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Medical Image Processing

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Volume Number: 0593
Date Published: 5 May 1986

Table of Contents
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Visual Perception And Medical Imaging
Author(s): C. Carl Jaffe
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Faster MR Imaging Methods
Author(s): Paul Margosian; Franz Schmitt
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Chemical Shift Imaging
Author(s): Paul M. G. Margosian; H. Weber; R. Sauter; R. Bachus; E. R. Reinhardt
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Backprojection Correction For CT Scanners With Continuous X-Ray Emission
Author(s): D. J. LeGall; S. C. Tan; D. Iacchetti; C. Benchimol
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Automated Mapping Of Residual Tumor Lesions In Histological Studies Using A Flexible Image Processing System
Author(s): T. Muller; G. Zinser; D. Komitowski; J. Bille
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Digital Image Processing Of Arterial Thrombi Images, Recorded By Light Transmission
Author(s): Marc Nyssen; Erik Blockeel; Rene Bourgain
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Image Processing Of Muscle Striations Below The Resolution Limit Of The Light Microscope
Author(s): David H. Burns; Dale N. Holdren; Ammasi Periasamy; William C. Everts; Gerald H. Pollack
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Data Management For Quantitative Electron Microscopy
Author(s): Vittorio Cavallari
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Three-Dimensional Object Representation In Microscopic Imaging Systems
Author(s): G. A. Laub; W. H. Bloss
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Determination Of Motion Vectors Applied To Cell Image Sequences
Author(s): G. Strable; B. Straub; W. H. Bloss
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Four Dimensional Cardiac Imaging
Author(s): L. D. R. Smith; P. Quarendon
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Processing And Display Of Medical Three Dimensional Arrays Of Numerical Data Using Octree Encoding
Author(s): Jean-Louis Amans; Pierre Darier
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Curved-Surface Digital Image Reformations In Computed Tomography
Author(s): Michael L. Rhodes; Yu-Ming Azzawi; Eva S. Tivattanasuk; Alex T. Pang; Karen Ly; Hema Panicker; Richard Amador
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Manipulation And Display Of 3-D Images For Surgical Planning
Author(s): Reiner Lenz; Bjorn Gudmundsson; Bjorn Lindskog
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A New Software Package For The Microcomputer Based BRW Stereotactic System: Integrated Stereoscopic Views Of CT Data And Angiograms
Author(s): D. Vandermeulen; P. Suetens; J. Gybels; A. Oosterlinck
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Computer Communications And Graphics For Clinical Radiology
Author(s): Michael L. Rhodes; Yu-Ming Azzawi; Eva S. Tivattanasuk; Alex T. Pang; Karen Ly; Hema Panicker
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Simulation Of An Image Network In A Medical Image Information System
Author(s): A. D. A. Massar; J. P. J. de Valk; G. L. Reijns; A. R . Bakker
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Digital X-Ray Enhancement Through Local Difference Equalization
Author(s): G. Garibotto
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Understandiny Images Using Knowledge Based Approach
Author(s): Guido Tascini
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Use of the Discrete Cosine Transform For The Restoration Of An Image Sequence.
Author(s): Marc P. J. Acheroy
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Analysis of MR-Images For Tissue Characterization
Author(s): H. A. Koenig; R. Bachus
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Computerized Analysis Of Two-Dimensional Electrophoretic Images
Author(s): G. Vernazza; S. B. Serpico; D. Giusto; A. Caredda
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Preliminary Evaluation Of Charge-Coupled Device (CCD) Multispectral Analysis In Ophthalmology
Author(s): Francoise Launay; Thierry Fauconnier; Bernard Fort; Mireille Cailloux; Paul Bonnin; Etienne Bloch-Michel
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