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Progress in Holographic Applications
Editor(s): Jean P. L. Ebbeni

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Volume Number: 0600
Date Published: 30 June 1986

Table of Contents
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General Review on Recording Materials used in Holography
Author(s): Jean-Louis Tribillon
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Holographic Optical Elements Using Polyvinyl Carbazole Holographic Material
Author(s): K. Matsumoto; T. Kuwayamo; N. Taniguchi
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Holographic Recording Material Containing Poly-N-vinylcarbazole
Author(s): Yasuo Yamagishi; Takeshi Ishizuka; Teruo Yagishita; Kasumi Ikegami; Hirofumi Okuyama
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Photoelectrochemical Etching Of Holographic Gratings In Semiconductors And Applications
Author(s): J. Ph. Schnell; V. Martin; P. Nyeki; B. Loiseaux; G. Illiaquer; J. P. Huignard
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Grating Interactions In Photorefractive Materials
Author(s): Laszlo Solymar
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The Analysis and Construction of Powered Reflection Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs)
Author(s): B. H. Woodcock; A. J. Kirkham
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Transmission Holographic Optical Elements In Dichromated Gelatin
Author(s): R. W. Evans
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Progress In Diffractive Optics for H.U.D
Author(s): Jean-Blaise Migozzi
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Achromatic Display Holograms In Dichromated Gelatin
Author(s): Harry Owen; Andrew E. Hurst
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Holographic Embossing at Polaroid: The Polaform Process
Author(s): James J. Cowan; W. Dennis Slafer
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Image Blurring In Display Holograms And In Holographic Optical Elements
Author(s): A. A. Ward; J. C. W. Newell; L. Solymar
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Review Of Industrial Applications of HOEs In Display Systems.
Author(s): Emile J. P. Schweicher
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Some Research Toward The Development Of A Hologram Laser Beam Corrector-Collimator For Use In A Satellite Data Link
Author(s): C. Gilbreath-Frandsen; William H. Carter; J. W. Wagner
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Two-Dimensional Optical Beam Switching Techniques Using Dynamic Holography
Author(s): G. Pauliat; G. Roosen; J. P. Herriau; A. Delboulbe; J. P. Huignard
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Holocoupler-Selfoc Fiber System: A Coherent Transfer Matrix Description
Author(s): E. Guibelalde; M. L. Calvo
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Holographic Optical Element Wavelength Multi-Demultiplexer In The Near Infrared
Author(s): F. M. De Schryver
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A New Holographic Interferometer With Monomode Fibers For Integrated Optics Applications
Author(s): Torsten von Lingelsheim; Thomas Ahrens
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Some Problems Of Computer Controlled Holography
Author(s): N. J. Phillips; H. Heyworth
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Aspects Of The Copying Of Holograms Using Incoherent Light
Author(s): N. J. Phillips; D. Martens
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Holography Of Very Far Objects
Author(s): H. Royer
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Holographic Device For Analysis Of Objects Inaccessible By Direct Microscopic Technique
Author(s): J. Surget
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Continuous Wave -- Pulse Transfer For High Security Holograms
Author(s): Simon J. S. Brown
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In-Line Far-Field Holography And Diffraction Pattern Analysis : New Developments
Author(s): C. Ozkul; D. Allano; M. Trinite; N. Anthore
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3-D Holographic Miniprojector Used for Micro-circuits Assembly and Quality Control
Author(s): Xu Kun-xian
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Rainbow Holography With A Multimode Laser Source
Author(s): F. Quercioli; G. Molesini; S. F. Jacobs
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Some Problems Associated with Processing Agfa-Gevaert 8E75HD Sheet Film for Reflection Holography.
Author(s): Pierre M. Boone
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Wide Angle Distortion Free Holographic Head-Up Display
Author(s): J. C. Perrin
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Progress In Holographic Cinematography
Author(s): P. Smigielski; H. Fagot; F. Albe
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A New Method For Compensating And Measuring Any Motion Of 3D-Objects In Holographic Interferometry: Recent Developments
Author(s): A. Stimpfling; P. Smigielski
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Use Of An Endoscope For Optical Fiber Holography
Author(s): F. Albe; H. Fagot; P. Smigielski
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Design For A Commercial Application Of A Holographic Scanning System
Author(s): Charles C. K. Cheng
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