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Optical Fiber Characteristics and Standards
Editor(s): Remy Bouillie

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Volume Number: 0584
Date Published: 15 April 1986

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OVD Manufacturing Technology
Author(s): John P. Edward; Grant P. Watkins
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Optical fiber manufacture at AT&T Technologies, Inc. using the MCVD process
Author(s): Alan A. Klein
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The PCVD Process For Large Scale Production Of Telecommunication Fibres
Author(s): Pieter Matthijsse
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Latest Developments In Fiber Manufacture By VAD
Author(s): H. Yokota
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ALPD technology from PCS to single-mode
Author(s): B. Wurier
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GeO[sub]2[/sub] Doped High N.A. Multimode Fibre Made By Pressurized MCVD
Author(s): G. Ghigo; E. Modone; G. Parisi; G. Roba
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Preparation of Optical Fiber Preforms by Plasma-Impulse-CVD
Author(s): H. Bauch; V. Paquet; W. Siefert
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Coatings for Optical Fibers
Author(s): Gitimoy Kar
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Primary Coating Characterization
Author(s): Alcibiade Zaganiaris; E. Karmazsin
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Hydrogen Problems and Longterm Reliability of Fiber Cables
Author(s): Hiroshi Murata; Shozo Inao; Mikio Ogai
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Radiation Induced Time Dependent Attenuation In A Fiber
Author(s): Robert E. Kelly; Peter B. Lyons; Larry D. Looney
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Temperature Dependence of Plastic Clad Silica (PCS) Fiber Characteristics
Author(s): Peter L. Heinzmann; Rolf U. Hofstetter
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Loss Mechanisms In Monomode Fibers With A Loose Tube, Jelly-Filled Jacket
Author(s): A. Hordvik; M. Eriksrud
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Fiber With High Tensile Strength
Author(s): U. Zwick; R. Freidinger; M. Wittmann
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Improvement Of Optical Fiber Strength For Submarine Cables
Author(s): J.-Y. Boniort; J. Leboucq; P. Bacle; C. Reinaudo
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Metal Coated Fibers
Author(s): K. Inada; T. Shiota
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Characteristics and Specification of Airborne Fiber Optic Components
Author(s): W. Schneider
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A Method For The Evaluation Of Optical Fibre Ends Using Spatial Frequencies Analysis
Author(s): Nicole Wolffer
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Preform Measurements And Their Industrial Application
Author(s): M. Carratt; C. Reinaudo; J. Auge
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Transmission Requirements VS CCITT Fibre-Categories For Spanish 34, 140 AND 565 MBIT/S Links
Author(s): Raimundo Diaz de la Iglesia; Diego J. Lao Soriano
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Baseband Frequency Response Of Multimode Fibres
Author(s): J. E. G. Chapman
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Reliable Bandwidth Prediction Of Multimode Fibers Links
Author(s): G. Grasso; A. Righetti
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Fiber for Local Area Networks in the U.S.
Author(s): Michael J. Buckler
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Fibres for Broadband Networks in Europe
Author(s): Helmut G. Haag
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Single-Mode Fibre Properties At 1.3 µm And 1.5 µm
Author(s): S. Fox; R. Shah
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Industrial Measurements for Single Mode Fiber
Author(s): Richard S. Lowe
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Industrial Measurement Methods For Multimode Fiber
Author(s): Michel G. Berniere
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Development of Equilibrium Mode Distribution (EMD) in a Fiber - A Characterization of the Transient Behavior and Steady State Mandrel (SSM) for Corning Data Broadband Fiber (dBF)
Author(s): Michael J. Hackert
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Characterisation Of Optical Fibres By Measurement Of The Transmitted Near Field
Author(s): Simon C. Fleming; Richard W. Gale; John C. C. Nelson
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Characterization Of Source Power Distributions In Multimode Fiber By A Splice Offset Technique
Author(s): A. H. Cherin; E. D. Head; I. A. White; S. C. Mettler
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Development Of Single-Mode Fiber Cables In NTT
Author(s): S. Seikai; M. Ohashi; N. Shibata; N. Uesugi
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Cut-Off Wavelength And Mode-Field Diameter Measurements In Single-Mode Fibres
Author(s): G. Coppa; B. Costa; P. Di Vita; U. Rossi
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High Resolution Chromatic Dispersion Measurements For Single-Mode Fibers
Author(s): Jean-Jacques Bernard; Bertrand Visseaux
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Precision Of The Phase Shift Method For Measuring Chromatic Dispersion In Single Mode Optical Fibers
Author(s): J. E. Thomson
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Length dependence of LP[sub]11[/sub] Mode Cutoff And Its Influence On The Chromatic Dispersion Measurement By Phase Shift Method
Author(s): Y. Kitayama; S. Tanaka
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CCITT Standardization Of Optical Fibres For Telecommunication Systems
Author(s): Gastone Bonaventura
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Thermal Effect On The Refracted Near-Field Optical Fiber Profiling Technique
Author(s): J. Trepat-Marti; J. P. Goure
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Two-Dimensional Optical Far Field Power Measurements Of High Angular Resolution And/Or High Dynamic Range
Author(s): Hartwig Richter
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Mode Field Diameter -- Measurement in Far Field Pattern Method and Characteristics --
Author(s): Toru Myogadani; Shigeru Tanaka
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Optical Fibres Far-Field Measurement Using An Integrating Sphere
Author(s): J.-M. Meunier; F. Maystre; Ph. Robert
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Phase Integrals For Dispersion-Optimized Graded-Index Fibers
Author(s): Franz Wurnik
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A Ball-Bed Mode Mixer For Fiber Evaluation And Micro-Optic Device Assembly
Author(s): Lothar P. Mannschke
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