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Applications of Thin Film Multilayered Structures to Figured X-Ray Optics
Editor(s): Gerald F. Marshall

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Volume Number: 0563
Date Published: 6 August 1985

Table of Contents
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Multilayers for x-ray optics
Author(s): Troy W. Barbee Jr.
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Sputter deposition system for controlled fabrication of multilayers
Author(s): R. P. Di Nardo; P. Z. Takacs; C. F. Majkrzak; P. M. Stefan
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Automatic deposition of multilayer X-ray coatings with laterally graded d-spacing
Author(s): M. P. Bruijn; P. Chakraborty; H. van Essen; J. Verhoeven; M. J. van der Wiel
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Space qualification of multilayered optics
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Delaboudiniere; Jean-Pierre Chauvineau; Jean-Paul Marioge
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Calculated reduction of radiation damage on thin layered interference mirrors
Author(s): Paul L. Csonka; Hiroshi Watanabe
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Preliminary investigation of changes in x-ray multilayer optics subjected to high radiation flux
Author(s): M. P. Hockaday; R. L. Blake; J. S. Grosso; M. M. Selph; M. M. Klein; W. Matuska Jr.; M. A. Palmer; R. J. Liefeld
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Thermal Stability of W/C Multilayer Films
Author(s): Yasuo Takagi; Steven A. Flessa; Keith L. Hart; David A. Pawlik; Alan M. Kadin
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Figure Tolerancing Study of an Axisymmetric X-ray Microscope
Author(s): T. F. Zehnpfennig
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The Development of Single and Multilayered Wolter X-ray Microscopes
Author(s): A. Franks; B. Gale
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X-Ray microscope using multilayer optics with a laser-produced plasma source
Author(s): J. A. Trail; R. L. Byer
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Elliptical X-ray analyzer spectrograph application to a laser-produced plasma
Author(s): Tina J. Tanaka; Merrill A. Palmer; Burton L. Henke
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Survey Of The Collective French Effort On X-Ray Multi Layered Optics
Author(s): P. Dhez
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A Unified Geometrical Insight for the Design of Toroidal Reflectors with Multilayered Optical Coatings: Figured X-ray Optics
Author(s): Gerald F. Marshall
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Multilayer Mirrors as X-ray Filters for Slit Scan Radiography
Author(s): Robert S. Nelson; Zoran L. Barbaric; Anthony R. Ricci; Reuven D. Zach; Magnus Dahlbohm; Lawrence W. Bassett; Eberhard Spiller
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Thin Films And Gratings: Theories Used To Optimize The High Reflectivity Of Mirrors And Gratings For X-Ray Optics
Author(s): B. Vidal; P. Vincent; P. Dhez; M. Neviere
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Structural Study Of Multilayered Vanadium/Nickel Superlattices
Author(s): Hitoshi Homma; Yves Lepetre; James M. Murduck; Ivan K. Schuller; C. F. Majkrzak
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Multi Layers X-Ray Polarizers
Author(s): A. Khandar; P. Dhez
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Computing X-Ray Reflectance of Focusing Multilayer Films
Author(s): Dwight W. Berreman
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Disorder And Diffusion In Thin-Film Multilayers
Author(s): A. M. Saxena
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Image Formation in Multilayers Optics: the Schwartzschild Objective
Author(s): B. Lai; F. Cerrina; J. H. Underwood
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F-beam Evaporated Multilayer Soft X-ray Coatings, Analyzed With Cu-K Radiation
Author(s): M. P. Bruijn; P. Chakraborty; H. van Essen; J. Verhoeven; M . J. van der Wiel; W. J. Bartels
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Sputter Deposited Multilayer V-UV Mirrors
Author(s): Felix E. Fernandez; Charles M. Falco
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The Characterization Of Multilayers Analyzers - Models And Measurements
Author(s): B. L . Henke; J. Y. Uejio; R. E. Tackaberry; H. T. Yamada
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Synchrotron Based Measurements Of The Soft X-Rayperformance Of Thin Film Multilayer Structures
Author(s): D. R . Kania; R. J. Bartlett; W. J. Trela
