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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Techniques for Submicrometer Lithographies IV
Editor(s): Phillip D. Blais

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Volume Number: 0537
Date Published: 20 June 1985

Table of Contents
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E-Beam Tool Requirements For Nanolithography
Author(s): Ian A. Cruttwell; William V. Colbran; Bernard A. Wallman
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Development of a Nanometric E-Beam Lithography System (JBX-5DII)
Author(s): M.Hassel Shearer; H. Takemura; M. Isobe; N. Goto; K. Tanaka; S. Miyauchi
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Performance Testing Of The Waferwriter Tm Electron Beam Direct Write System
Author(s): W. R. Livesay; J.Dennis Russell; Dave Harry; James S. Hulett; A. L. Rubiales; J. E. Wolfe
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High Resolution E-Beam Lithography With The VLS-1000 Performance Of The Microseal Vacuum Interface
Author(s): P. F. Petrie; J. A. Schoeffel
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Measuring The Performance Of The AEBLE [sub]tm[/sub] 150 Direct-Write A-Beam Lithography Equipment
Author(s): Allen M. Carroll; Jorge L. Freyer
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Digital Processing Of Beam Signals In A Variably Shaped Electron Beam Lithography System
Author(s): G. Matsuoka; H. Yokouchi; M. Okumura; T. Matsuzaka; N. Saitou; N. Nakamura
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The Time Has Come For X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Richard L. Ruddell
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A High Performance Negative X-Ray Resist : CPMS-X(Pd)
Author(s): Nobuyuki Yoshioka; Yoshiki Suzuki; Teruhiko Yamazaki
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Recent Printing And Registration Results With X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): B. Fay; L. Tai; D. Alexander
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X-Ray Lithography At The Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL)
Author(s): P. Pianetta; R. Redaelli; R. Jaeger; T. W. Barbee Jr.
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Submicron MOSFET Fabrication With X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): R. P. Jaeger; M. Karnezos; H. Nakano
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X-Ray Lithography: Can It Be Justified
Author(s): Alan D. Wilson
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Bright Discharge Plasma Sources For X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): Jay S. Pearlman; John C. Riordan
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Repair Of Photomasks With Focussed Ion Beams
Author(s): B. W. Ward; D. C. Shaver; M. L. Ward
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Analytical Applications Of Focused Ion Beams
Author(s): N. W. Parker; W. P. Robinson; R. Levi -Setti; Y. L. Wang; G. Crow
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Liquid Metal Ion Sources For FIB Applications: Current Status And Future Prospects
Author(s): P. D. Prewett
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Current Status Of Ion Projection Lithography
Author(s): G. Stengl; H. Loschner; W. Maurer; P. Wolf
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A Computer-Controlled Experimental FIB System
Author(s): T. Kato; K. Saitoh; Y. Watakabe
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High Resolution, High Precision I-Line Stepper Processing
Author(s): H. Yanazawa; N. Hasegawa; T. Kurosaki; N. Hashimoto; S. Nonogaki
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The Potential Of Optical Lithography
Author(s): Makoto Nakase
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Recent Advances Of Optical Step-And-Repeat System
Author(s): N. Shiotake; S. Yoshida
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A Sub-Micron Electron Beam Lithography System For Laboratory Use
Author(s): Shizuo Kimoto; Hajime Kohinata
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Multilayer Resist Systems For Optical And E-Beam Lithography
Author(s): Yoshihiro Todokoro; Yasuhiro Takasu; Tohru Ohkuma
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Submicron Pattern Fabrication By Focused Ion Beams
Author(s): T. Kato; H. Morimoto; H. Nakata
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High Brightness Laser/Plasma Source For High Throughput Sub-Micron X-Ray Lithography
Author(s): A. L. Hoffman; G. F. Albrecht; E. A. Crawford; P. H. Rose
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X-Ray Mask Technology
Author(s): A. R. Shimkunas; S. A. Harrell
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Contamination Lithography For The Fabrication Of Zone Plate X-Ray Lenses
Author(s): C. J. Buckley; M. T. Browne; P. Charalambous
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