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Advances in Resist Technology and Processing II
Editor(s): Larry F. Thompson

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Volume Number: 0539
Date Published: 18 April 1985

Table of Contents
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Dissolution Kinetics Of E-Beam Resists
Author(s): David S. Soong
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Use Of A Quartz Crystal Microbalance Rate Monitor To Examine Photoproduct Effects On Resist Dissolution
Author(s): W. D. Hinsberg; C. G. Willson; K. K. Kanazawa
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Dissolution Rates Of Thin Polymer Films Using Laser Interferometry
Author(s): Ferdinand Rodriguez; Robert J. Groele; Philip D. Krasicky
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Optical Positive Resist Processing. II. Experimental And Analytical Model Evaluation Of Process Control.
Author(s): Michael P.C. Watts; M.Richard Hannifan
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The Characterization And Simulation Of Spin-Coated Resist Contours
Author(s): L. K. White
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Optical Density And Contrast Of Positive Photoresists
Author(s): S. V. Babu; V. Srinivasan
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Impact Of Resist Contrast On Process Latitude: A Modeling Study
Author(s): Marie C. Flanigan; Ronald W. Wake
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Structure And Composition Dependence Of The Anisotropy Of The Wet Chemical Etching Of Germanium-Selenium Films
Author(s): E. ONG; K. L. Tai; R. G. Vadimsky; C. T. Kemmerer; P. M. Bridenbaugh
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Soft X-Ray Spectral Characterization Of Resist Using Synchrotron Radiation
Author(s): Kozo Mochiji; Takeshi Kimura; Hidehito Obayashi; Hideki Maezawa
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Silicon-Containing Resists For Bi-Layer Resist Systems
Author(s): Y. Ohnishi; M. Suzuki; K. Saigo; Y. Saotome; H. Gokan
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Bilevel Polysiloxane Resist For Ion-Beam And Electron-Beam Lithography
Author(s): Robert G. Brault; Randall L. Kubena; Robert A. Metzger
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High Temperature Positive Photoresist For Use On Reflective Topography And Sputter Applications
Author(s): M. Toukhy; S. Tadros; C. Guglielmo
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Silicon Oxynitride As A Barrier Layer In A 3-Layer Photoresist System
Author(s): John A. Underhill; Van Son Nguyen; Michael Kerbaugh; Dianne Sundling
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Poly (Methylstyrene - Dimethylsiloxane) Block Copolymers As Bilevel Resists
Author(s): M. A. Hartney; A. E. Novembre
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Effect Of Photoresist Composition On The Origin Of The Interfacial Layer In The Bilevel System.
Author(s): J. Wijdenes; M. J.H.J. Geomini
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A Totally Aqueous Developable Bilayer Resist System
Author(s): Mark P. de Grandpre; David A. Vidusek; Michael W. Legenza
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Modeling Planarization With Polymers
Author(s): Debra B. LaVergne; Donald C. Hofer
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Improvements To The Dry-Etch Resistance Of Sensitive Positive-Working Electron Resists
Author(s): Edward D. Roberts
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An Aqueous Developable Deep UV/Electron Beam Negative Resist
Author(s): Medhat A. Toukhy
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Negative-Working E-Beam Copolymers
Author(s): Robert C. Daly; Michael J. Hanrahan; Richard W. Blevins
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Plasma-Developable Electron-Beam Resists
Author(s): Y. Yoneda; M. Miyagawa; S. Fukuyama; T. Narusawa; H. Okuyama
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Submicron Optical Lithography Utilizing A Negative Deep UV Resist MRS
Author(s): Hideki Tomioka
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Inorganic Resists Based On Photo-Doped As-S Films
Author(s): A. P. Firth; P. J.S. Ewen; A. E. Owen; C. M. Huntley
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Self-Developing Polysilane Deep-UV Resists - Photochemistry, Photophysics, And Submicron Lithography
Author(s): John M. Zeigler; Larry A. Harrah; A.Wayne Johnson
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Recent Advances In Photoimagable Polyimides
Author(s): O. Rohde; M. Riediker; A. Schaffner; J. Bateman
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A Series Of Azide-Phenolic Resin Resists For The Range Of Deep UV To Visible Light
Author(s): Shigeru Koibuchi; Asao Isobe; Daisuke Makino; Takao Iwayanagi; Michiaki Hashimoto; Saburo Nonogaki
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Azide-Phenolic Resin Resists Sensitive To Visible Light
Author(s): Saburo Nonogaki; Michiaki Hashimoto; Takao Iwayanagi; Hiroshi Shiraishi
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Image Reversal Of Positive Photoresist A New Tool For Advancing Integrated Circuit Fabrication
Author(s): Eric Ailing; Craig Stauffer
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Linewidth Control In Optical Projection Printing: Influence Of Resist Parameters
Author(s): Wolfgang Arden; Leonhard Mader
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In-Line Automatic Photoresist Process Control
Author(s): L. Lauchlan; K. Sautter; T. Batchelder; J. Irwin
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Plasma Performance Of Positive Resist Systems Using Spin-On Antireflective Coatings In Cl[sub]2[/sub]/Sf[sub]6[/sub], Chf[sub]3[/sub]/O[sub]2[/sub] And Cc1[sub]4[/sub] Plasmas
Author(s): Geoffrey A. Hungerford; William J.O. Boyle
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A New High Performance Negative Photoresist For Microlithography
Author(s): George M. Benedikt
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A New Class Of Bilevel And Mono-Level Positive Resist Systems Based On A Chemically Stable Imide Polymer
Author(s): M. W. Legenza; D. A. Vidusek; M. de Grandpre
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Optimization Of Resist Optical Density For High Resolution Lithography On Reflective Surfaces
Author(s): Andrew V. Brown; William H. Arnold
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Effects Of Dye Additions On The Exposure And Development Characteristics Of Positive Photoresists
Author(s): J. F. Bohland; H. F. Sandford; S. A. Fine
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An Ultra High Temperature Positive Photoresist
Author(s): John Grunwald; Edwin J. Turner; Allen C. Spencer; David A. Sawoska; Giyora Ben-Shushan
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Dissolution Rate Studies Of Some Metal-Ion-Free Developers During Various Modes Of Automated Spray Development
Author(s): John S. Petersen; Alan Kozlowski; Kim Eastwood; Mary Kay Swan; Mike Stan
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A Review Of Contrast In Positive Photoresists
Author(s): Ronald W. Wake; Marie C. Flanigan
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High Temperature Post Exposure Bake (HTPEB) For AZ® 4000 Photoresist
Author(s): M. A. Spak
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A Novel, High Contrast Positive Photoresist System
Author(s): Richard E. Hopla; Andrew J. Blakeney; Paulette D. Wright
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Plasma Tailoring Of Photoresist For High Performance Mixer Diodes
Author(s): H. M. Harris; G. N. Hill; N. W. Cox Jr.
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High Contrast Positive Resist II
Author(s): John Grunwald; Edwin J. Turner; David A. Sawoska; Allen C. Spencer
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EBR-9 Development In Heated Environment
Author(s): Samuel S.M. Fok; Patrick P. Tang; Keith Standiford
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Two Anti-Reflective Coatings For Use Over Highly Reflective Topography
Author(s): A. T. Jeffries; M. Toukhy; T. R. Sarubbi
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