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Medical Imaging and Instrumentation '85
Editor(s): James A. Mulvaney

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Volume Number: 0555
Date Published: 19 September 1985

Table of Contents
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Efficacy Of SER In Chest Diagnosis
Author(s): John C. Wandtke; Donald B. Plewes
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Signal/Noise and Sensitometry Limitations in Chest Radiography: Implications of Regional Exposure Control
Author(s): D B. Plewes; C. G. Shaw; M. Ivanovich
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Effect of a Multiple-Scanning Beam Device and Trough Filter on Scatter in Chest Radiography
Author(s): Daniel R. Bednarek; Stephen Rudin; Roland Wong; Richard Kaczmarek
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Comparison Of Chest Filters
Author(s): G. Schiller; A. Olson; H. Nguyen
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Comparative Performance Of A Standard And High Line Rate Video Imaging System In A Cardiac Catherization Laboratory
Author(s): Raymond P. Rossi; Charles Ahrens; Bertron M. Groves
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Compact High Resolution MRI Phantom For Multislice Imaging
Author(s): S. K. Mun; S. K. Hilal; J. B. Ra; I. K. Mun; H. D. Rosskothen
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Physics Of High Resolution Sodium MRI Of The Brain
Author(s): S . K. Mun; J. B. Ra; S. K. Hilal; S . W. Lee; Z. H. Cho; I. K. Mun
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Fabrication And Performance Of Cylindrical Iron Shields For MRI Systems
Author(s): M. J. Flynn; J. Ewing; J. Froelich; C. Issa; B. Vavrek
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3-D Object Repositioning
Author(s): M. Michalski; H. Rabal; M. Garavaglia
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Pseudo-3D Imaging With The DICOM-8
Author(s): S. Shalev; J. Arenson; B. Kettner
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Signal-To-Noise-Ratio Measurements On Two High-Resolution Screen-Film Systems
Author(s): Phillip C. Bunch; Kenneth E. Huff
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Low Print-Through Technology With Rare Earth Tantalate Phosphors
Author(s): L. Brixner; R. S. Holland; R. E. Kellogg; D. Mickish; S. H. Patten; W. Zegarski
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High Stability Developer For Medical X-Ray Processing
Author(s): Peter Wuelfing Jr.
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A Comparison of Freshly Exposed and Preexposed Control Film in the Evaluation of Processing
Author(s): Orhan H . Suleiman; A. W. Thomas
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Port Film Enhancement By Digital Processing
Author(s): S. Shalev; C- W . Cheng; J. Arenson
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The Physical Basis Of Diaphanography
Author(s): S. Shalev; J. Linford; J. Bews; J. Arenson
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Performance Evaluation Of A New Dedicated Mammography System
Author(s): Raymond P. Rossi; R.Edward Hendrick
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Process Studies On Higher Sensitivity Xeromammography
Author(s): Lothar S. Jeromin; Robert C. Speiser
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Dedicated Vs. Add On: A Comparison Of Digital Systems
Author(s): James T. Eisenbarth
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Evaluation of DSA Image Quality
Author(s): Robert S. Wenstrup
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Acceptance Testing And Calibration Of Digital Subtraction Angiography Systems
Author(s): Pei-Jan Paul Lin; Arthur Olson
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Utilization Of The Monte Carlo Technique To Assess Precision In The Measurement Of Coronary Arteries
Author(s): Tamas Sandor; J.Richard Spears; Lawrence M. Boxt; David C. Levin; William B. Hanlon; Donald P. Harrington; Andrew P . Selwyn; Sven Paulin
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Toward Millisecond Scanning Beam Radiography
Author(s): S Rudin; D R Bednarek; R Wong; R Kaczmarek
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Personnel Exposure In Interventional Radiology
Author(s): R. L. Morin; A. Young; J. Staiger; K. Nelson; J. Cardella
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Bone Mineral Assessment With Dual Energy Computerized Tomography (CT) Imaging
Author(s): Edward L. Nickoloff; Frieda Feldman
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Spinal Bone Mineral Determination Using Automated Contour Detection: Application To Single And Dual Energy CT
Author(s): Tamar Sandor; Willi A. Kalender; William B . Hanlon; Barbara N. Weissman; Calvin Rumbaugh
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An Investigation Of Computed Tomography (CT) Linearity
Author(s): R. J. Kriz; Keith J. Strauss
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The Effect Of CT Reconstruction Time Upon Patient Throughput In A University Setting
Author(s): Richard L. Morin; Diane Munsinger
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X-ray micro-CT Scanner For Biomedical Applications
Author(s): Fredrick H. Seguin; Paul J . Bjorkholm; Paul Burstein; Martin Annis; F. Homburger; Richard A . Adams
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Design and Implementation of PACS at Georgetown University Hospital
Author(s): S. K. Mun; H.. R. Benson; P. Choyke; F. H. Fahey; P. C. Wang; R. K . Zeman; L. P. Elliott
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Implications Of Picture Archiving And Communication Systems (PACS) For The Practice Of Radiology
Author(s): Peter L. Choyke; Seong K. Mun; Mark H. Jaffe; Harold R. Benson; Fred H. Fahey; Paul C. Wang
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Subtraction Angiography: Comparative Performance And Cost Of Digital Vs. Film Subtraction Methods
Author(s): M J Flynn; S Patel; J Zerwekh; J Clark; S Wilderman
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The Effect Of Digital Unsharp Masking On The Detectability Of Interstitial Infiltrates And Pneumothoraces
Author(s): Heber MacMahon; Carl Vyborny; Victoria Sabeti; Charles Metz; Kunio Doi
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ANDS-V1 Computer Detection of Lung Nodules
Author(s): William A. Lampeter
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Chest Radiography using Patient-Specific Digitally-Prepared Compensating Filters
Author(s): Bruce H. Hasegawa; Shaikh Naimuddin; James T. Dobbins III; Charles A. Mistretta; Walter W. Peppler; Nicholas J. Hangiandreou; Jack T. Cusma; John C. McDermott; Bakki V. Kudva; Kenneth M. Melbve
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Scanned Orojection Digital Mammographic Imaging
Author(s): M. J. Yaffe; R. M. Nishikawa; A. Fenster; I. A. Cunningham; G . E. Mawdsley
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