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Scientific and Engineering Applications of Commercial Laser Devices
Editor(s): Rick Feinberg; Lewis Holmes; Morris Levitt

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Volume Number: 0610
Date Published: 16 July 1986

Table of Contents
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Scientific Applications Of Optical Pulse Compression
Author(s): J. D. Kafka; T. Baer
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The PSL 4000 - A Picosecond Excimer Laser
Author(s): Berthold Burghardt; Bernd Nikolaus; Herbert Pummer
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New Developments In CW Mode-Locked Nd:YAG Lasers
Author(s): Martin G. Cohen; K. C. Liu; G. Vaillancourt
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High Energy Visible And UV Picosecond Pulses From A Cavity Dumped Dye Laser, Pumped By A C.W. Mode Locked And Q-Switched Nd:YAG Laser
Author(s): G. Mitchell; R. Brady; B. Couillaud
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Spectroscopic Applications Of Color Center Lasers
Author(s): Kenneth R. German; Timothy VanSlambrouck
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Generation of CW Coherent Radiation In The Near U.V.
Author(s): Bernard Couillaud
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Commercial Excimer Lasers
Author(s): Herbert Pummer
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The Copper Vapor Laser - A New Strobe Light For High Speed Photography
Author(s): Joe Y. Saunders
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Frequency-Doubled, Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Lasers
Author(s): Thomas M. Baer
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10-kW CO2 Laser For Material Processing
Author(s): Tadashi Takahashi; Katsuyuki Kakizaki; Norihiko Sasaki; Jun Sakuma
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Multiaxis Contouring Systems for Laser Cutting and Welding
Author(s): Terry L. VanderWert
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Comparison Of Laser And Waterjet Systems For Industrial Applications
Author(s): Reza K. Mosavi
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The Nd:YAG Laser Rangefinder/Designator
Author(s): John G. Daly
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Modular Hand-Held Eyesafe Laser Rangefinder
Author(s): Anthony M. Johnson
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Alexandrite Laser Technology
Author(s): M. L. Shand
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Growth Status of Nd,Cr:GSGG
Author(s): Robert Uhrin; Roger F. Belt
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Raman Shifted Nd:YAG Class I Eye-Safe Laser Development 21 January 1986
Author(s): R. W. Nichols; W. K. Ng
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Laser Rangefinder Optics
Author(s): D.Allan Roberts
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High Performance Integrated Digital Optical Transmitters And Receivers
Author(s): B. U. Chen; M. J. Hartmann; H. D. Law; J. E. Zeman
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1.3 µm Lasers and LEDs for Fiber-Optic Communications
Author(s): D. E. Ackley; D. Botez; E. I. Gordon; R. J . Nelson; R. B. Wilson; P. D. Wright
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High power AlGaAs window lasers
Author(s): J. Ungar; N. Bar-Chaim; I. Ury
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High Quality Light Sources for Optical Communication
Author(s): D. J. Bull; C. J. Hwang; R. Fu; C. S. Wang
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1.3 µm Edge Emitting LEDs for optical communication
Author(s): A. Ceruzzi; T. Wessel; G. Henein; E. Philipp-Rutz; G. Dougherty
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The Impact Of Lasers In Printing And Information Processing
Author(s): Barbara H. Akerley
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Single Mode Diode Laser For Optical Scanning And Recording
Author(s): R. J. Fu; C. J. Hwang; C. S. Wang
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He-Ne Lasers: Characteristics And Attributes For Information Handling
Author(s): Dale E. Crane
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Laser Diode Array For A Laser Printer
Author(s): T. Yagi; K. Yamashita; R. Hattori; M. Kubota; M. Ishii; S. Takamiya
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Helium Cadmium (hecd) Lasers, Semiconductor Diode Lasers And Laser Stabilization In Printing And Information Processing
Author(s): Mark W. Dowley; Randy Kimball
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Laser Diodes for DRAW Optical Disk System
Author(s): K. Yamashita; S. Nagai; K. Tamari; M. Kubota; S. Takamiya
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Air-Cooled Argon Ion Lasers And Their Applications In The Information Processing Market
Author(s): Stephen G. Anderson
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The laser marketplace A seminar sponsored by Laser Focus/Electro-Optics Magazine and C. Breck Hitz
Author(s): Barbara H. Akerley
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Commercial Lasers 1985--86
Author(s): Lewis M. Holmes
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