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Intl Conf on Speckle
Editor(s): Henri H. Arsenault

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Volume Number: 0556
Date Published: 25 November 1985

Table of Contents
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A Random Walk through the Field of Speckle
Author(s): Joseph W. Goodman
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About Speckle
Author(s): Nicholas George
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Electromagnetic Study Of Speckle
Author(s): Daniel Maystre; Jean P. Rossi; Andre Roger
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Properties Of Clipped Laser Speckle
Author(s): Joseph Marron; G. Michael Morris
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The Cauchy/Schwarz Inequality As A Constraint In Power Spectrum/Autocorrelation Analysis And Image Reconstruction
Author(s): W. J. Cocke
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Small-N Speckle: Phase-Contrast Approach
Author(s): M. Kowalczyk; P. Zalicki
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Structural Aspects Of Dichromatic Laser Speckle Patterns: Light Scattering From Polymer Films
Author(s): Jaroslav Holoubek
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Diffuser Transmission Functions And Far-Zone Speckle Patterns
Author(s): Lyle G. Shirley; Nicholas George
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Characterization Of Random Rough Surfaces From Measurements Of The Speckle Intensity
Author(s): D. Maystre; A. Roger; J. P. Rossi; O. Mata Mendez
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Statistical Properties of the Speckle Phase in Image and Diffraction Fields
Author(s): N. Takai; H. Kadono; T. Asakura
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Strong Scattering By Surfaces Of Small Roughness
Author(s): M. Kowalczyk
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Speckle Metrology Techniques And Their Applications
Author(s): Ryszard J. Pryputniewicz
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On The Laws Of Laser Speckle Movement In Space
Author(s): F. P. Chiang; D. W. Li
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Speckle Polarization Investigated By Novel Ellipsometer
Author(s): Joseph Shamir
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Retinal Blood-Flow Visualization And Measurement By Means Of Laser Speckle Photography
Author(s): A. F. Fercher; M. Peukert
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Stress Analysis Combining Speckle Metrology With Finite Element Modelling
Author(s): D. R. Matthys; T. D. Dudderar; J. A. Gilbert; M. A. Taher; H. S. Johnson
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Lens Testing Method Based On The Boiling Phenomenon Of Laser Speckle
Author(s): Shin-ichi Komatsu; Toshio Morioka; Hitoshi Ohzu
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Accelerated Laser-Speckle Strain Gauge
Author(s): Ichirou Yamaguchi; Takeo Furukawa; Toshitsugu Ueda; Eiji Ogita
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Optical Three-Dimensional Displacement Meter
Author(s): Eiji Ogita; Toshitsugu Ueda; Daisuke Yamazaki
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Unified Approach to the Detection and Classification of Speckle Texture in Diagnostic Ultrasound
Author(s): Robert F. Wagner; Michael F. Insana; David G. Brown
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Analysis Of Ultrasound Image Texture Via Generalized Rician Statistics
Author(s): Michael F. Insana; Robert F. Wagner; Brian S. Garra; David G. Brown; Thomas H. Shawker
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Digital Image Correlation Of White Light Speckle Including The Effects Of Image Distortion
Author(s): W. F. Ranson; M. A. Sutton; W. H. Peters
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Speckle Suppression and Analysis for Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Author(s): Jong-Sen Lee
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Speckle Effects on Coherent Laser Radar Detection Efficiency
Author(s): J. Carl Leader
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Information Content Of Images Degraded By Speckle Noise
Author(s): H. H. Arsenault; G. April
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Use Of Matched Filtering To Identify Speckle Locations
Author(s): E. Ribak; E. K. Hege; J. C. Christou
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The Use of Speckle for Determining the Response Characteristics of Doppler Imaging Radars
Author(s): David G. Tilley
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Speckle Reduction In Microwave Imaging By The CLEAN Technique
Author(s): Jenho Tsao; Bernard D. Steinberg
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Geometric Filter For Reducing Speckle
Author(s): Thomas R. Crimmins
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Speckle Correlation And The Detection Of Phase Gratings Hidden By Diffusers
Author(s): Henry P. Baltes
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Phase-only Image Reconstruction From Offset Fourier Data
Author(s): David C. Munson Jr.; Jorge L. C. Sanz
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Speckle Interferometry, Image Reconstruction By Speckle Masking, Speckle Spectroscopy, Multiple-Mirror Interferometry
Author(s): G. Weigelt; G. Baier; J. Ebersberger; F. Fleischmann; K.-H. Hofmann; R. Ladebeck
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IR Background Speckle Noise Induced by Adaptive Optics in Astronomical Telescopes
Author(s): Francois Roddier; Peter Eisenhardt
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Images From Astronomical Speckle Data: Weighted Shift-and-Add Analysis
Author(s): J. C. Christou; E. K . Hege; J. D. Freeman; E. Ribak
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Generalization Of Shift-And-Add Imaging
Author(s): R. H. T. Bates; A. M. Sinton; R. A. Minard
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Roll Deconvolution Of Space Telescope Data: Inverse Filtering Of Two Speckle Interferograms
Author(s): M. Muller; G. Weigelt
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Astronomical Speckle Interferometry In The Infrared
Author(s): H. M . Dyck; R. R. Howell
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Statistical Analysis of the Weighted Shift and Add Image Reconstruction Technique
Author(s): J. D. Freeman; E. Ribak; J. C. Christou; E. K. Hege
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Differential Speckle Imaging With The Cophased Multiple Mirror Telescope
Author(s): J. C. Hebden; E. K. Hege; J. M. Beckers
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Pupil And Image Plane Interferometry At Optical Wavelengths: Visibility And Phase Analysis.
Author(s): Alain Chelli; Jean Marie Mariotti
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Cross-spectrum Techniques Applied To Astronomical Speckle Interferometry
Author(s): Claude Aime; Roumain G. Petrov; Francois Martin; Gilbert Ricort; Julien Borgnino
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Visualization Of Velocity Field By Single Exposure Holospeckle Interferometry
Author(s): F. P. Chiang; Q. B. Li
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Statistical Properties And Application Of Two-Wavelength Speckles
Author(s): A. F. Fercher; U. Vry
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Computer Generated Fringe Patterns In Speckle Analysis
Author(s): R. J. Sanford; D. B. Barker; R. Chona
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Speckle-Interferometer Based Electro-Optic Displacement Sensor
Author(s): C. P. Grover; A. K. Agarwal
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Phase-Shifting Speckle Interferometry
Author(s): Katherine Creath
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Sandwich Holospeckle Interferometry For 3D Displacement Determination
Author(s): X. P. Wu; F. P. Chiang
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Role Of Interference Fringe Intensity Fluctuations In The Study Of Speckle
Author(s): Bronislaw Grzegorzewski
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