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Determination Of Thickness Errors And Boundary Roughness From The Measured Performance Of A Multilayer Coating
Author(s): Eberhard Spiller; Alan E. Rosenbluth
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Measured X-ray Performance of Synthetic Multilayers Compared To Calculated Effects of Layer Imperfection
Author(s): James L. Wood; Nicola J. Grupido; Keith L. Hart; Steven A. Flessa; Alan M. Kadin; John E. Keem; David H. Ferris
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Characterization Of Multilayered Structures For Soft X-Ray Mirrors
Author(s): J. P. Chauvineau; J. Corno; D. Decanini; L. Nevot; B. Pardo
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Measurement Of Multilayer Mirror Reflectivity And Stimulated Emission In The XUV Spectral Region
Author(s): C. J. Keane; C. H. Nam; L. Meixler; H. Milchberg; C. H. Skinner; S. Suckewer; D. Voorhees; T. Barbee
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Novel Characterization Of Thin Film Multilayered Structures: Microcleavage Transmission Electron Microscopy
Author(s): Yves Lepetre; Ivan K. Schuller; George Rasigni; Rene Rivoira; Roger Philip; Pierre Dhez
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Construction Of A Multilayered X-Ray Telescope For Solar Coronal Studies From Space
Author(s): Leon Golub; George Nystrom; Eberhard Spiller; Janusz Wilczynski
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Aspherization And Multilayer Coating Of A RITCHEY-CHRETIEN Telescope For A = 30.4 nm
Author(s): J. P. Chauvineau; D. Decanini; M . Mullot; L. Valiergue; J. P . Delaboudiniere
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Design And Analysis Of Spectral Slicing X-Ray Telescope Systems
Author(s): Richard B. Hoover; Shao-Hua Chao; David L. Shealy
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Formula For The Meridional Section Of The Point Spread Function Of Wolter I X-Ray Telescope And Thin-Film Multilayered Optics
Author(s): Shao-Hua Chao; David L. Shealy
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Layered Synthetic Microstructures for Solar EUV Telescopes
Author(s): Ritva A. M. Keski-Kuha; Roger J. Thomas; Gabriel L. Epstein; John F. Osantowski
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Design And Fabrication Of Carbon-Tungsten Multilayers Using Ellipsometry
Author(s): Eric Ziegler; Philippe Houdy; Louis Nevot
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Multilayer, Convex Surfaces For Soft X-Ray Diffraction
Author(s): P. G. Burkhalter; D. B. Brown; P. D. Rockett; M. Gersten
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Multilayers On Flexible Mica
Author(s): D. J. Nagel; J. V. Gilfrich; D. B. Brown; T. W. Barbee Jr.
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Image Quality Of Figured Multilayered Optics
Author(s): Bryan G. Peterson; Larry V. Knight; Hans K. Pew
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Physical And Chemical Characterization Of Multilayered Structures
Author(s): J. M. Thorne; L. V. Knight; B. G . Peterson
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Simplified X-Ray Multilayer Reflectivity Calculations Using Lossy Transmission Line Theory
Author(s): Paul D. Rockett; James H. Lupton
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LSM-based X-Ray Diagnostics For Magnetic Fusion Energy Applications
Author(s): E. D. Franco; M. J. Boyle
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Multilayer Structures For X-Ray Laser Cavities
Author(s): N. M. Ceglio; D. G. Stearns; A. M. Hawryluk
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Experience With The In Situ Monitor System For The Fabrication Of X-Ray Mirrors
Author(s): Eberhard Spiller
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Layered Synthetic Microstructures for Long Wavelength X-Ray Spectrometry
Author(s): J. A. Nicolosi; R. Jenkins; J. P. Groven; D. Merlo
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Performance of a LSM Spectrogoniometer For Characteristic X-ray lines
Author(s): M. Arbaoui; R. Barchewitz; J. M. Andre; Y. Lepetre; R. Rivoira
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Performance Of Layered Synthetic Microstructures In Monochromator Applications In The Soft X-Ray Region
Author(s): P. Pianetta; R. Redaelli; T. W. Barbee Jr.
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Measurements of Surface Scattering of X-rays Using a Triple Axis X-ray Spectrometer
Author(s): F. E. Christensen; N. J. Westergaard; H. W. Schnopper
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Calibration Of Surface Roughness Transducers At Angstrom Levels Using X-Ray Interferometry
Author(s): D. K. Bowen; D. G. Chetwynd; S. T. Davies
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