Infrared (IR) Optical Fibers
Author(s): P. Klocek; R. Beni; J. C. O'Connell; C. P. Van Vloten
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Infrared-Transmitting Oxide Glasses
Author(s): William H. Dumbaugh
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Radiation Effects In Heavy Metal Fluoride Glass Systems
Author(s): W. A. Sibley; D. C. Yeh
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CdF[sub]2[/sub]-LiF-AlF[sub]3[/sub] -PbF[sub]2[/sub] (CLAP) Glasses
Author(s): Paul A . Tick
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Crystallization And Viscosity Of Heavy Metal Fluoride Glasses
Author(s): C. T. Moynihan; R. Mossadegh; P. K. Gupta; M. G. Drexhage
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Production Of Infrared Optical Materials At Amorphous Materials, Incorporated
Author(s): A.Ray Hilton; George R. Cronin
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Fluoride Optical Fibre Transmission Experiments Using Non-Cryogenic Sources And Detectors
Author(s): S. D. Walker; R. A. Garnham
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New Developments in Tunable Diode Laser Sources Relevant to Infrared Fiberoptics Technology
Author(s): David L. Wall
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In[sub]x[/sub]Ga[sub]1-x[/sub]AsySb[sub]1-y[/sub]: A Mid-Infrared Source and Detector Material
Author(s): D. P. Mullin; S. A. Miller; C. M. Hanson
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