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Integrated Optical Circuit Engineering II
Editor(s): Sriram Sriram

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Volume Number: 0578
Date Published: 11 September 1985

Table of Contents
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Invited Paper Proton-Exchange Optical Waveguides On Lithium Niobate: Devices, Characterisation And Future Prospects
Author(s): S. M. Al-Shukri; J. Duffy; R. M. De La Rue; M. N. Armenise; C. Canali; A. Carnera
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Analysis of Proton Exchanged Channel Waveguides in LiNbO[sub]3[/sub]
Author(s): N. A . Sanford; W. E. Lee
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Methods Of Characterizing Photorefractive Susceptibility Of LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] Waveguides
Author(s): R. A. Becker
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Compositional Effects on Lithium Niobate Substrates
Author(s): W. J. Silva; C. H. Bulmer
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Maker Fringe Analysis of Lithium Niobate Integrated Optical Substrates
Author(s): S. R. Lunt; G. E. Peterson; R. J. Holmes; Y. S. Kim
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Refractive Index Measurements Of Lithium Niobate Integrated Optical Substrates By Total Internal Reflection
Author(s): G. E. Peterson; S. R. Lunt; R. J. Holmes; Y. S. Kim
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Invited Paper Optical Control of Microwave Devices
Author(s): Robert G. Hunsperger
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An Experiment for Studying Monolithic Integrated Optics Performance in the Space Environment
Author(s): E. W. Taylor
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Thin-film Photodetectors For Integrated Optics
Author(s): M. L. McWright; T. E. Batchman; R. F. Carson
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Doubly Cleaved Coupled Cavity Monolithic Laser Amplifier
Author(s): T. E. Suppan; E. W. Taylor
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Design and Fabrication of Integrated Coupled-Cavity Lasers for Stability, Tunability and Single-Frequency
Author(s): Larry A. Coldren
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Proton Exchanged Ring Resonators In Lithium Niobate: Operation At .79 µm and 1.3 µm
Author(s): A . Mahapatra; W . C. Robinson
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Design Considerations For Mode Extinction Modulators In LiNb0[sub]3[/sub] Waveguides
Author(s): Paul R. Ashley; William S. C. Chang
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Invited Paper Dry Etching Of Indium Phosphide At Room Temperature
Author(s): G. F. Doughty; C. L. Dargan; C. D. W . Wilkinson
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Novel V-groove Structures On Silicon
Author(s): S. Sriram
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Plasma Deposition Of Integrated Optical Waveguides
Author(s): N Nourshargh; E M Starr; J S McCormack
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Use Of Thermal Nitridation To Fabricate Low Loss Planar Optical Waveguides In Si0[sub]2[/sub]
Author(s): David E. Zelmon; Howard E. Jackson; Joseph T. Boyd
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Effects Of Annealing On The Optical Properties Of Proton Irradiated n-type Gallium Arsenide
Author(s): L. L. Liou; W. G. Spitzer; J. M. Zavada; H. A. Jenkinson
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Nonlinear Propagation In GaAs/GaAlAs Multiple Quantum Well Waveguides
Author(s): P. Li Kam Wa; J. H. Marsh; P. N. Robson; J. S. Roberts; N. J. Mason
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Physics And Applications Of Quantum Wells In Waveguides
Author(s): Joseph S Weiner
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All-optical Logic Devices Using Group III-V Semiconductor Waveguides
Author(s): H. A. Haus; N. A. Whitaker Jr.; M . C. Gabriel
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Organic Nonlinear Optical Materials
Author(s): K. D. Singer; S. J. Lalama; J. E. Sohn
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Polydiacetylenes As Nonlinear Waveguide Materials
Author(s): R. J. Seymour; G. M. Carter; Y. J. Chen; B. S. Elman; C, J. Jagannath; M. F. Rubner; D. J. Sandman; M. .K. Thakur; S. K. Tripathy
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Intensity-dependent Guided Wave Phenomena
Author(s): Colin T. Seaton; George I. Stegeman; H. G. Winful
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Non linear effects in LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] Waveguides
Author(s): M. De Micheli; M. Papuchon
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Parametric Fluorescence, Amplification And Oscillation In Ti:LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] Optical Waveguides
Author(s): H. Suche; B. Hampel; H. Seibert; W. Sohler
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Fabrication of Integrated Nonlinear Optical Devices
Author(s): C N . Ironside; T. J . Cullen; R. H . Hutchins; W. C. Banyai; C. T. Seaton; G . I . Stegman
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Organic Materials for Integrated Optics
Author(s): S. J. Lalama; J. E. Sohn; K. D. Singer
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Waveguide Diffraction Gratings In Integrated Optics
Author(s): L. A. Weller-Brophy; D. G. Hall
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Simulation Of Waveguide Grating Lenses In GaAs
Author(s): Harris Turk; Frederick C. Christie; Gregory E. Kandel; Maurice Halioua
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Semiconductor Waveguides: Analysis Of Coupling Between Rib Waveguides And Optical Fibres
Author(s): M. J. Robertson; S. Ritchie; P. Dayan
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Cross-talk Characteristics Of Af3 Phase Reversal Directional Coupler Switches
Author(s): Suwat Thaniyavarn
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Integrated Optical Circuits In Ultra-High Speed Fiber Optics LANs
Author(s): C. Yeh; M. Gerla
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Implementing a Ti:LiNbO[sub]3[/sub] 4x4 Nonblocking Interconnection Network
Author(s): J. R. Erickson; H. S. Hinton
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Integrated Optical Combinatorial Logic Using Electro-Optic Bragg Gratings
Author(s): R. Arrathoon; E. R. Schroeder; F. Westervelt
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Lithium Niobate Electro-Optic Frequency Translators For Coherent Optical Fibre Systems
Author(s): B. E. Daymond-John; A. R. Beaumont; W. A . Stallard; R. C. Booth
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Polarization Effects In Acousto-Optic Signal Processors: Theory And Experiment
Author(s): S. W. Li; E. Bourkoff; C. Garvin; N. J. Berg
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Integrated Optical Wavefront Sensor
Author(s): H. E. Tomaschke; R. R. Rice
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Integrated-Optical Components for Fiber Sensors
Author(s): L. M. Johnson
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