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Fiber Optic Sensors I
Editor(s): Herve J. Arditti; Luc B. Jeunhomme

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Volume Number: 0586
Date Published: 7 August 1986

Table of Contents
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Fiber Optic Sensor Long-Range Market Forecast
Author(s): Jeff D. Montgomery; Jon Glasco
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Dual Ring Resonator Hydrophone
Author(s): P. Mouroulis; M. Failes; G. W. McMahon
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Optical Fibers Application To Visualization Of Flow Separation Inside An Aircraft Intake In Wind Tunnel.
Author(s): Michel Philbert; Ruy Deron; Jean-Pierre Faleni; Jean-Rene Bion; Hubert Salaun
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Field Test of Fiber-Optic Voltage and Current Sensors Applied to Gas Insulated Substation
Author(s): Y. Kuroda; Y. Abe; H. Kuwahara; K. Yoshinaga
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Fibre-Optic Vibration Probe
Author(s): Richard I. Laming; Martin P. Gold; David N. Payne; Neil A. Halliwell
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Integrated Electro-Optic Modulators With High Sensitivity For Remote Voltage Sensing
Author(s): Christian Duchet
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Optical Fibre Distributed Sensors And Sensor Networks
Author(s): D. E. N. Davies
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Improvements In Reflectometric Fibre Optic Hydrophones
Author(s): Michael Henning; Christopher Lamb; Robert McEleny
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Multipoint Fibre Optic Refractive Index Sensors
Author(s): Andre Tardy; Michel Jurczyszyn
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Simple OTDR Network For On/Off Fiber Optic Sensing
Author(s): Ph. Graindorge; L. B. Jeunhomme; H. J. Arditty
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Tactile Sensing In Robotics Using An Optical Network And Z-Plane Techniques.
Author(s): Yves Rolain; Danny Sevenhans; Alain Barel
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Birefringent Stress Location Sensor
Author(s): R. B. Franks; W. Torruellas; R. C. Youngquist
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Polarisation State Control Using Fibre Optic Techniques
Author(s): R. P. Tatam; P. Akhavan Leilabady; J. D. C . Jones; D. A. Jackson
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Radio Frequency Phase Detection For Intensity Modulated Fiber Sensors
Author(s): G. Kotrotsios; L. Falco; J.-P. Jeanneret; O. Parriaux
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Fiber-Optic Interferometric Detection Of Slow Phenomena
Author(s): M. Martinelli; A. Barberis; A. De Agostini; O. De Sanctis
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Compact Temperature Measurement System For Medical Applications
Author(s): A. M. Scheggi; M. Bacci; M. Brenci; G. Conforti; R. Falciai; A. G. Mignani
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Temperature Sensor Using Single Mode Fiber Evanescent Field Absorption
Author(s): L. Falco; H. Berthou; F. Cochet; B. Scheja; O. Parriaux
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Spontaneous Raman Temperature Sensor
Author(s): Mark C. Farries
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The Fiber Fabry-Perot And Its Applications As A Fiber-Optic Sensor Element.
Author(s): R. Kist; S. Ramakrishnan; H. Wolfelschneider
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Temperature Dependence Of Microbend-Induced Birefringence In Optical Fibers
Author(s): W. H. Chen; M. C. Cheng
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Self Referenced Fibre Optic Glass Absorption Thermometer
Author(s): K. T. V . Grattan; R. K. Selli; A. W. Palmer
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Fibre-Optic Evanescent-Wave Coupling Force Transducer
Author(s): K. T. V. Grattan; A. W. Palmer; D. P. S. Saini
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Chemical Sensors Based On Oxygen Detection By Optical Methods
Author(s): Jennifer W. Parker; M. E. Cox; Bruce S. Dunn
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On The Use Of Fibre Optic Sensors In Dynamic Material Testing
Author(s): C. Zimmermann
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Fiber Optic Position Verification Device
Author(s): R. M. Clement; G. R. Bennett
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An Optical Fibre "Petal" Flowmeter For Low Gas Flows
Author(s): Hossain M. Ghezelayagh; Barry E. Jones; Ronald C. Spooncer
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High Temperature Measurements With A Fiber Optic Pyrometric Sensor
Author(s): J. Rochereau; P. Facq
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Coherence In Optical Fibre Gyroscopes
Author(s): I. P. Giles; J. McMillan; J. MacKintosh; B. Culshaw
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Ellipsometric Characterisation Of Single Mode Fibres
Author(s): Z. B. Ren; Ph. Robert; P.-A. Paratte
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High Resolution Photoelastic Pressure Sensor Using Low-Birefringence Fiber
Author(s): A. Bertholds; R. Dandliker
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A Simple Noncontact Multimode Fiberoptic Proximity Sensor
Author(s): Thierry Gys; Jean-Pierre Nordvik
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An Eight Channel Fibre Optical Spectrophotometer For Industrial Applications
Author(s): H. Kopola; R. Kaijansaari; R. Myllyla
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High Bandwidth Two-Phase Flow Void Fraction Fiber Optic Sensor
Author(s): Ph. Graindorge; G. Le Boudec; D. Meyet; H. J. Arditty
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Fibre-Optic Dark-Field Micro-Bend Sensor
Author(s): M. Krigh; O. Steijer; O. Pers; G. Edwall
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Optical Fibre Displacement Sensor Based on Electrical Subcarrier Interferometry using a Mach-Zehnder Configuration
Author(s): C . A. Wade; J. P. Dakin; J. Croft; J. Wright
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Interferometric Strain Measurement Using Optical Fibres
Author(s): P. Akhaven Leilabady; J. D. C. Jones; D. A. Jackson
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General Purpose Position Sensor
Author(s): G. I. Frank; D. E . Franklin; R. A. Palylyk
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An Optical Fibre Sensor Array For The Measurement Of Displacements Of Complex Engineering Structures
Author(s): G. R. Petrie; K. W. Jones; R. Jones
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Optical Detection Of Respiration Motion And Heart Beats For Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Applications
Author(s): G. Martens; T. Helzel; J. Kordts
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